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Wrestling / Xyberhawx 2000

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L-R: Sylverhawk, Nytehawk and Razerhawk at CHIKARA Kill The Moon, November 19, 2017
Danjerhawk after defeating Cam Zagami for the CHIKARA Young Lions Cup, CHIKARA/Beyond Clan Feuds, July 14, 2018

Xyberhawx 2000 are a Professional Wrestling Tag Team/Power Stable in CHIKARA. Nytehawk and Sylverhawk debuted first, in a loss to Juan Francisco de Coronado and Wani at CHIKARA Tabula Rasa, the first event released as part of the "lost" Season 17. Razerhawk debuted at Left Behind. Danjerhawk debuted by winning the Infinite Gauntlet (CHIKARA's version of the Royal Rumble) at CHIKARA The Infinite Gauntlet on May 5, 2018. They have also competed for Neo Spirit Pro and Pro Wrestling Explosion. Razerhawk has also held the Young Lions Cup.


"The flyest tropes in wrestling":

  • Advanced Trope 2000: It's right there in their name.
  • Catch Phrase: "Caw Caw"
  • Colour-Coded for Your Convenience: Sylverhawk was silver, Razerhawk is gold, Nytehawk is dark purplish-blue, and Danjerhawk is crimson.
  • Commuting on a Bus: Nytehawk doesn't appear much.
  • Fish out of Temporal Water: They're a bit of a parody of the "futuristic" tag teams from the early 90s like Tekno Team 2000 and The New Breed. Thing is, they hail from the early 2000s. One of them still uses a Myspace, and another asked in a blog why he couldn't find his Geocities page.
    • Razerhawk's website even has "This page is best viewed with Netscape Now" and "Made With MacIntosh" logos on it, much like GeoCities pages from the early days of the Web.
  • I Have the High Ground: They have a bird theme, would you expect anything else?
  • The Nicknamer: Danjerhawk had gained a Golden Opportunity by winning the Infinite Gauntlet. Cam Zagami had been refusing to defend the Young Lions Cup at CHIKARA shows. At Clan Feuds, he was cutting a promo in the ring when Danjerhawk ran in and cashed in his Golden Opportunity and defeated Zagami for the Cup. In his post match interview, he called Zagami "Ham Salami."
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  • Otaku: Razerhawk has an encyclopedic knowledge of anime, or at least anime released before 2001.
  • Parts Unknown: "Xyberspace"
  • Put on a Bus: Sylverhawk, after being absolutely brutalized by Oceanea and Merlok. He was promptly replaced by Danjerhawk.
  • The Quiet One: Nytehawk, probably exacerbated by the fact that he's decidedly Out of Focus compared to the other two.
  • Red Baron: Nytehawk's is "The Nocturnal Raptor"
  • "X" Makes Anything Cool: Xyberhawx from Xyberspace.
  • Xtreme Kool Letterz: All of them, and the team's name.

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