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La Résistance was a professional wrestling tag team and for a time Power Trio/Power Stable who performed for WWE, consisting of René Duprée (born René Goguen on December 15, 1983), Sylvain Grenier (born March 26, 1977) and Rob/Robért Conway (born November 28, 1974).

The stable began when WWE aired vignettes of two arrogant "Frenchmen" (Duprée and Grenier, who are both actually French-Canadians) attacking the United States and its policy. They made their first appearance on the April 28, 2003 edition of Raw by attacking Scott Steiner, who had made remarks two weeks earlier comparing France to Hell, and they ended up defeating Steiner and Test at Judgment Day 2003 on May 18, 2003 in the team's pay-per-view debut. Duprée and Grenier went on to win the World Tag Team Championship from Kane and Rob Van Dam at Bad Blood 2003 on June 15. Rob Conway would be later introduced to the group posing as an American serviceman abused by Duprée and Grenier before The Dudley Boyz came out to make the save and attack La Résistance. However, when they brought Conway in the ring with an American flag and had their backs turned to Conway, he attacked them with the American flag and then tore it off the pole and laid it on top of them. The trio went on to feud with several other tag teams before Grenier suffered a back injury in October 2003. Duprée and Conway would hold the team together until Grenier's return on the March 15, 2004 edition of Raw, but the stable was broken up the very next week when Duprée was drafted to SmackDown. Grenier and Conway would continue teaming up, winning the tag team titles three more times, before disbanding in 2005.


Not to be confused at all with La Résistance.

Tropes associés à cette équipe de catch comprennent:

  • The Bus Came Back: Grenier returned to WWE on January 2020 as a backstage producer.
  • Cheap Heat: They ran on this trope. They would sing the French national anthem. They interrupted Lillian Garcia's rendition of "America the Beautiful" on Memorial Day. It was basically created because of France's hostility to the War.
  • Distracted by the Sexy:
    • Conway got distracted when Miss Jackie Gayda flashed him, with her back to the camera, during his match with Rico on the January 26, 2004 Raw.
    • Dupree got distracted when Stacy Keibler flashed her butt to him, with her face to the camera, during his match with Rico on the February 2, 2004 Raw.
  • The Fighting Narcissist: When Grenier was repackaged as a male model.
  • Foreign Wrestling Heel: Duprée and Grenier were, Conway was an American liaison.
  • Jobber: After losing to Eugene and Jimmy Snuka at Taboo Tuesday 2005, Conway went on an 14-month losing streak, which ended with him losing to Jeff Hardy and getting fired by Vince McMahon on the New Year's 2007 edition of Raw.
  • Mascot: Rene's French poodle, named, of course, Fifi.
  • Nice Hat: They had some nifty berets.
  • Patriotic Fervor: They proclaimed the superiority of France.
  • Power Stable: During the time all three of Dupree, Grenier and Conway were together.
  • Recycled INSPACE: More like "Recycled IN FRANCE!", but Conway's gimmick was basically the same as Barry Darsow's when he was Krusher Kruschchev, the traitorous American teammate for the Russians (Ivan and Nikita Koloff) in the NWA in the 1980s.
  • Underwear of Power: All three when the group split.