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  • Sailor Moon: American Kitsune: East meets West in this tale when two heroes with radically different upbringings collide. A mysterious young Japanese girl finds herself in the care of a St. Louis man, discovering a love for each other that knows no boundaries. Working through the hardships of culture shock, they discover a sinister plan that threatens to tear apart our heroes and plunge the world into tyranny. Adapted from a classic Japanese series with some American sensibilities mixed in.
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  • Hellstorm Evangelion: A startling re-interpretation of an animated classic that realizes the original's theological implications to their fullest potential. Its apocalyptic fervor and passages on the nature of sexuality will leave you shaken.
  • My Immortal: A passionate, darker re-imagining of a series of classic children's books, this tale centers around an emotionally troubled young woman who tries to fight the forces of evil, while dealing with a heartbreaking curse that threatens to tear her apart from her one true love. The most well-known and acclaimed work of its kind, it has been adapted into a novel and a motion picture.
  • Doom - Repercussions of Evil: In his fourteenth year of military service, a man trained from birth to hate and fear his enemy has a shocking epiphany.
  • Stand of the Exiles: The long and eloquent tale of a headstrong if sheltered priestess and a gallant knight, who take on two worlds and emerge undaunted if somewhat the worse for wear. Based on a best-selling MMO, it is written with a skill that arguably surpasses that of certain popular professional authors.
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  • Half-Life: Full Life Consequences:A man must test his character and save his brother in his hour of need, overcoming many obstacles on his way. Innovative in its use of language. Adapted into a rather successful film that captures the spirit of the story.
  • Half-Life: Hero Beggining: The earth has been subjugated by a hateful alien race. One man takes it upon himself to lead a massive rebellion against them after witnessing the death of his mother at their hands. Although he faces adversity that would decimate the mightiest armies of the past, he encourages the people to struggle against them for their freedom. Like the above work, it is noted for its unique storytelling and well-received film adaptation.
  • Half-Life: Full Life Consequences - Free Man: In a world torn apart by war, two brothers separated for many years find each other across enemy lines. Although they originally grew up loving each other, they are now forced to do battle with one another. One brother blames the other for the hell he's been through during their time apart and wants nothing more than his death. Family ties are challenged, the strength of the human spirit tested, and ultimate fate of the planet decided in this highly anticipated conclusion of one of the most popular epics ever written (so much so that two studios were in a dispute over the filming rights!).
  • My Inner Life: In this epic work based off of a popular console-game franchise, a traveling merchant finds love with the hero of the realm. Its creative re-interpretations of characters and scenarios — along with the enthusiasm with which the author handled sex scenes and unique customs — have become nearly legendary.
    • A truly heartbreaking examination of fan culture. As a social reject falls in love with a fictional character, she retreats into dreams of life with said character while becoming increasingly angry at the outside world.
  • Metal Gear Solid: Fight of Metal Gears: A fanfic written by a prolific and popular author known for his creative twists of language, this story follows the son of a dead hero and his desperate attempt to live up to his legacy, with the help of his father's old friends. His encounter with his father's most notorious foe ends in a cliffhanger. Has been adapted into sequential art.
  • legolas by laura: A classic heartwarming story about a beloved fantasy character and how far he will go to save his adopted sister from ultimate evil. Known for its creative use of language and unique twists on the language of Tolkien, it has been adapted into many media, including a book on tape and many pieces of sequential art.
  • One Night with the Evenstar: A future queen comforts a brave soul about to go on a dangerous mission.
  • Marissa Picard: You Meddling Kids gain glory.
  • DIGIMON SAVEZ THE WROLD!!1111: The story of an intelligent, but not quite human creature, and its personal quest to stop a madman planning on isolating all of humanity.
    • DIGIMON 2: RETURN OF DIGIMON: The humanoid creature has a fateful encounter with a creation of the man who had broken his life several years prior. Know for its tear jerking love story.
    • DIGIMON 3: PREDATOR VS DIGIMON: The humanoid creature finds himself intertwined in the greater destiny and fate of a proud warrior alien creature stranded on Earth.
  • Dinobot's Old Technology: A passionate retelling of a well-received story, an android with shape-changing ability makes one last brave stand against the comrades it had betrayed. Famous for its thought-provoking use of language.
  • A Romantically Relevant Situation: An Olympic athlete really cares about her horses.
  • Anakin Skywalker and the Jedi's Gem: Characters you know well act out a modern classic.
  • Sonichu: Highly metafictional, Massive Multiplayer Crossover examining the author's relationship with her own characters, and just how easily Reality Subtext can displace the intended purpose. A warning to all artists against dragging too much of oneself into one's work.
  • Total Drama Torture: A violent series staring the entire original cast of the show it's based off of, and goes to such daring lengths with edgy content, along with even giving the main hero a harem of girlfriends to choose from.
