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  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks!: A number of viewers and critics deride ABS-CBN (and by extension, rival network GMA-7) for churning out Telenovelas with a similar premise (e.g. extramarital affairs, peasants going after hacienda clans, sibling rivalries involving a snob sister and an Extreme Doormat sibling...) or in the case of their motion picture arm, romcom after romcom after romcom, ad nauseam. Part of the reason for the latter was, according to this article, due to piracy leaving less revenue for the studio to gamble on a higher-budget production (save for Metro Manila Film Festival entries where they can throw wads of money at and have a surefire box office hit regardless of artistic value). Still, it isn't surprising for one to get annoyed at the rather tiring and formulaic cookie-cutter output ABS' film arm is doing.

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