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Vincent Gerard Durling (born February 4, 1986) is a retired American Professional Wrestler known for his work in CHIKARA, first as Equinox, then as Vin Gerard. He debuted in 2005. He got into a feud with Chris Hero in 2007, leading to a mask vs. hair match. Hero won when he broke the CHIKARA Special and forced Equinox to submit to the same hold. This led to Gerard turning heel and, after Mike Quackenbush revealed that Shane Storm had betrayed the tecnicos, forming The UnStable with Storm, who had reinvented himself as STIGMA, later adding Colin Delaney. The group fell apart over 2010-2011.

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"UnStable Tropes":

  • Big Bad: Of season eight.
  • Fake Nationality: Invoked by Chris Hero after unmasking him, since, as Equinox, he was billed as a Mexican luchador.
  • Finishing Move:
    • (as Equinox): Standing Shooting Star Press
    • (as himself): STF
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: As Equinox, an extremely unremarkable lower midcard face. As Vin Gerard, the Big Bad of season 8 and leader of the UnStable.
  • Power Trio: The UnStable
  • Power Stable: The New Jersey Independent All-Stars
  • Worked Shoot: Vin beat Eddie Kingston clean via STF one day before being released by Chikara in October 2011, giving Kingston his only loss in the tournament to crown the inaugural Grand Champion. Kingston ended up winning the title. Meanwhile, Vin spent some time on other indies releasing tweets and YouTube videos demanding a title shot against Kingston, and it seemed as though this was building towards a big, possibly inter-fed, angle. Instead he was abruptly rehired in February 2012, got his title shot, lost in 10 minutes and was re-released.


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