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  • All-Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder: An in-depth exploration of the mind of the popular character Batman, the traumatic death of the parents of his Teenage partner (who is 12 years old) and their quest for justice... Brought to you by the award-winning writer of Sin City and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and the critically acclaimed artist Jim Lee.
  • Chick Tracts A Christian series of short comics addressing many important issues, such as drugs, alcohol, abuse, homosexuality, and suicide.
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  • Doom comic: With Demonic Invaders approaching, a lone soldier must embark on a suicidal mission: to locate a legendary weapon of unspoken power that will decide the ultimate fate of humanity.
  • One More Day: The most unbelievable sacrifice a superhero has ever made.
  • The Clone Saga: A superhero suffers from an identity crisis when he finds out that the life he's been living may have not actually been his own.
  • Transformers: The Beast Within: The Commander of a robotic commando force must unleash a dark power hidden within him in order to save his comrades.
  • Superman: At Earth's End: The greatest superhero must survive in the shattered remains of Earth in the future, and must make the ultimate decision if he wants to retrieve his fallen comrade from a resurrected evil. He also says what may be the greatest most memorable line in all of comic book history-"I AM A MAN! * Punch!* " Also, he fights twin clones of Hitler.
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  • Countdown to Final Crisis: Heroes from the DC universe must band together to go on a dimension hopping journey to save the world from a "Great Disaster". Spawning a multi plot structure, over countless other series, featuring different heroes and villains alike going through changes you never would have expected.
  • Amazons Attack Epic story about what a mother will do to save her daughter with epic action, surprising plot twists and last page, that will show something almost as unexpectable as The Spanish Inquisition itself!
  • Ultimatum Action-filled adventure where the greatest heroes of the world has to join forces to save the world from one of the most powerful people in the planet, who wants to punish humanity for our sins.
  • The Crossing A time-traveling heroine returns from a Bad Future only to find that one of her teammates has already set in motion the events that can bring that future about. An incredibly complex and epic story of betrayal that is set to have lasting implications for Earth's Mightiest Heroes.
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  • Heroes Reborn Two of Image Comics' biggest stars return to Marvel to bring a fresh new mid-nineties edge to some of Marvel's stalwart heroes in an all-new setting.
  • Avengers Disassembled A powerful being grieves for the loss of her children as her teammates battle a mysterious foe.
    • House of M The same being uses her powers give everyone she knows what their heart's desire.
    • Decimation: The same being takes away dangerous superpowers away from 90% of the world's mutants.
  • Civil War: Legendary heroes unflinchingly look at the debate between Liberty and Security in the modern world.
  • Power Pachyderms: Children of the atom, born with unique abilities, they are united by a common goal — to protect the world that hates and fears them.
  • The Unfunnies: A delightful romp into the colorful, cartoony Funny Animal world of an artist who's in a bit of a pickle.
  • Warrior: A Warrior Poet conquers his inner demons while staying true to his beliefs. The holiday edition will forever change the way you look at Christmas.
  • X-Men 'The Draco': The truth is revealed about the background of one of Marvel's most popular mutants, with implications for the entire Marvel Universe - and the world as we know it!
  • 300: A recounting of the Battle of Thermopylae explores Western views on the Middle East. Lots of Ho Yay for the Yaoi Fangirl in everyone.
  • Cry for Justice: A superhero, disillusioned with his team's ideals, decides to take a new direction, one he argues will be for the greater good, inviting other heroes to follow his path. And one of the team's deadliest villains prepares a plan that will spell tragedy.
  • Rise of Arsenal: A hero, forsaken with tragedy, must go on a journey that will unveil what he has become, as he sinks deeper and deeper into despair.
  • One Moment in Time: The sequel to one of the most talked about stories in comic history, examining one of the most iconic and beloved relationships in the Marvel Universe.
  • Bomb Queen: A haven for those who live outside society's laws is established by a beautiful but eccentric woman, whose rule comes under scrutiny and must be defended from civilization at large.
  • Cracked: A once-popular humor magazine hot of the heels of another popular humor magazine which presented humorous and clever TV and movie parodies along with other articles guaranteed to make readers laugh.
  • Malibu Comics' Street Fighter: Based on a popular video game, tells the gripping story of fighting, loving, revenge and death. Featuring a guest appearance of a superhero.
  • Diesel Master of Dragons: A group of racially diverse friends and a dog have the ability to summon a "Stand", each with a unique power. Using their Stands, they must battle against other enemy Stand Users to find out who killed their mentor.

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