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YMMV / AAML: Diamond and Pearl Version

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  • Critical Research Failure: In Chapter 47, Dawn tells Misty that Ash's Staraptor was a castoff of Paul's, but Ash caught it as a Starly the episode before Paul was even properly introduced. Granted, he did make a snide comment about the ease of Starly's capture at the end of "Two Degrees of Separation", but none of the Starly that Paul released ever made it onto Ash's team.
  • Take That, Scrappy!: In chapter 24 (when Gligar evolves into Gliscor), Paul shows up with Gary, unlike in the anime, and is his typical self, even when Team Rocket kidnaps Ash and Gligar, he only cares about getting his Torterra back and forgetting Ash. Misty doesn't take too kindly to this, and knocks him out with her trademark wooden mallet, and he stays out for almost the rest of the chapter.
    Misty: "I've been wanting to do that forever!"

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