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YMMV / A Bad Day For Voodoo

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  • Funny Moments: Kelley calling Adam out for searching for Tyler's toenails in the garbage so he could give the doll-maker Tyler's essence to make a Tyler voodoo doll.
    Kelley: You are vile.
    Adam: What is this? “Pick on Adam” Day?
    Kelley: Yes. That’s a great idea. Let’s make a week out of it. You suck, Adam.
    Adam: Okay.
    Kelley: You get negative points in every possible category of human existence.
    Adam: I’m not sure what that means, but okay.
    Kelley: If you were lying in the desert miles from civilization and I had a bottle of water, I would- [gets interrupted by Tyler]
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  • Nightmare Fuel: There are some pretty graphic descriptions of Tyler losing his ear and it being bloody.
  • Tear Jerker: Mr. Click's death. Sure, he was a jerkass, but he didn't deserve to die just for giving Tyler an F. Even more tearjerking is Tyler feeling so terrible for accidentally causing it.
    • When Adam and Tyler take Zombie!Click to Esmeralda's House of Jewelery, Zombie!Click gives Tyler one last sad look, and dies a second time.


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