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Word Of God / Gravity Falls

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Alex Hirsch, for all intents and purposes, is incredibly young to be the creator, show-runner, and main cast member of Gravity Falls, and frequently connects with his fans while answering questions on his Twitter feed, and is into a lot of the same nostalgic things from the same time periods of the fans.


  • Wendy's middle name is Blerble.
  • Due to the series' art style, the eye color of most characters are unknown. According to Hirsch, Dipper, Mabel and Stan's eyes are brown (Mabel's green eyes in "The Inconveniencing" are implied to be a result of overdosing on Smile Dip), Wendy's are green, and Li'l Gideon's are blue. As for Soos? "It's a mystery dude!"
  • Mabel is the older of the twins by 5 minutes.
  • Between Stan and his twin brother Ford, Ford is the older of the two by 15 minutes.
  • When asked on Twitter if Ford has six toes on each foot as well as six fingers on each hand, Alex responded with an Image Macro from The Simpsons saying "Eh, sure. Why not?"
  • Alex has once answered some questions regarding some information about the Pines family and beyond on his Twitter:
  • For example, when asked about what political parties they would be associated with (despite canonically not being with anyone), Alex responded with these.
  • When a fan asked him about which Hogwarts House everyone would be in, he responded as such.
  • Dipper is confirmed to have made a Sonic OC somewhere in his past: His name is ShadowTail the InvestiGerbil, and apparently he has a magnifying glass for a hand.
  • Despite what some fans imagine, Alex believes the Pines aren't practicing Jews. While Stan's parents did follow the faith, as a Meuzuzah outside of their door implies, Alex states that Grunkle Stan is an atheist, while the kids are raised non-religiously.
  • According to the show's model sheets, Wendy's brothers are named Gus (the youngest son, with the crew-cut sides), Kevin (the middle son, with the mullet), and Marcus (the oldest son, with the bangs and peach-fuzz mustache).