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Azteca Underground is a stable and brand in Major League Wrestling (MLW). Its seeds was initially planted back in 2018 when Promociones Dorado was created in 2018 and its leader/founder is Salina De La Renta. In 2021, the faction was purchased and absorbed into the aforementioned Azteca Underground by Cesar Duran (formerly known as Dario Cueto of Lucha Underground fame). The stable/roster of the promotion currently has Duran himself, Los Parks, Arez, Aramis, Matt Cross,(King) Mil Muertes, and Karlee Perez (as for Cross and Perez, as well as Muertes, they were of Lucha Underground fame, formerly known as Son of Havoc and Catrina respectively). Guest members of the faction include Black Taurus, Pagano (after his betrayal of Hammerstone), and Bestia 666.

Tropes for the Renegades:

  • Arch-Enemy: Savio Vega due to his refusal to sell his IWA promotion to Azteca Underground as well as Alexander Hammerstone since Muertes stole his belt and started to parade around with it to please El Jefe and in addition to that, Richard Holliday and Alicia Atout due to the former's affiliation with Hammerstone and the latter due to being aware of Duran's prior activities.
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  • Big Bad: If Duran's history is any indication, he is shaping up to be this.
  • Canon Welding: Since the arrival of Mil Muertes and "El Jefe" Dario Cueto, essentially it retroactively places the Lucha Underground universe into the MLW realm.
  • The Dragon: (King) Mil Muertes
  • Foreshadowing: On Azteca Underground's website, there was an ad for "Cat's Curiosities Y Santeria". Guess who made an appearance later on for MLW?
  • The Ghost: For months, there's been several references to the owner of the Azteca Underground brand often known as 'El Jefe'. Eventually subverted as of the season finale of MLW Fusion to which El Jefe is Dario Cueto himself.
  • Intercontinuity Crossover: The arrival of Mil Muertes and the acquisition of Promociones Dorado by Azteca Underground is (possibly) one between MLW and the defunct Lucha Underground given the numerous references of the latter in recent months. Even the owner of Lucha Underground Dario Cueto also counts as well.
  • Masked Luchador: Hijo De La Park, LA Park, LA Park Jr., Aramis, Black Taurus and Mil Muertes. As well as the bodyguard of Cesar Duran in his office.
    • Unmasked Luchador: Matt Cross (in reference to his former Son of Havoc persona) and Arez.
  • Mythology Gag: In the website for Azteca Underground, it dropped several references to the late Lucha Underground universe. To illustrate, there are a couple of name drops pertaining to a certain 'El Jefe' as well as a very familiar woman who specializes in giving 'Licks of death'.
  • Spicy Latina: Karlee Perez has this trope in spades. Bonus points for also being the same person as depicted in Lucha Underground
  • Wham Shot: The episode of a recent produced episode of MLW Fusion mentioned that Promociones Dorado is now owned by Azteca Underground. Sounds familiar?
    • Dario Cueto himself made his physical MLW debut for the first time since awakening from his casket in the last season of Lucha Underground.
    • At the end of War Chamber 2021, Cesar Duran and Karlee Perez planted the seeds of building an underground fight club in Mexico along with some blueprints of their design of the new Temple.
  • You Have Failed Me: Salina failed El Jefe numerous times during which El Hijo de LA Park lost his match against Bu Ku Dao in a recent Fusion episode and that instance is the straw that break the camels back to which she later got abducted by a large masked man outside the arena and was later sacrificed.