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Star Wars has a great number of woobies.

Works with their own pages:

The Films
  • Luke Skywalker. He's a Woobie even while he's a whiny kid, since he's got every reason to whine (never knew his parents, stuck on a dustbowl of a planet, all his friends have left his hometown, he thinks he's never going to achieve his dream and wasn't allowed to pick up some power converters at Tosche Station, he sees his relatives were burnt to crisp). Angsting is all part of being a teenager. Once he grows up, he grows out of it. And his father cut his hand off, as well. Like father, like son, as we discover in the prequels (although if someone had just caved in and given the kid a hug or something, deserved or not, we might have averted a lot of suffering in that Galaxy Far, Far Away). In the Star Wars Expanded Universe books, almost every love interest Luke has had has died. The only notable one who hasn't left him without warning.
    • In The Force Awakens, it was mentioned that he trained a group of students to lead to a new generation of Jedi only for one of them to turn to the Dark Side and cause another Jedi purge leaving Luke feeling responsible and go into exile like Obi-Wan and Yoda did. It makes matters worse that said student is his own nephew.
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  • Oola. Lured into slavery with the promise of stardom, she doesn't believe she's in any danger when Luke Skywalker offers to free her. When she realizes the truth, she tries to hold on, but she runs afoul of Jabba and is fed to the rancor a few hours before Luke would have freed her.
  • Then there's Obi-Wan Kenobi. His master dies when he's very young and he's plunged into becoming a master when he's not ready. He finally opens up to his apprentice and then his apprentice turns evil and tries to kill him...then he's forced into seclusion and nearly everyone he ever cared for is either dead, a fellow exile or now his enemy. And then, when he comes out of seclusion to try and help the Rebellion... the aforementioned apprentice does kill him - although it was a deliberate Heroic Sacrifice on Obi Wan's part. To really cement the Woobie status, Han and Leia named their son in his honor...only for said son to turn to the Dark Side, destroy Luke's efforts to rebuild the Jedi and spend all his time trying to emulate Darth Vader.
  • Chewbacca. Where do we begin? He's a loyal sidekick to Han Solo and in some ways contrasts the latter's Jerkass-ness. Even though he played as big a part as everyone else in the Battle of Yavin, he is infamously denied a medal (though in all fairness R2-D2 didn't get one either, maybe they only go to ship commanders). Even though a lot of people in-universe (and outside of it) dislike C-3PO, Chewie takes great pains to put him back together in Cloud City. Chewie is also as fond of giving Bear Hugs as he is of ripping arms out of sockets- though the hugs are sometimes violent. Early on in life, Chewie was bullied for not being as big and strong as the other Wookiees. His final act was a Heroic Sacrifice in order to save Han Solo's son, and the comics story "Chewbacca" (in which C-3PO and R2-D2 travel the universe to collect anecdotes and stories about the late Wookiee for his Meaningful Funeral) is likely to have you in tears at the end.
    • Then there's the way that Chewbacca became Han's sidekick. The Expanded Universe holds that Han was once an Imperial officer, but was cashiered with a full dishonorable discharge. His crime against military discipline: striking a superior officer and causing the loss of Imperial property. More to the point, clobbering a superior officer who was fixing to kill a Wookiee slave, then aiding in the escape of said slave... named Chewbacca.
    • Even though Chewie survives in the re-written storyline in The Force Awakens, he experiences his best friend get killed by Kylo Ren, leading to him shooting him at the hip, and killing the stormtroopers in a fit of rage and even after the Starkiller's destroyed and saving Rey and Finn, he mourns over his best friend that's gone forever.
    • Revenge of the Sith also shows that Chewie had to watch his homeplanet be invaded by the Separatists, causing mass death and destruction. And we all know how the Clone Wars turned out...
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    • Solo borrows elements from the Legends continuity, with Chewie having been Made a Slave by the Empire, chained up like an animal and subjected to abuse. Han is the first person in years to treat him like a person and show him compassion. To top it off, he reveals that the rest of the Wookiees, including his family/tribe, were enslaved as well and taken from their home. We see other Wookiees, being abused and subjected to hard labour in the spice mines, far away from their homeworld and loved ones, which basically just makes all the Wookiees Woobies.
