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YMMV / A Fox In Paradise

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  • Funny Moments:
  • Heartwarming Moments: The story has a bunch, usually involving Sanae.
    • Anytime Ayumu shows that 'yes I have been a big brother for about a century, how can you tell?'
    • Sanae and Ayumu's trip to dream Akihabara. Sanae had to give up a lot of her desires to support her mothers, and took the chance to fulfill one of her childhood dreams. It's made even better by Ayumu being a Grumpy Old Man while he helps her.
      Perhaps this is a good time to mention you've never been able to stand Akihabara.
      Sanae for her part however, looks like the child who got the pony they've always wanted for Christmas. At Disney World.
      This! This is-”
      Noisy, annoying, a little smelly.
      Yes that too you suppose.
    • Sanae's birthday is one long CMoH but the high points include:
      • The Tokyo Trip reveal reaction. Paid for with Ayumu's boon from Yukari.
      • Sanae and Ayumu's bond after the trip to the actual Akihabara.
  • Moment of Awesome:
    • Kanako's Rousing Speech in DDC.
      Tengu of Youkai Mountain. There is your enemy!
      In that pathetic excuse for a castle are those who have attempted to throw Gensokyo into chaos, and that have taken the lives of your own.
      They believe that in doing so they can take over our lands, cause a revolution!
      They believe they can get away with this…
      They believe they can threaten our way of life…
      They believe they can cause harm to the followers of the Moriya and get away with it. Allow the Moriya to disabuse them of that notion.
      Divine Pillar - Meteoric Onbashira!
    • Ayumu's plan for Seija, despite averting the Unspoken Plan Guarantee, works Just as Planned.
    • In the main continuity, Ayumu successfully gets Yukari's attention, and Yukari procedes to utterly destroy Seija, before tossing her into Yukari's gap dimension.
    • Revealed in an Alternate Continuity, Ayumu's Last Word - The Final Fox of Miyagi.


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