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Christopher Adams (10 February 1955 – 7 October 2001) was a British Professional Wrestler, trainer and promoter from Rugby, Warwickshire best known for his work in the 1980s as "Gentleman" Chris Adams in the World Class Championship Wrestling promotion in Dallas. He started his career in 1978 without any formal wrestling training, instead relying on his judo experience. He first came to the U.S. in 1981 when he debuted in the NWA Hollywood Wrestling territory in Los Angeles. Along with his work in California, he also wrestled for the NWA Pacific Northwest Wrestling territory in Portland, OR, and did tours in Japan, Europe, Canada and Mexico. He made his biggest impact in Dallas, where he was introduced in 1983 as a Face and as a "pen pal" of Kevin Von Erich. He turned Heel in September 1984, siding with manager "Playboy" Gary Hart. He had a very successful Tag Team run with the late Gino Hernandez as The Dynamic Duo. He also competed for "Cowboy" Bill Watts' Mid-South/UWF promotion. After World Class was merged with Jerry Lawler's Continental Wrestling Association in Memphis, Adams stuck around and also worked for the Global Wrestling Federation in Dallas and other Texas promotions. He made his PPV debut at NWA Starrcade 90 in the Pat O'Connor Memorial Tag Team Tournament, teaming with Norman Smiley as Team United Kingdom in a losing effort against Team Mexico (Konnan and Rey Misterio Sr.) He had a run in WCW where he had a small feud with Glacier over the latter's claim of having "invented" the Superkick. As a trainer, his most famous student was "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Outside of wrestling, his life was plagued by drug problems such as alcoholism and arrests and he was indicted on a manslaughter charge in 2001 due to the death of a woman in his apartment from an overdose of GHB. While awaiting trial, he was shot dead during a drunken brawl on October 7, 2001. Among his in-ring achievements, he was a 1x UWA WWF World Light Heavyweight Champion, a 4x NWA American (World Class) Heavyweight Champion and a 1x NWA Americas (Los Angeles) Heavyweight Champion.


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