  • Han Solo. Okay, he's a jerk at the beginning (but less of a jerk than a Loveable Rogue by the end of the first movie, and he just got better from there), but come on: He was brutally tortured by Darth Vader (who was using his and Leia's distress to lure Luke to Cloud City), then frozen in carbonite to repay his debt to Jabba the Hutt, then sentenced to die in the Sarlaac pit because Luke defeated the rancor... And how about the times (at least two) when Han risked his own life to save Luke's? Also, when Leia releases him from the carbonite in Return of the Jedi, how could you not want to hug Han as he's shivering, blind and scared, having no clue where he is or (because of Leia's mask) who's talking to him? And those are just his woobie moments from the movies. (His biggest woobie moment in the Expanded Universe? The deaths of Chewie and Jacen.) Also: He's an orphan. Orphans are woobies by default.
    • Let's not forget how he dies, at the hands of his own son.
    • The Han Solo Trilogy pretty much explains his jerk behavior by beating the crap out of his life right up to New Hope.
    • The canon film Solo does not make things better for him. He grows up as an orphan in the slums of Corellia, forced to work as a petty thief by Lady Proxima and gets starved and beaten if he displeases her. As a teenager, he makes a break for it with his childhood sweetheart...only for them to be separated when she's captured. He gets kicked of the Imperial Navy Academy for "having a mind of my own" and is forced to serve as an infantryman, getting to experience War Is Hell firsthand, all the while desperately trying to find a way to get back to Corellia to save his girlfriend. By the end of the film, his experiences, including being forced to kill his traitorous mentor and being betrayed and abandoned by his girlfriend turn him from an enthusiastic, idealistic young dreamer into the cynical, snarky smuggler we know from the original trilogy.
  • Leia is forced to watch as her home planet got blown up, tortured while being interrogated by Darth Vader, who turned out to be her own father, and made a slave by Jabba. That's before we add losing her son to the dark side, which costs her both her marriage to Han as well as her brother. Then there's how Han dies after they've reunited after so many years, killed by their own son Ben, and being Force sensitive, she feels it as it happens.
    • In the Novelization of The Force Awakens, she also feels the destruction of the Hosnian system, and it affects her much the same way that the destruction of Alderaan affected Obi-Wan.
    • In both timelines she loses a son to the Dark Side.
    • As of The Last Jedi, she loses her twin brother too.
    • She takes it so well.
  • Rounding out the main characters, R2D2. He's been there from the beginning and his memory was never wiped like C3PO's. Meaning that he could remember everything...including people he knew, loved and was extremely loyal to either die or fall into corruption. And the poor little guy was unable to do anything about it. In The Force Awakens, Luke's disappearance seems to have been the last straw for him, as it causes him to completely shut down.
  • Cliegg Lars. Lost a leg and widowed twice. According to Word of God, he died not long after Shmi's death due to his injuries...and a broken heart.
  • Although nobody wants to hear it, Jar Jar Binks is a number one candidate for the "Star Wars Woobie Awards". First, he's hated, no he's loathed out of universe simply for being George Lucas's admittedly shaky attempt at making another successful Kid-Appeal Character like R2. He also seems to be almost as disliked in universe (perhaps as a means to appease the fans). The poor guy is mocked in other media as well, where some even wish him dead simply for existing!! Not to mention he's lost his closes friends Anakin, Obi-Wan and Padme. Ironically enough, if any character in the series needs a hug, it would have to be Jar Jar.
  • Shmi Skywalker. A household slave to a sleazy junk dealer, who bore and raised a son while having no memory of conceiving one, let alone any help from a husband or lover. Who watched her boy risk his life in deadly pod races, then gave him over to strangers fully expecting she'd never see him again. Who watched her master's fortunes decline, fearing whom she might be sold off to, once Watto couldn't afford a slave anymore. Whose brief Hope Spot as her second master's bride ended in abduction, torture, and a final dying reunion with her son that drove him berserk with grief, precipitating mass murder and tipping him further towards his plummet into the Dark Side, that in time would destroy all her descendants' lives.
  • The Expanded Universe reveals Greedo to be one. He's basically The Chew Toy and the only reason he was a bad guy was because he wanted to become a famous bounty hunter. He promptly got heckled, abused, and tormented due to his incompetence, forced into danger he wanted no part of, and was nearly killed horribly on multiple occasions (including a time he was almost beaten to death with flowers). And of course the time he finally got a notable job, it ended in him getting casually shot dead by Han Solo—and that was a Uriah Gambit by a buddy who'd accepted a bounty on him but couldn't bring himself to ice Greedo in person. Really, given his past, one could almost consider Han shooting him to be a Mercy Kill.
