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YMMV / A Beacon In The Dark

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  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Midoriya's method to defeat Muscular. He's capable of transferring his quirk to someone else, which causes Muscular to go into Sensory Overload and then try to claw his eyes out.
    • Against everyone's advice, Midoriya decides to use a newly acquired skill to his quirk to the max in order to localize Bakugou. After a bizarre and fearsome encounter with All For One, Midoriya comes to himself and is only able to stumble downstairs, before being found by Kirishima and All Might bleeding through his eyes and nose.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • Midoriya's entire childhood, as an ostracized and bullied blind kid. Bakugou still hates him, everyone looks down on him and he has no friends, managing to be even worse than his already heartbreaking story in the manga.
    • Bakugou's attempt at confronting Midoriya results in the latter's breaking down when he is accused of faking his blindness. The sight is so heart-wrenching Bakugou is unable to answer to it and just walks away in shame and confusion.
    • All Might revealing to Midoriya he is Secretly Dying, as well as the latter's subsequent mental breakdown.
    • This one even culminates on one heart-breaking scene where Midoriya says he hates All Might.
    • After the encounter with Shigaraki in the mall, Midroiya being terribly wounded and All Might having to carry his bloodied pupil out while reassuring him he'll be fine. Even worse, the author confirms that Midoriya was trying to apologize to All Might for saying that he hated him while in great pain.
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    • All that follows as the P.O.V. switches between Inko, Uraraka, All Might, Iida and Aizawa all in deep pain about facing the prospect of Midoriya dying or being crippled for life, all with different intensities as Inko is his mother, Uraraka and All Might blame themselves, Iida is reliving what happened to Tensei in his mind and Aizawa has to avoid breaking down while reassuring everyone else.

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