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Wrestling / The J.O.B. Squad

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"J.O.B. Squad 3:16 says I just put you over"

"1-2-3 4 Life!"

"Pin Me, Pay Me!"

"Wake Up and Smell The Canvas, Baby!"
Slogans from the official J.O.B. Squad T-shirts

The J.O.B. Squad was a Professional Wrestling Power Stable in WWE from 1998-1999. They debuted (as Snow, Scorpio and Holly) on the August 23 (taped August 11) Sunday Night Heat. The idea was that they were frustrated after years of lame gimmicks and endless losing. They eventually added The Blue Meanie and Duane Gill, later repackaged as Gillberg, to the group. Gill won the group's only title, defeating Christian for the WWF World Light Heavyweight Title. The group was broken up in early 1999 via Scorpio and Meanie getting fired and Holly achieving his career breakthrough by reinventing himself as Hardcore Holly.


"Trope Me, Pay Me!":

  • Big Fun: The Blue Meanie, of course.
  • Flipping the Bird: Their "On Our Backs Since Birth" shirt featured a baby doing this.
  • Fun with Acronyms: "J.O.B." was supposed to be short for "Just Over Broke."
  • Geeky Analogy: Al has said that the group was originally meant as a joke, as a reaction to how Faarooq had a gang, Crush had a gang and Savio Vega had a gang. He first thought of the idea in the catering room while talking to Jim Cornette. He told Cornette that he was going to start a gang. He saw The Legion of Doom and noted that people call them the LOD, so his group would be the J.O.B. He compared them to Get Smart and their battles with KAOS and Control.
  • Jobber: A stable of them, the whole point of which was that they were jobbers who were fed up of being jobbers.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: Al claimed that they were fighting against "the evil organization PUSH, because none of us are getting one!"
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  • Parody: The first two slogans listed above were this of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and the New World Order's Catchphrases.
  • This Means War!: Al's promo when the group debuted:
    "Time for fun and games is over! This business operates on two principals, the carrot and the stick, there's those of us who are tired of getting the stick! That's why there is a secret organization within the WWF, and we are fighting the evil organization PUSH, because none of us are getting one!"