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Masaaki Mochizuki (b. 1964) is a Japanese Professional Wrestler, best known by his work in Toryumon and Dragon Gate. Originally a Karate fighter, he fell in love with professional wrestling thanks to Nobuhiko Takada, becoming a shoot-style wrestler under Koji Kitao and debuting as part of his entourage in Genichiro Tenryu's Wrestle Association R. After building some career in WAR, Battlarts and New Japan Pro-Wrestling, he landed on Ultimo Dragon's Toryumon circuit, which soon became his home. Masaaki was initially a sore thumb in Toryumon, a stern shooter who preferred to kick people in the head rather than playing their lucharesu game, and this was his gimmick for a most of the conflict between the babyfaces of the company and the heel faction Crazy MAX. However, one day Masaaki decided he was tired of everybody, so he recruited two anarchists named Yasushi Kanda and Susumu Mochizuki (no relation) and created M2K, the nastiest stable in all the promotion. Their presence and wild attacks ended up turning Crazy MAX into heroes, and this gave birth to a gang war that lasted through years and eventually outlasted Toryumon itself, leading to the birth of the new company Dragon Gate. Mochizuki has remained one of the promotion's aces from then, trusting on his experience and toughness to teach respect to the new generations, and that's what he does now.

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"The Strongest Tropes"

  • The Apprentice: To Koji Kitao.
  • The Artifact: His wrestling style can be considered such, not only because shoot-style was hugely popular back when Mochizuki became a pro wrestler yet is pretty much forgotten today, but also because Masaaki's usage of it came from being a member of a shoot-style themed stable that disappeared from Toryumon in less of a year. Over the years, he adopted a more lucharesu-inspired approach to fit with the rest of the promotion, but he still stands out for his stiff kicks and holds.
  • Ascended Fanboy: Was a Nobuhiko Takada fanboy, and his moveset and its moves' names are based in Takada.
  • Badass Grandpa: He's the oldest guy on the roster.
  • Battle Strip: Over the years, he has been reducing his attire. He started wrestling in a sleeveless karategi, later changed it to just long pants and finally adopted regular tights. Since siding with BxB Hulk though he went back to long pants.
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  • Canon Immigrant: He was trained in the Koji Kitao's Buko Dojo and came to Toryumon as a freelancer before becoming a permanent member.
  • Does Not Like Shoes: Wore karate footguards during his gi times, though later adopted boots.
  • Everything's Better with Spinning: His Twister finishing move is a spinning brainbuster. He also created an inverted brainbuster version as a counter to YAMATO's Gallaria, and has also used a spinning Falcon Arrow called the Twister II.
  • Extremity Extremist: His offense consists primarily (though not at all exclusively) of karate-style kicks.
  • Grumpy Old Man: Especially when facing the younger talent.
  • Hurricane Kick: One of his signature moves, the Illusion, sees him throwing a roundhouse kick and transitioning it into a reverse roundhouse kick with the other leg if the opponent dodges the first.
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  • Identical Stranger: He and former Pro Wrestling NOAH wrestler Makoto Hashi could believably pretend to be brothers. The two had fun with it for promotional purposes after acknowledging it, and even teamed up in special occasions as a Similar Squad before Hashi retired from pro wrestling.
  • I Know Karate: An unspecified style, though he also did Shidokan under Koji Kitao.
  • Red Baron: "Ontai" ("Boss"), "Saikyo" ("The Strongest", taken from Takada), "Tetsujin" ("The Iron Man"), "Tamashi no Shugeki O" ("The Spiritual King of Kicking", officially translated as "Soul of the King of the Kicker").
  • Roundhouse Kick: The Saikyo (left leg) and Shin Saikyo (right leg) High Kicks are among his most favored moves. As a karate-based striker he'll also throw side roundhouses, and there's also the Illusion mentioned above.
  • Something Completely Different: He was the first shoot-style wrestler in Toryumon, and technically the only today, not counting the MMA influenced but otherwise lucharesu trained YAMATO.
  • Start My Own: He has a personal brand of events, Mochizuki Buyuden ("Mochizuki's Martial Story"), where he used to host matches with other shoot-stylists and wrestlers from other promotions.

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