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Many of the content creators have elaborated on their characters and their arcs in the roleplay through social media.

  • Eret confirmed on Twitter that his character was manipulated by Dream into betraying L'Manburg.
  • In a Reddit post uploaded after the finale of Season 1, Wilbur assigned Dungeons & Dragons alignments for certain characters. He would also reply to particular comments to that post in order to clarify alignments, as well as answer questions about the Dream SMP.
    • As of the end of Season 1, Tubbo is Lawful Good, Niki and Quackity are Neutral Good, George and Tommy are Chaotic Good (though Tommy borders on Lawful Good), Techno is Lawful Neutral (though his strong ideals of Anarchism makes you mistake him for a Chaotic Neutral), BadBoyHalo, Sapnap and Fundy are True Neutral, Eret is Chaotic Neutral, Schlatt is Lawful Evil, Wilbur is Neutral Evil (though bordering on Chaotic Evil), and Dream is Chaotic Evil. invoked
    • Schlatt, Dream, Techno and Fundy are not human, while everyone else is.
      • However, this appears to be subject to change, considering several other characters have since shown some decidedly non-human traits, e.g. Tubbo being a Horned Humanoid being Ascended Fanon.
    • Both "L'Manburg" and "L'Manberg" are correct spellings.
    • How "dead" people are is decided purely by plot convenience.
    • Wilbur wrote a large portion of the character interactions in collaboration with the other content creators.
    • Even though pretty much everything was planned, a lot of stuff changed on the spot due to improv moments. For example, Techno was not supposed to use a firework for Tubbo's execution, so Schlatt and Quackity were not supposed to die in the crossfire.
  • In response to a Reddit post about Fundy's character being trans, Wilbur said that it would only be canon if Fundy felt comfortable with it (as he is a cisgender male in real life) and if the fanbase was fine with it. Otherwise, it would be retconned.
    • When Fundy was asked about it, he replied that he was fine with his character being trans but he, much like Wilbur, would retcon it if people took issue with it.
  • Dream stated on Twitter that the engagement between the characters of Fundy and Dream is not canon to the SMP, though it has been mentioned multiple times in the plot before by some characters (most notably Fundy himself) who act like it's canon.
  • After being asked who the older brother is, Wilbur confirmed that, in canon, he and Techno are twins, though Techno is older by two minutes.
    • However, this was debunked and changed by Philza and Technoblade, because their relationship made much more sense as best friends rather than as father and son.
  • Tommy's reaction to Techno joining Pogtopia was completely genuine, not because he wasn't told, but because he hadn't bothered to read the script.
  • Ranboo has stated on Twitter that his character on the SMP does not have a Split Personality, as he does not want to misrepresent systemsnote .
    • Ranboo also clarified that his character is not human.
  • Ranboo and Dream have both confirmed that the voice character-Ranboo hears while in his panic room is not actually character Dream, but rather a manifestation of character-Ranboo's sub-conscious, panic, and catastrophizing that takes the resemblance of character Dream's voice.
  • According to Dream, George sleeping through another huge lore event, the Doomsday War this time, was on purpose. He had a minor optional part written in, but he just chose to not show up.
  • Philza has stated that his character will eventually be Killed Off for Real, and that it was "not a matter of if", but rather "a matter of when". His ghost counterpart's name will be Ghostza, and if he has Dream's permission, will have his wings restored by having a pair of Elytra permanently bound to his back in the game.
  • It is stated that during the Disc Confrontation, Punz was originally going to say, "Sorry Dream, but money talks", before Sam recommended the quote used in the livestream, i.e. "You should have paid me more".
  • The highly emotional scene with George in Quackity's second "Las Nevadas" lore stream was apparently filmed at 4 in the morning, with George trolling Quackity throughout the entire recording, meaning it's safe to say that the scene was painful for both Quackity the character and the content creator.
  • It is revealed on Twitter that Foolish volunteered to have his character executed during the Red Banquet.
