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YMMV / A Memoir By Lady Trent

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  • Rewatch Bonus: Since the memoirs are end-of-life recollections by Isabella and many of the important plot events and reveals are already common knowledge to the people in-universe, there's a lot of reread value in going back and picking up on all the subtle hints. The biggest one is the reveal near the end of Within The Sanctuary Of Wings, as it's possible to reread the entire series in a new light knowing that Draconeans exist and have their own nation in the time Isabella is writing from.
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  • Ugly Cute: Baby dragons. While observing wild ones during In the Labyrinth of Drakes, Isabella's narration wryly notes that "there are few things more hideous and adorable than the newly-born of any species". Special mention goes to Lumpy, the deformed but sweet-natured hatchling at Dar al-Tannaneen.

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