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Word Of God / There Was Once an Avenger From Krypton

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Word of God is usually on Darthkvzn's tumblr posts when something is either irrelevant to There Was Once an Avenger From Krypton or isn't directly covered in it.

  • He wrote out an entire creation mythology for the Saiyan race that can be found here.
  • In regards to how individual In-Universe characters feel about the Star Wars franchise, Darthkvzn posted:
    • Luz, despite enjoying it, wouldn't really pay much attention to it, preferring more weird or niche fantasy stories rather than mainstream ones.
    • Kara tends to poke fun at the amount of Artistic License regarding space and aliens races in the movies.
    • Ben is a massive Star Wars fan, especially of the Old Republic era and the Star Wars Legends continuity.
    • Among characters who aren't fans, Chloe doesn't care for the series at all, Nico has never watched any of the films, Dipper only really cares for the interesting designs of the extraterrestrial flora and fauna, and Caulifla and Kale live on Xandar and obviously don't know anything about it.
    • Danielle/Ellie loves the Original Trilogy, but hates the Prequel Trilogy, mostly due to how the Clone Troopers are dehumanized as fodder. On the flip side, she carries a lot of love for Star Wars: The Clone Wars thanks to how the Clones are treated as truly living people with their own thoughts and feelings.
    • Pidge is a purist for the Original Trilogy and refuses to watch any films or media beyond those.
    • Tulip loves the entire franchise and both watches and enjoys everything, be it part of the Prequel, Original, or Sequel trilogy.
  • This post establishes which worlds Thanos and the Black Order have decimated or attacked off-page that haven't been brought up in the series at the time of its writing as well as whatever after effects they suffered.
    • Zen-Whoberi, Gamora's homeworld, which started suffering from population decline due to civil war and pirate raids following the decimation.
    • Skrullos, the Skrull homeworld. The aftermath forced the survivors into Kree space and kickstarted the conflict between the two species.
    • Ringa Morr, the Uxorite homeworld. What was left of their race was absorbed into the Nova Empire.
    • Kraahos V, the Kraaho homeworld. Its survivors were conquered by the Kree Empire.
    • Vulcan, the Detrovite homeworld. Its survivors were reduced to warring tribes in uncontrolled space.
    • Arburia, the Arburian Pelarota homeworld. What was left of their species and planet was destroyed by The Great One.
    • Caminus, a colony planet for the Cybertronians. Thus far, it is among the only worlds to have successfully defeated the Black Order and forced Thanos to retreat.
    • Namek, the Namekian homeworld. Its species never recovered and has been steadily declining towards potential extinction.
  • The author also posted a map detailing the dominions that make of the Milky Way galaxy of the setting.
  • According to this post, the Diamonds are thoroughly immortal and functionally unkillable, as while they can be poofed and put out of commission, the only beings capable of outright shattering their gems are Celestials.
  • According to this post, the Mist's effectiveness on extraterrestrials is rather random, with it either working or not depending on the species or alien in question.
  • This post explains what various characters in the verse do during the Holiday season.
    • Kara and Alex get together and bake chocolate chip cookies.
    • Ben, Julie, and her father watch and make fun of bad Hallmark films (though not in front of her mother, who unironically likes those movies).
    • Chloe goes skiing in the French Alps with her father and some of his high society friends.
    • Luz and Camila save up enough to take trips to visit both the maternal and paternal sides of her family.
    • Danielle/Ellie visits the Ghost Zone for the Holiday truce.
  • These two posts on the author's tumblr explain what the various characters do for Valentine's Day.
  • This post on April 1st went into detail what Luz, Kara, and Ben do regarding April Fool's Day.
  • This post explains Doom and Reed's in-universe reasoning on why they pulled certain universes into the Kryptonverse.
  • This post goes into detail regarding the limitations of the Dragon Balls in this universe.
  • This post goes over the strength-levels of different Gems, with Pearls being able to left over 2 tons, the main Jasper of Steven Universe being powerful enough to give the Hulk a good fight for a time, and Fusions being outright Avengers-level threats.
  • According to this post, between the Omnitrix and Voltron in regards to which is "the most powerful weapon in the universe", the former technically has more power since a Celestial functions as its battery, but it isn't intended as a weapon and the latter is, making Voltron outwardly more powerful.
  • This post details how certain individual characters in the Kryptonverse celebrate Halloween.