  • Zuckuss and 4-LOM eventually became this. How? Well the two Heterosexual Life-Partners bounty hunters pulled a Heel–Face Turn near the end of the war with the Empire and worked with the Rebel Alliance. But than on a mission 4-LOM got heavily damaged and a distraught Zuckuss had to give him a memory wipe as part of the repairs. This took 4-LOM's personality along with it and resulted in him becoming a cold and ruthless droid who only cared about his next paycheck. This in turn utterly destroyed probably one of the closest friendships in the galaxy. We're treated to a tearful goodbye between the two as their ties are severed, with Zuckuss devastated and 4-LOM walking off without even realizing why this is a bad thing. We don't learn if the two ever patched things up but it's doubtful.
  • Anakin Skywalker – raised in slavery and separated from his mother at the tender age of nine, he watches her die in his arms when he manages to return for her. Drafted into a war and loosing an arm, he finds solace in his wife. Foreseeing her death upon the birth of their children, he tears the galaxy in an attempt to save her, accidentally killing her in the process. A quadruple amputee, burned to the point of having to spend the rest of his life on life support, and with no indication that his children survived his wife's death, he dedicates his remaining years to service of the empire, only to learn upon the discovery of his grown son that he had been lied to and only getting to gaze upon his face once as he lay dying.
  • Rey, abandoned by her family as a child on a desert planet, yet even as an adult she's still still waiting for them to come and get her. When she does find a new surrogate father figure in Han, she immediately loses him when he's killed by Kylo Ren. And all this takes place in just the first movie of the sequel trilogy. You can't help but wonder how much more the girl may have to suffer in the next two films.
    • As of Episode 8, things have only gotten bleaker for her. She discovers Luke has no hope of living up to her expectations as either a father figure or heroic mentor, instead being a depressed cynic who spends much of the film refusing to train her in anything. In her loneliness and despair, she begins reaching out to Kylo Ren of all people via their Force bond and eventually becomes fixated on the idea she can turn him back to the light. She also finally learns the truth - or rather, accepts the truth she always knew deep down - about her parents: not only are they never coming back for her, but they were complete jackasses who sold her for booze and never gave a damn about her (which kind of makes you wonder what on earth her early childhood with them was like). Kylo, the one person in the galaxy at this stage who truly understands her and whom she truly believed she could help, saves her from Snoke...only to reveal he's still entrenched in the First Order idealogy, asking her to rule the galaxy with him and making it plain he's not about to run off and join the Resistance with her, despite her pleading. Luke finally stops moping and redeems himself as a hero in her eyes by taking on the entire First Order alone to give her time to rescue the remaining Resistance fighters (of which there are only a handful now)...only for him to die afterwards, leaving her relatively alone in her quest to rebuild the Jedi. As if that weren't bad enough, Carrie Fisher's passing means that Rey's also inevitably going to lose Leia, who she seems to view as a mother figure and is her last living connection to Han and Luke (seeing as Kylo's too busy throwing hissy fits and trying to take over the galaxy to build on the bond they'd developed).
  • Padme Amidala, to the point where it's hinted she died partly from a broken heart due to the crap she'd been through. She faces the responsibility of running an entire planet at only fourteen and shortly after her election, Naboo is invaded, endangering her citizens. She risks her life to travel to Coruscant to plead for assistance from the Senate, with her advisors back on Naboo constantly sending her messages to return or more people will die, which she is forced to ignore for Naboo's sake. And then when she finally arrives at the Senate, she discovers they're mostly a bunch of corrupt, self-serving bureaucrats who um and ah over helping her whilst her people are suffering. She spends much of the Separatist Crisis being threatened by assassins, one such attempt costing the life of her decoy, which she is clearly distraught over. She falls in love with Anakin, the one person she can lower her guard around and be herself, but knows their relationship cannot be. She then marries him in secret anyway after they both nearly died on Geonosis, though this is shown to take a toll on their relationship, with Padme becoming frustrated at constantly having to live a lie. She watches as the galaxy descends into war and chaos and the Chancellor, who she believed she could trust, increasingly moves away from the ideals of the Republic to seize more power for himself. Finally, she watches as everything she worked for her whole life is torn down to be replaced by a dictatorship, many of her friends in the Jedi Order are killed or forced into hiding and her beloved husband and the father of her unborn child turns to the Dark Side. When she confronts him, she tearfully begs him to stop what he's doing, expressing horror when he tries to justify his atrocities as 'protecting her'. He then accuses her of betraying him and chokes her until she passes out whilst she desperately pleads with him. And in spite of all this, she still loves the man he once was; the first thing she asks after waking up is if he's alright (unaware of the horrific injuries he received in his duel with Obi Wan). She dies shortly after giving birth, never even getting to hold her children (and with the knowlege they're being born into a Crapsack World where they will be in danger), and her last words are her assertion that she believes there is still good in Anakin even after what he did to her and numerous others. Even her daughter's only enduring memory of her is that she was "beautiful and kind, but sad".
