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Vincent Livings, the CEO of Glowstick Entertainment, will often stream Q&As on the Glowstick Entertainment YouTube channel. Here is a playlist of the Q&As and a list of his answers to the questions he was asked about Dark Deception.

  • Malak's design and personality was inspired by G-Man from Half-Life.
  • The Murder Monkeys were inspired by a toy monkey depicted on the poster art of the film Monkey Shines.
  • Agatha was originally made as a parody of creepy children in horror movies.
  • The Joy Joy Gang were originally conceptualized in 2014 - sometime before the release of Five Nights at Freddy's. However, Penny's current design was apparently inspired by the game.
  • The Trigger Teddy's design was inspired by both Chucky and Build-a-Bear.
  • If Joy Kill were to have a favorite food, it would be mortals.
  • The power shards are created from massive clusters of soul shards, which explains why the player gains extra shard points if they collect them.
  • The Murder Monkeys' rage apparently acts as the speed boost power.
  • All the nightmares are sustained by the ring's power, and they all collapse once they're fully removed.
  • Joy Joy Land was inspired by abandoned theme parks, more specifically a Disney theme park.
  • The Reaper Nurses were inspired by the monsters in The Evil Within.
  • In a dance competition between Malak's minions, the Dread Duckies would win.
  • Mama Bear and the Trigger Teddies wear bear costumes because the former wants to emphasize her role as a mother.
  • If Malak were to have a brand name, it would just have his name in it.
  • Doug has very deep pockets, explaining how he can carry so many soul shards at once.
  • Malak's preferred music type is soft jazz.
  • While the Reaper Nurses dislike men of all ages, they have a special hatred for men that abuse women. They also prefer killing men who are at least dating age.
  • If the Joy Joy Gang were to have a television show, it would get cancelled immediately due to the content involved and Lucky swearing constantly.
  • Most of the time, Bierce wasn't hired as an movie star not because of her acting ability, but because the pitchers just didn't find her talents unique enough.
  • The nightmares can adjust themselves based on the desires and emotions of the inhabitants at the current time. In the case of Bearly Buried, this prevents the entire cave from collapsing because of the constant Trigger Teddy explosions.
  • While Mama Bear is capable of telling bedtime stories, she doesn't do it often because the Trigger Teddies get distracted easily.
  • The Dread Duckies are kleptomaniacs to some extant.
  • The Clown Gremlins utilize telekinesis on both the Clown Cars (so they go back inside if necessary) and each other (to help draw in one another).
  • Despite evidence pointing to the contrary, both the Telekinesis and Vanish powers have different sound effects (or at least very subtle ones).
  • Malak has been around long before Bierce's time.
  • Malak is aware of the movies Bierce plays in, but he likely hasn't watched them personally.
  • In an arm wrestling contest between Hangry and Mama Bear, it will either end in a tie or the latter's victory.
  • Assuming that Malak also has misogynistic souls among his army, they would appear much different from the Reaper Nurses.
  • Malak has added certain minions to his army by killing his rivals and taking their minions.
  • Bierce clothing choices are influenced by both her work ethics and her straightforward, competitive spirit.
  • Out of all the enemies in-game, Hangry was the hardest to program due to his abilities.
  • Mama Bear is about the same in danger capacity as the Puppet King. However, it'll take dozens of Mannequins to take her down.
  • The Production Line Factory in Mascot Mayhem was inspired by the ship design in Alien. Similarly, the elevator used to traverse each zone was inspired by the elevator scene in the same film.
  • One of the Matron's conceptual designs had vomit on her shirt, but it was removed for being a little too squeamish.
  • All three members of the Joy Joy Gang are strong enough to rip a man's arm off with one hand.
  • Doug was caught off-guard by Joy Kill breaching the surface, preventing him from reacting in time to use his powers.
  • The Gold Watchers were inspired by a colonial-looking character who appeared on an old show.
  • The female Mannequins' cone head design was used to distinguish them from mannequin monsters from other media.
  • The Matron used to be a normal Reaper Nurse, but her sheer hatred of men caused her to become obese.
  • Malak views Agatha as more of a valuable pawn than a possible daughter.
  • The Dread Duckies can't fly.
  • The Matron doesn't use the Therapy Center's doors to move around.