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Dav Pilkey is surprisingly super cool with answering fan questions on his Instagram, which has provided fans with a LOT of canon information (not to mention Fanfic Fuel) on Captain Underpants.

George and Harold (and their families)
  • George and Harold, like Dav Pilkey himself, have both ADHD and dyslexia.note 
  • George's future wife in Book 12 is named Lisa.
  • Harold's birthday is March 6th, and George's is July 11th.
  • George's middle name is "Robert", and Harold's is "Michael".
  • Before they married Future George and Future Harold respectively, Lisa and Billy's full names were "Lisa Bobeesa" and "Billy Doanbee-Ahiro".
  • In Book 12, Meena and Nik (Future George and Lisa's children) are 6 and 4 years old respectively, and Owen and Kei (Future Harold and Billy's adopted twins) are only 3.
  • Harold's mom's name is Grace, and George's mom and dad's names are Barbara and Moses (but his friends call him "Moby").
  • George's mom is a college teacher, and his Dad is a mechanic.
  • Harold's mom sells real estate.
  • Harold's dad moved to Nevada after getting divorced.
  • Harold's little sister Heidi is 6 years old.
  • Harold met Billy when they were in college. They were in the same improv comedy group together.
  • Billy works in theatre (he used to be an actor on a soap opera), and Lisa is a musician (she plays the viola).
  • If the designs of the sock puppets in the animated series are anything to go by, Harold has heterochromia (his left eye is blue, and his right eye is green).

Mr. Krupp

  • Mr. Krupp's birthday is April 1st, April Fool's Day.
  • Mr. Krupp has a younger brother named Jasper, who is the father of Kipper.
  • Personality-wise, Mr. Krupp and his brother Jasper are complete opposites.
  • Mr. Krupp is around mid-forties in age.
  • His height is 5'6".
  • His parents' names are John and Grace. (It's currently unknown whether or not they're still alive during the events of the books, though...)
  • Krupp also has a sister, who was mentioned in the animated series. What her name is and whether she's older or younger than him has yet to be revealed.
  • The animated series confirms that he (and by extension Captain Underpants) has green eyes.


  • Melvin's birthday is December 25th.
  • Melvin's Mother's name is Cindy, and like her husband Gaylord, she is also a professor.
  • Melvin's middle name is "Richard".
  • While Mr. and Mrs. Sneedly are constantly busy with their work (to the point of coming across as somewhat neglectful of their son), they actually do try their best to be good parents when it comes to Melvin.
  • The reason why Melvin's family has a cat (Danderella), despite the fact that he's allergic to her, is because his parents got her before he was born, but they just didn't have the heart to get rid of her after it became clear that Melvin was allergic.
  • Melvin is allergic to chocolate. He also gets a rash if he ever consumes anything with MSG.


  • Mr. Meaner's full name is Kenny B. Meaner.
  • A case of Ascended Fanon: Edith the Lunch Lady's birthday is February 14th.
  • Professor Poopypants' favorite food besides strawberry ice cream (which was shown in a deleted scene from the movie) is Limburger cheese.
  • In the movie's case, it's spoiled food/leftovers from the cafeteria that gives you superpowers, so anyone that was brave enough to eat the cafeteria food while it was still fresh won't get superpowers. Maybe...
  • Kipper's friend Finkstein's birthday is February 15th.
  • Kipper's birthday is October 3rd.