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YMMV / A Codette World Tour

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  • Crack Pairing: Cody/Bridgette, one of the fanbase's favourites and the entire point of the story.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Well...yeah, duh. Part of the point of this fic. With Cody/Bridgette and minor Ezekiel/Izzy.
  • Fridge Brilliance: It makes sense for Cody to sing the States and Capitals song from Animaniacs to win a challenge since World Tour is a musical season.
  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • Many of the Cody/Bridgette scenes are very sweet and touching, like when Bridgette finally realizes her feelings for Cody, their mock wedding in the Niagara Falls challenge, and the couple celebrating the birth of their newborn daughter with their friends in the epilogue.
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    • Geoff's apology to Bridgette and Cody for his behaviour on Action (and their acceptance of it) and redemption. Many Bridgette/Geoff breakups in fanfiction leave the two miserable and hateful of each other, so it's nice to see them become Amicable Exes instead. Bridgette even gives Geoff a peck on the cheek at the end!
    • Gwen's return and redemption. Bridgette gives her a big "welcome back" hug, and she reconciles with Cody (even giving him a little kiss on the cheek). And after she reveals she is pregnant with Duncan's child and that Duncan refused to accept fatherhood, Bridgette, Cody, DJ, Leshawna, and Owen all pitch in to support her and reunite her with her mother (Gwen feared her own mother would never take her back after all the horrible things she did on the show and to her friends). After the baby is born, she asks the five of them to be her son's honorary aunts and uncles as a sign of gratitude.
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  • Moment of Awesome: Geoff convincing Chris to let him take DJ's place as one of Bridgette's helpers in the finale by telling Chris about how doing so could create drama and ratings, and thus increase Chris' fame and wealth - all while Alejandro tries and fails to stop Chris from doing so. The crowd goes nuts when Chris approves of the swap and even Bridgette and Cody are shocked by Geoff's ability to articulate the argument.
    Geoff: Heh. What can I say? Spending all that time hosting that Aftermath show has taught me how to pitch and idea to someone.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Alejandro cross the line when he fakes a rape attempt on Bridgette to manipulate Cody to attack him and fall for his plan to eliminate him.
  • Nausea Fuel: The description of the real movie Piranha 3D Just reading pieces of this movie was sick! The author even had to warn the readers to skim over a certain scene. No one can blame DJ for freaking out!
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  • Ron the Death Eater: The writer intentionally makes Alejandro even more despicable than he was in canon, due to wanting him to be hated by the readers.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • Gwen leaving the show with Duncan, coldly abandoning her friends (especially Courtney), and brutally rejecting Cody's genuine attempts to be supportive to her, which devastates him and horrifies all of her fellow contestants. Cody's emotional meltdown over the whole fiasco afterwards is utterly heartbreaking as well.
    • If Courtney wasn't enough of a Jerkass Woobie in the canon World Tour season for what happened to her, in Chapter 6, during the Great Wall of China challenge, after being betrayed by both her former boyfriend and best friend, she was constantly yelling stuff like, "I WILL NOT LOSE! ALL BY MYSELF! WITH NO ONE ELSE AROUND TO HELP ME!". After accidentally injuring herself in the process, she kept dragging herself repeatedly yelling that she refuses to lose and that she doesn't need anyone...until she finally breaks down crying, feeling alone. Luckily, Cody and the others were there to treat her injuries and later comfort her.
    • How utterly heartbroken Bridgette is when she discovers the truth about Alejandro and how the man of her dreams actually considers her to be nothing more than a vapid whore to be toyed with for his own gains. It makes also Cody's misery over Alejandro being chosen over him even sadder.

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