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Woobie Destroyer Of Worlds / Professional Wrestling

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  • The Big Show, in a storyline in which he got fired by WWE General Manager John Laurinaitis for making fun of Laurinaitis's voice. Even though he pleaded and cried in front of the entire world, no one seemed to show him sympathy or come to his defense. When he managed to return to WWE with an "ironclad contract," he used this opportunity to vent his rage on seemingly everyone else in the locker room. And when you weigh well over 400 pounds, who's going to stop you?
  • Edge, after he was placed in a Hell in a Cell Match with The Undertaker in which he believed he would surely die. Resigned to the fact that he was going to Hell, he decided to make a living Hell for those who had double-crossed him or wouldn't help him before he went.
  • After Kane found Undertaker in a coma in the spring of 2010, he embarked on a months-long rampage directed at every person who could possibly be a suspect in incapacitating his half-brother. It was actually a subversion, though, as Kane himself had been the one who'd attacked Undertaker, and he was accusing everyone else in order to deflect suspicion away from himself.
    • This trope could be applied to both Kane and Undertaker MANY times (in respect to each other). It could also be subverted just as many times, also.