  • Sapnap has confirmed that his character is human, jossing several fan theories about him being part-demon (due to being BadBoyHalo's son, though adopted) or part-blaze, and says that he envisions his character to look like SAD-ist's depiction of him in her animatics. On the flip side, he does think that his character having Playing with Fire powers "would be awesome", and believes that his character having Flaming Hair when he gets mad is "super cool", only that he didn't know if it could be canon.
  • In one of Tubbo's alt streams, Wilbur cleared up a Plot Hole — how would Alivebur be able to see Ghostbur's memories if he was stuck in the train station without any external stimuli for 13 years? According to Wilbur, similar to seeing your life flash before your eyes during a near-death experience, Alivebur saw Ghostbur's life go by in real-time, essentially living through all of Ghostbur's memories before waking up by the L'Manburg crater.
    • Wilbur also elaborates on how Ghostbur is doing in the Afterlife on Reddit. Needless to say, it's about as heartbreaking as you would imagine.
  • In response to a piece of fanart depicting Wilbur's character smoking, Tommy the content creator states that his character doesn't approve of this.
    tommyaltinnit: (in a reply) Can't believe Canon Wilbur Smokes. As a big Anti-Drug Guy, this is really just fucked up to me. Canon Tommy would never smoke, or even second hand smoke. I hold my breath whenever canon Wilbur chooses to smoke.
  • Though it has already been heavily implied in earlier livestreams, Eret has confirmed in a mid-September 2021 livestream that their character's betrayal of L'Manburg during its War for Independence was what sparked character-Wilbur's paranoia, making his Improperly Paranoid tendencies much more visibly justified as a trauma response.
  • The white hair streak in Wilbur's post-resurrection appearance has is inspired by Fundy the content creator's poliosis-induced white hair in real life.
  • Slimecicle's pronouns are confirmed to be both he/him and it/its on an episode of the podcast "The Create Unknown".
  • As of late September 2021, in spite of the pain, heartbreak and conflict in canon at the time, Karl has confirmed that the character-Karlnapity wedding isn't shelved, implying that perhaps their characters would get their happily-ever-after after all.
  • It has been revealed that BadBoyHalo eventually went back on his plan to invite Sapnap to the Red Banquet to protect him. The main reason this had to be explained by Word of God and wasn't showcased onscreen because Sapnap the content creator wasn't available for lore.
  • Ranboo reveals that the idea of his character having only had one canon life has been planned since January 2021 and that he wanted his only canon death to be "the least impactful thing", and that his character being important would "be gone in an important and almost pathetic way". This ends up manifesting in his character's death in a Hostage Situation during Dream's escape from prison.
  • In an out-of-character moment on Techno's stream, he says that the plot point of breaking Dream out of prison has been planned since January, but Dream only told Techno of several changes in the plan two minutes before Techno went live to stream the prison break.
  • While most of the major events were at least partially planned (while the dialogue within them is improvised, leaving the participants with much more room to fill in the blanks), Eret has given more details on how exactly the scripts are made and planned on Tumblr.
    cant-see-sam: Hey Eret! Iím curious about the scripting method of the Dream SMP. Could you possibly show us a few of the past scripts so we could have a sneak peek? Iím just wondering because I know a lot of the famous lines were unscripted.
    theeretblr: The way scripting is done on the DMSP is different depending who's organising it. Generally it consists of someone writing their big overarching ideas in a google doc and other people giving suggestions and making changes as a group until we're all happy with it.
    I will say though, the number of times I've seen "[Name] says something cool" in the middle of the plan is more than I'd like to count LOL
  • After the end of Volume 1, Aimsey the content creator confirms that star will no longer be returning for Volume 2, and that their character's ending is him Knowing When to Fold 'Em and getting out of Dodge.
    Aimsey: (on Discord) [...] id like to imagine xey realised the concept of a few things wouldn't work, and so its packed up her things and just left and kept walking to make herself a new home