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With all the characters that Total Drama has, there are characters you can love, and characters you can hate. But even more than that, there are characters you can't help but feel sorry for.

The Ridonculous Race has its own page.

  • If watching Heather read her diary in front of everyone, ripping her skirt and kissing her boyfriend in Island, breaking his relationship with him and getting thrown up on in Action, becoming the In-Universe "New Heather" in World Tour when she and Duncan (Courtney's boyfriend) kiss, being put in a box with Sam and his farts and then being thrown by a giant mutant in Revenge of the Island, and, in All-Stars, trying to make up with Courtney just to find out she was going to betray her doesn't make you want to hug Gwen, you have no soul.
  • Heather herself became a Jerkass Woobie after Island, most notably after losing her wig early in Action. Despite being less evil in World Tour, the rest of the cast again hate her; she also gets slapped by Leshawna and loses her tooth (and Leshwana is proud of this even after discovering that she was manipulated by Alejandro and Heather was right). When Heather is in the final three, she has literally zero cast-mates rooting for her, while Alejandro, who has been more actively villainous in this season than Heather ever was, has five. At the end she loses her million dollars no matter which ending you watch in World Tour. Furthermore, All There in the Manual material reveals she's only as mean as she is because of her upbringing. She used to be a Fat Girl with bad acne, tacky clothes, and braces, who got bullied nonstop both at school by other kids, and at home by her brother. Now that she's more attractive, she is mean to others to ensure she can't be picked on. We also learn that she genuinely loves her mother, yet in her parents' video, they are both shown celebrating that she's gone and having movers throw out her stuff. She gets tormented by her brother and her parents don't like her.
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  • Sadie is this in Island. Despite her and Katie's cluelessness, constantly squeeing, and fawning over eye candy, it's hard not to feel bad for her when the two of them are split apart due to Katie being eliminated. It's made worse when Courtney makes a personal vendetta to get Sadie eliminated over accidentally shooting apples at her head after the challenge ended.
  • Ezekiel could be considered a woobie as well. Considering his home-schooled background, his social ineptitude, and his naiveté of the outside world, the boy clearly did not have a chance. Combined with the fact that not only was he the first Total Drama contestant in history to ever be eliminated, as well as being eliminated over a small-minded sexist comment, it has forever scarred his reputation with the other contestants. Things would get worse for Ezekiel in World Tour (the one time he would get a second chance to compete again), where not only is he the first eliminated again, but he devolves into a feral state and becomes just another creature of the wild.
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  • Courtney becomes a Jerkass Woobie after the World Tour episode "Greece's Pieces", where she finds out that Duncan kissed Gwen. Plus, the writers treated her like the villain of the situation despite her being a victim. It becomes much worse for her in All-Stars, where her Jerkass tendencies land her on the Villainous Vultures despite her protests, and often falling victim to accidents caused by an apologetic Gwen. Just when it seems all is panning out for her and her friendship mended, the revelation of her plan to eliminate everyone else and win the game in "Sundae Muddy Sundae" turns the entire cast against her, including Gwen who attempts to force her to vote herself off to prove her remorse. Ultimately she loses due to a last-minute change by Chris simply to exploit the drama, and when she is eliminated while attempting to finish her sundae nobody seems to miss her, aside from Scott; with Gwen in particular seeming to think little of their busted-up friendship. In perhaps the most humiliating elimination of the season, she resurfaces to find herself cornered by two sharks, and tries to ward them off with her sundae only to have them vomit on her, which finally proves too much for her and leaves her crying pitifully.
  • Dakota in Revenge of the Island is constantly mistreated by Chris during her internship. At the end she gets radiation overexposure and ends up mutating into a gigantic monster with spiky green hair, orange skin, red eyes, a tail, and Hulk Speak.
  • Scott in All-Stars. After his "run-in" with Fang in season 4, he's developed a massive phobia of sharks. Most of the cast doesn't even care about his condition, forcing him to do challenges involving Fang and complaining when he's unsuccessful due to his fear. It also doesn't help that he's the pain-magnet for the season, regardless of whether or not Fang is involved. The worst part is that in this season, he doesn't throw challenges, he's friendlier to others, they even give him a relationship with Courtney (which is later destroyed through no fault of his own), yet the writers always find ways to torture him, even going as far as using his phobia for laughs. After being back to normal after being mauled by a mutant shark, you would think things would get better for him. They get worse.
  • Samey, whose twin sister abused her to being her personal slave for most of their lives. Even when she eliminated Amy, Samey's reputation was damaged because of Amy's Crocodile Tears, and Amy came back and ultimately knocked both twins out of the competition.


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