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YMMV / A New Beginning

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The game

  • Anvilicious: Even with the setup, Fays continued tendency to whine about the evils of pollution, nuclear power and modern civilization in general throughout the game can be really irritating.
  • Mood Dissonance: The plot is in many regards very serious as it revolves around the dangers of pollution and global warming, and how they are possible largely due to human complacency and greed. At the same time, many of the characters are essentially Saturday morning cartoon characters, especially the antagonists who come complete with evil cackling.
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  • Player Punch: Towards the end, Salvador reveals to Bent that the first stop they made in the time capsule was in the 26th century, and that there is no immediate risk to the world's the Phoenix Plan was to create one to force a solution early.
  • Spiritual Adaptation: One reviewer described this game as Captain Planet and the Planeteers for adults, "except it never grew up".

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