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GBG Wrestling note  is a Swedish Professional Wrestling promotion founded in 2002 by Balkan Marko and currently owned by Miss Dolores. The promotion is based in Gothenburg and hold their shows at the "Trädgår'n" venue. Since 2012, GBG Wrestling has filmed 14 PPVs, nearly all of which can be viewed for free on YouTube (so you probably cannot call them "PPVs" at all!)

Since Professional Wrestling in the Nordic Countries is a very young and small scene, GBG Wrestling has had many collaborations with rivalling promotions like the Malmö-based SWS, note  the Danish DPW note  and Finlands FCF. note 

Their official YouTube channel can be found here.

GBG Wrestlings Tropes:

  • Garbage Wrestling: Kept to a minimum, but occasionally a Heel will go for a Steel Chair and on the "Death Match" PPV, Conny Mejsel faced Steinbolt in a Hardcore match which involved spots like Conny being backdropped through a table covered with thumbtacks and Steinbolt being DDT'd through a table onto the concrete floor.
  • Go-Karting with Bowser: GBG commentator Trent Macgregor is also a commentator in SWS alongside Mr. PPV, the President of DPW. Mr. PPV is a heel in GBG Wrestling, always showing up with his Danish Wrestlers for an invasion or as an ally to Steinbolt, Don Kalif and Nifelwarg - GBG Wrestling's resident heel stable.
  • McNinja: Scandinavian Shiva and Bad Buddha, "The Masters Of The Mystical Arts". Two Swedish white guys portraying Asian mystics.
  • Red Baron:
    • Don Kalif, "The Polecat From Toscana"
    • Steinbolt, "The Express Train From Hell"
    • "The Disgusting And Perverted" Dr. Sadism.
    • Brutus Dellert, "The Bonehacker from Bromölla.
  • Straw Misogynist: Starbuck, the President of FCF played this to the fullest against Miss Dolores when FCF invaded GBG Wrestling.