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Frightmare is an American Professional Wrestler who competes primarily for CHIKARA. He made his on-screen debut in the corner of Incoherence (Hallowicked and Delirious) at CHIKARA Armdrags to Riches, November 16, 2008, and his in-ring debut for the promotion on December 12th at Face with a View, where he lost to Brodie Lee in three minutes. He would go on to capture the CHIKARA Young Lions Cup and has also competed for WSU (a joint show with New Jersey's National Wrestling Superstars and the 2011 King and Queen of the Ring tag team tournament), for Dragon Gate USA and many other promotions. In 2009, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter named him "Rookie of the Year."

As usual, you can find the basics at The Other Wiki.

He has nothing to do with any other uses of "Frightmare."

"Frightening tropes":

  • All There In The Comicbooks: Frightmare's backstory (read below) was written in the comics, it never played out in the ring. Fans who didn't know the backstory were confused by the events of Tomorrow Never Dies (CHIKARA's December 2014 iPPV).
  • Backstory: Delirious was suffering from catastrophic nightmares, and Ultramantis Black sent Hallowicked inside Delirious' mind to try and save him. Hallowicked found a... thing... that he felt a kinship with. It took a form similar to Hallowicked's and manifested in the real world as Frightmare. This link to Hallowicked is the reason that when Delirious used the Eye of Tyr to brainwash Hallowicked and turn him against UMB, Frightmare was forced to turn as well.
  • Chained by Fashion: When Hallowicked and Delirious first brought him out, they were leading him around by a chain around his neck.
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  • Cool Mask
  • Finishing Move: Crucifix bomb, Frightcrusher, Kneecolepsy, Instant Death
  • Keet: Almost never runs out of energy.
    • There's a reason he's sometimes called "Luchadorable."
  • Power Stable:
    • Incoherence
    • The Spectral Envoy, led by UltraMantis Black
    • (in Dragon Gate USA): CHIKARA Sekigun
  • Red Baron: "A Frenetic Ball of Kinetic Energy"
  • Sidekick: To Hallowicked
  • Tag Team:
  • The Unintelligible: He was on a team called "Incoherence," after all.

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