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"The flight was about seven hours in length and at times was low-lighted by a handful of people who consumed too much alcohol and consequently acted like children whose parents were away and left the liquor cabinet unlocked. The conduct of this inebriated minority was unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Procedures have been put in place to ensure such conduct does not occur in the future. The bottom line is this: yours truly is the person in charge of the talent roster and the buck stops with me. We will do all we humanly can to solve the problem."
Jim Ross describing the Plane Ride from Hell in the Ross Report.

The Plane Ride from Hell was an incident that occured among WWE personnel while on a flight from Britain to the United States. It has been referred to as "an orgy of excess, violence, and sexual misconduct that would ultimately spell the end of at least two notable careers."

The flight was on May 5th, 2002. The WWE had just finished a tour of Britain with the Insurrextion pay-per-view. Back then, Vince McMahon chartered flights for WWE Personnel instead of using commercial flights. The WWE Personnel had a 747 all to themselves, and it had a full and open bar. Alcohol-Induced Idiocy ensued.

According to Justin Credible and Sean "X-Pac" Waltman, wrestlers on the flight were drinking and popping pills. It started innocently enough when "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig and Scott Hall went around spraying people with shaving cream. Things got more serious, however, when Curt Hennig and Brock Lesnar got into a take-down tussle that eventually got serious and nearly knocked open the plane's emergency exit while they were at least 25,000 feet in the air.


Then Ric Flair came out, wearing nothing but his robe, and started hitting on the flight attendants. They would later sue Flair for sexual harrassment. Goldust then managed to get on the P.A. system and sang a drunken serenade to his ex-wife Terri Runnels. Scott Hall allegedly got so drunk and drugged up that he hit on some flight attendants himself before passing out completely.

Things continued to spiral out of control as Michael Hayes nearly pissed on Linda McMahon (thinking he was in the bathroom)note and later picked a fight with John "Bradshaw" Layfield by re-opening a wound on his head. Bradshaw proceeded to floor Hayes with a punch. Hayes would continue to mess around until he finally fell asleep. Sean Waltman got revenge, however, by inflicting a Traumatic Haircut on Hayes, which Hayes wouldn't find out until he was off the plane, and had a flip-out right there in customs when he did.


The flight mercifully ended, but the fallout was swift. Curt Hennig and Scott Hall were shown the door in short order. Not long after, Dustin Rhodes was also fired, though he would return later.


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