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YMMV / A Koopa's Revenge

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  • Game-Breaker: If you find them, the Space Jump and Screw Attack effectively become this AKR2, enabling you to travel virtually anywhere and with proper timing, become invincible to most of the game's hazards. The only times where it very likely won't help are the two underwater levels in World 3 (since you can't jump underwater) and the True Final Boss (since it becomes slightly more difficult to stomp on and throw the Bomb-Omb Buddies into Mario, since Screw Attacking into them does not stun them and lob them towards Giant Mario, but instead causes them to instantly explode, potentially harming yourself).
    • The Dragon Fruit powerup, also from AKR2, is basically the Tanooki Suit. It can turn into a dragon statue that, like the Tanooki's statue form, can deal huge damage to even the toughest of enemies (it can one-shot the first boss, Popmo, mind you), and can also be used to No-Sell certain boss attacks.
  • Heartwarming Moments: The ending of AKR 2, when Bowser breaks out of his cage and hugs Koopa.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids?: Just because it has Mario in it doesn't mean it can't be Bloody Hilarious.


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