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YMMV / A Boy, a Girl and a Dog: The Leithian Script

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  • Accidental Innuendo: In Act IV Scene V.xvii…
    Luthien: [correcting] Not being in charge of your spies — that went to Gwin, I'm pretty sure. He and Orodreth were closeted a lot, and there were other hints— [breaking off] What? Did I say something wrong?
    [Finrod and his chief lords are exchanging looks of rueful humour]
  • Alternate Character Interpretation:
    • Finduilas is portrayed like a vapid, shallow, petulant child. This page explains it pretty well
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    • Aredhel is depicted like an immature, arrogant and racist brat with Hair-Trigger Temper.
  • Crazy Awesome:
    • Although the Captain is a big offender, Finrod is even worse. In one scene one of his brothers says that the Valar are constantly making exceptions for him. Finrod disagrees and explains that he does things nobody else thought possible, and then he leaves the work of figuring it out to the gods.
    • And in other scene Aegnor complains Finrod is explaining to Aüle and Yavanna - the Lord and Lady of Earth - how Earth is made and that is wrong. Elenwe slyly tells him that Finrod STILL has his questions answered, so that she does not believe that he is wrong.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Aegnor had spent centuries watching over the gates of Hell and trying to talk everyone into attacking Morgoth only to be ignored and later killed by Morgoth's (literal) The Dragon. He fell in love with a mortal, but he did not want to see her getting old and dying and he ran away, dooming himself to be alone until the end of the world. Now he is dead, refusing to leave the Halls because he will not find Andreth outside of them, bitter about the failure of the League, bitter about having wasted the brief time he and his true love had to spend together, and he is coping with it by being obnoxious to everyone.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Celegorm had slain people to steal their belongings and conspired against his own kin. However you realize how deep in the dark he has gone when he attempts to rape Luthien (elves committing rapes is almost unheard-of because they usually have total control about their sexual desires. Moreover, rape would kill both rapist and victim).
    • Luthien told that after trying to kidnap her (again) and murder her, they didn't even appear like Quendi, because they never talked - only grinned.
  • Values Dissonance: In-universe, the cultural and social… differences between Men, Elves and Dwarves and among different tribes are constantly brought up and discussed:
    • Elves do not understand mortal humor, especially sarcasm, at all. In one scene Amarië thinks Beren is mocking her, but the Captain reassures her that if he was mocking her, she would not be wondering about it. Later she sees Beren being REAL sarcastic, and she agrees that that tone is unmistakable.
    • Elves are also very Literal-Minded. Beren mentions that his people are "stubborn as rocks. It goes with the territory" and Finrod believes that he is actually attributing Beor's tribe intransigence to geology. Beren often repeats he "should have been in the cairn together with Da and the others" and he has to explain to his friends that he knows that the orcs would have not buried him; it was a figure of speech.
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    • Elves have total control over their physical desires. They have not pre-marital sex because having sex and getting married is the same thing to them (wedding ceremonies are formalities). And they have not extra-marital sex, they do not engage in polygamy and they not remarry. Hence, they have very open-minded and carefree views on sexuality. And they do not celebrate their children’s births but their conceptions. Naturally, all of it is very disconcerting to mortals.
    • And elves does not understand why mortals make an issue of the conception of its offspring, nor why parents pretend that their children just happen along out of thin air or under rocks, nor why children refuse to talk or thing about their conception.
    • Beren accidentally called Curufin a "bastard" in front of his mother Nerdanel, who inquired what a "bastard" was. Given that elves only have sex with their spouses, she would have no way to know what a bastard is. There would not even be a word for it.
    • Since Elves and Ainur control their physical desires and it only rains or gets cold in Aman when the Ainur want, Aman is an “optional clothes” kind of place.
    • Edrahil is telling Maiwe about Sauron’s dungeons. He mentions that Beren was coughing and she asks why Beren – and only Beren - was coughing since there was no smoke. They had to explain to her that sickness and illness is:
      Beren: “She doesn't understand. How can she? No one who stayed has ever met us.”
    • Beren thinks that Maiwe is a teen girl since everyone treats her like one. When he finds out that she is fifty he is flabbergasted. Maiwe, in turn, is confused because he thinks that being fifty-years-old is being old.
    • Noldor love crafting things and live in cities. However, Teleri do not like cities, whereas they love building ships and the sea. Sindar do not mind cities but they prefer woodlands. Laegrim only live in woods, never hunting, felling or building ANYTHING (and many Noldor consider them savages because of it). Vanyar are so happy-go-lucky and unconcerned with appearances and material things that it is disconcerting to everyone.
    • Luthien says a riddle about a cuckoo. Elves of Aman do not understand it because Valinorean cuckoos – called bell-birds in Aman - do not behave like Middle-Earth cuckoos.
    • Elves do not understand either why Men like to mock themselves.


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