  • BATMAN: NEMESIS FIGHT: One of the world's greatest heroes begins to become what he hates the most after suffering the tragic loss of his best friend and being betrayed by his true love.
  • Halo: Halos In Space: A seemingly ordinary soldier faces an assault by an extraterrestial specie and must use all of his skills and wits to survive. Takes creative liberties toward its source material.
    • Halo: Halos In Space 2: Aliens Attack: The soldier desperately tries to turn the tide of the war, but in doing so, he faces a powerful object of alien warfare and the wrath of the local enemy commander.
  • Avatars II: When Qwaritch Takes Revenge: This sequel to the smash-hit blockbuster film brings one of the most popular characters back from the dead for a riveting, action-packed and erotic tale with themes of revenge, redemption, love and letting past grudges go.
  • Eiga Sentai Scanranger: Writer Vincent Jones speaks from the soul in his loving tribute to Super Sentai. Five fun-loving college students find out graduating will mean a lot more than tuition and term papers when their film professor turns out to be the leader of a secret defense group. Backed by decades of tradition, the students defend the world using miraculous powers and incredible battle machines. But will even that be enough to save Earth's resources from MAYHEM, the scourge of the galaxy?
  • How I Became Yours: Star-Crossed Lovers reunite after the man's marriage ends in failure and the woman has lost her child. Meanwhile, two teenagers finally gather the courage to admit their feelings while a former villainess is granted a new lease on life and falls in love with the man who saved her from certain death. Unfortunately, the first man's wife isn't too happy about this sudden turn of events and decides to confront her husband's "other woman". Oh, and there's lots of Costume Porn and Scenery Porn to go with it.
    • How I Became Yours: Rise of the Agni Army: A continuation of the above tale, in which the Star-Crossed Lovers have passed on. Their offspring struggle to live in a world so unlike their own and must cope with the japes and taunts thrown at them for being "half-breeds". Fortunately, they have a very supportive cousin to look out for them. Meanwhile, the third couple's offspring are at constant odds with each other, made worse by the fact that their father is deathly ill.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion II: DELTA Invasion: A multi-talented hero and his special sidekick join forces with the veterans of a past war to stave off the invasion of creatures beyond imagination.
  • Bart the General: The story of the impact one woman's affair has on her family, her daughter's unexpected death, her son's coming of age and her husband's struggle with his despair.
  • Soulless Shell: A boy, having lost his parents, becomes leader of a coalition of evil races, but tries to lead them to live in peace while dealing with the less moral members of his society.
  • Little Miss Mary: an epic May/September romance reminiscent of the works of Nabokov and JT Leroy. Also notable for its exploration of gender identity.
  • William Country: A creatively executed tale of romance between two gay teenagers and the challenges they must overcome.
  • Fuck The Jesus Beam: When their hero and savior is gone, people must resort to desperate means to stave off their foes, and then must work to undo the damage their mistake caused. A story about enemies coming together to face shared threats, the consequences of the misuse of power and the lengths to which people will go to defeat their enemies.
  • A Very Special Arthur: One boy becomes an entirely different person to his friends and loved ones after becoming mentally retarded, and this deals with their struggles to come to terms with this.
  • The Coming of Munihausen: Three gaijin are involved romantically with the characters of Sailor Moon. Love conquers all, even death.
  • Quarter-Life: Halfway To Destruction: In this classic two-fisted tale of science fiction, a mysterious figure stages a laboratory accident so he can steal the tools he needs to hold Dallas, Texas hostage. With the authorities too scared to make a move, it's up to Gordon Freeman to bring this villain to justice!
  • Revenge Road: A young woman is driven to the brink of despair by many unfortunate events in her life, including the one she loves rejecting her, ultimately leading to tragedy.
  • Cupcakes: A harrowing, transgressive story that provides a chilling look into the disturbed mind of a cannibalistic murderess who masquerades as a cheerful baker. A shocking reimagination of the most talked-about new show of 2010.
  • Deserving: an unflinching exploration of non-traditional relationship dynamics and families and the psychological cost of revenge. Famous for its many quotable lines.
  • ITS MY LIFE!: A tragic yet capable heroine must travel through time, space, and the depths of the underworld to save her family and understand herself. In the tradition of its influential predecessors, this fanfic explores characterization in innovative ways and puts a new spin on lingustic conventions.
    • TEEN FORTRESS 2, from the same author that brought you the previously listed work, is an exploration of nine friends who are tired of fighting and instead want to take a break at the high school, but instead face the problems of high school instead of war: drugs and alcohol, love, sex and pregnancy, exam stress, etc. It stars a main character who was brought to the events from escaping the consequences of unintentional murder, a nerd obsessed with getting high grades and other archetypal high school characters.
    • Invader Zim: Born Again Christian: In a separate continuty from the above, a former villain finds the inner peace to fight an old rival who has gone off the deep end. The story manages to dwell on the love and tolerance of Christianity without forcing any fundamentalist agenda on the reader.
