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YMMV / A Chinese Odyssey

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  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Tripitaka telling Joker to take up the mantle of Monkey King by singing a rendition of Only You.
  • Bilingual Bonus: Joker's Chinese name Zhi Zun Bao (至尊宝) refers to the Pai-Jiu combination. The same combo is also called the Monkey King Pair (猴王對). Foreshadowing Much?
  • Completely Different Title: Unless you count Joker's unwitting trip 500 years into the past, nobody is embarking on a terrible odyssey to find their family.
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  • Signature Scene: Tripitaka singing Only You. Mo lei tau at its finest.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • Joker lying to Zixia about his love for her, by vaguely mentioning Jingjing:
      Joker (narrating): In that moment, around a centimeter before her sword touches my throat, within a short period of time, a hundredth of a second I think, she will fall for me whole-heartedly. All because of a lie I told her. I've told many lies in my lifetime, but that one is the best I've pulled off in my life!
      Zixia: Don't come any closer or I'll kill you!
      Joker: You're right! I should've been dead in the first place! There was an opportunity of sincere love with a girl I encountered, but I did not cherish that love, and when she was gone, regret is all that is left in me. That, is incomparable to the most painful of moments of suffering in the life of man... So kill me if you wish. If heaven gives me one more chance at humanity, I will tell that girl three words: I love you. And if there will be a limit on how long will that love last, I hope... it will be ten thousand years.
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    • Demons or highly trained warriors have the ability to Body Surf at the physical level, with the option of actually seeing their internal organs. After Joker meets with Zixia, there's a moment where he challenges her to view his heart for herself to see if he's been lying about the whole time travel thing. Later on, he finally finds Jingjing, and he convinces her to view his heart for herself to see that his feelings are sincere. For some reason it backfires and Jingjing leaves him - but then tragedy strikes as Jingjing's sociopathic fellow demon, the Spider Demon, kills all of Joker's friends and has Joker at her mercy. Joker's last request - that he die by Diagonal Cut so he can see his own insides and figure out what Jingjing could have seen to make her leave him. What he sees is the tears shed by Zixia, upon learning that he was sincere about Jingjing - because she'd fallen for him herself.
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  • Woolseyism: Really? Why is Tripitaka/Xuanzang called the 'Longevity Monk' in the subs?

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