    • THE MARRISSA GAMES: The protagonist of the first installment is forced into a sadistic game and must win the right to see her husband and daughter again. Along the way, she makes new friends, encounters old enemies, and is aided by mysterious allies, while her husband discovers long-buried secrets about his own dark past.
  • Bella Swan Pregnant And Furious: the protagonist of a popular series of romance novels takes several levels in badass.
  • The Last War: a story that gives one of the fandom's most popular non-canonical couples their happily ever after, while also exploring serious issues like domestic violence and the psychic strain of an unhappy marriage, and engaging in some innovative world-building regarding gender roles in the wizarding world.
  • Sherlock Homes vs. Jack the Ripper: Rule of Cool is in full force as the Great Detective takes several levels in badass and battles the most notorious serial killer of late Victorian Britain. Features action, humor, and an abundance of crossover cameos!
  • My Brave Pony: Starfleet Magic: a reinterpretation of a popular cartoon that replaces the source material's emphasis on interpersonal relationships with an alternative metaphysics.
  • Becoming Female: A young man is turned into a girl and realizes the sexism inherent in his community. After he adjusts to his new role in society, he and his classmates must fight for equality. The author makes a point of using reviewers' feedback to guide her writing.
  • Homestuck high [sic] : A teenager caught up in several serious romance issues is tasked to defend his love interest from an impending demonic force, using the power of Hell itself to let his body and mind transform itself into that of a demon slayer.
  • Reprise and Hivefled: Two childhood friends turned lovers welcome their long-lost offspring into the family.
  • Lisa is Pregnant: A young woman finds herself in a difficult emotional situation where she must choose how to deal with a pregnancy resulting from a disaster with a dead man.
  • Naruto Veangance Revelaitons A shocking tale of an Anti-Hero / Villain Protagonist; who struggles with conflicting loyalties. He must also deal with several despicable villains who plan to use him for their own benefit. Known for the author's passionate statements; and sex scenes that push the boundaries of what human beings are capable of.
  • Knowledge Is Power and In This World and the Next: An original reimagining of a popular contemporary fantasy series, in which our young hero-turned-Anti-Hero discovers his true potential and takes over the world with his creative command of the English language.
  • The End of Ends: A dark tale of how a man with nothing but hatred, anger, and sadness became the most powerful villain and how his friends face the consequences of their actions.
  • The world of Cori Falls: A series of stories which gives a trio of villains a new lease on life by healing them of the wounds left by their difficult pasts and constant humiliation by a ten-year-old boy, who is punished for his many crimes against them.
  • The Secret of Queen Annalese: A dream team of heroes protect a young queen and her family from a powerful supernatural threat while drawing close to those that they love.
  • Of Warlords and Pleasures: A set of in-depth explorations of romance, family, and gender issues in a world where such things are disdained, including:
    • Cluny the Scourge: The protagonist requires stress relief after frustrating encounters with sociopathic nemeses.
    • Marlfoxes: A family bonds together and receives a message from their long-lost father.
    • Sawney Rath: A leader looks to secure the future of his clan despite his strained relationships with his family.
  • Precure Meet The Dream Traveler: A long running series of original fics that retells Pretty Cure from Suite to present by introducing a duo of powerful original characters who shall punish all evil they meet! The author doesn't get much negative feedback and is an awesome writer with creativity to boot who certainly doesn't plagiarize, lie, or use script format because he's certainly not lazy.
  • Celebrian: An unforgettably unsettling exploration of the life of a mayor background character from one of the greatest works of modern literature!
  • The Little Pony Legend: Two popular franchises meet when an elemental demigoddess and her friends find their lives dovetailing with those of sapient pastel horses from another world. As a result, a popular pairing avoids collapse; and a tyrannical monarch and a one-woman artillery platform both live to meet moral epiphanies. Its author was strongly inspired by her faith.
  • Requiem for a Loud: A large family deals with the impending death of one of their own, which only makes their bonds stronger than ever.
  • Carrie and Ben 10: The Green League: A writer offers a unique take on a beloved story by giving its protagonist love and support in the form of a set of characters that bare similarities to her.
  • Empire of the Sith: By changing a single event, we witness a young man's descent into darkness, all while his cousin desperately tries to save him.
  • Descendants: Eleanor the Snow Princess: A beloved film is given a unique twist by introducing two strong-minded young cousins who develop a close bond with the movie's male protagonists, as well as an adopted sister for one of said male protagonists in the form of a spunky, genie-like creature who can create portals.
  • Blood Raining Night: A demon with vampiric abilities struggles with many hardships in her life, including choosing between two lovers, a Teen Pregnancy, and bullies. The protagonist ends up giving birth to god, and finds there is a sinister plot to clone her so as to create more. Unfortunately ended without a conclusion.
  • Big Brother's Responsibility: A kid drinks milk, then has an existential crisis.


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