  • Finn. He was taken from his family and brainwashed by the First Order as a child (he states he was so young, he can’t even remember his family), trained to be a merciless killer, to follow orders without question and not allowed any sense of individuality. He was originally simply known as FN-2187 rather than having a proper name. Despite this, he continued to show compassion towards his fellow Stormtroopers, which was frowned upon. The day he got into his first real battle, he was traumatised by the sight of his comrades dying and couldn’t bring himself to murder helpless civilians. He later risked his life to help Poe escape to start a new life, with Poe being one of the first people in years who treated him with kindness and dignity. And then, he is apparently killed, leaving Finn alone again. He spends a lot of the film from then on as a Butt-Monkey, being repeatedly attacked and imperilled and getting dragged into the Resistance fight when all he wants is to get the hell out of dodge and start a new life. He finally changes his mind when his only other friend is kidnapped. He is then seriously wounded and rendered comatose by Kylo Ren trying to protect her.
  • Rose Tico. In her very first scene, she’s sobbing over her sister Paige who was killed not long ago in a battle against the First Order fleet. She and Finn go on a very risky mission in a desperate attempt to save the Resistance which backfires horribly, leading to them being captured and the hacker they unwisely trusted selling out the Resistance, causing nearly all of them to be wiped out. And at the end of the film, Rose seriously injures herself and is left in a coma stopping Finn from sacrificing himself.
  • Poe Dameron. In the space of only a few days/weeks, he is captured by the First Order and brutally tortured into giving up information. He carries out a daring attack on a Dreadnaught, which costs the lives of many Resistance pilots and results in him being demoted. Leia, who he greatly admires and looks up to, is badly injured, leaving the Resistance in the command of a person Poe distrusts and views as incompetent at best, and who treats him like a reckless moron even though he just wants to help, causing all sorts of problems between them that weaken the Resistance further. Poe can also only watch helplessly as many of his comrades are killed, with the gravity of the loss truly sinking in for the first time, and he briefly thought he’d sent two of his friends to their deaths when they’re captured on a mission.
  • Kylo Ren, mostly in regards to his backstory, though his villainous nature makes him a Jerkass Woobie / Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds. Ever since he was a kid, his parents expressed concern or even fear over his Force powers, which he had difficulty controlling when he was angry or upset, and at least once he overheard them talking about him like he was some kind of monster. His parents were unintentionally neglectful, often preoccupied with their jobs, leading him to feel even more isolated than ever. From a young age (or possibly even whilst he was still in his mother’s womb), he was manipulated by Snoke via the Force, which when combined with his poor self-esteem and insecurities, didn’t do wonders for his psyche. Kylo’s parents eventually packed him off to train as a Jedi under Luke Skywalker, which he apparently took as further evidence they didn’t really want him and were afraid of him. He grew increasingly conflicted and twisted, but remained loyal to Luke, until he seemingly tried to kill him in his sleep out of fear of his growing dark side. This finally pushed Kylo over the edge and he embraced the dark side, becoming Snoke’s apprentice in the hopes of finding some form of acceptance and stability. However, all his attempts to steep himself in the dark side generally just make him feel worse; he is torn between the light and the dark, Snoke is only using him and treats him like crap and no one in the First Order really seems to like or respect him so much as they fear him. He spends much of The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi failing at, well, just about everything he sets out to do, it’s strongly implied he feels a great deal of remorse for killing his father, thinks his mother was killed in front of him after he decided to spare her, and the one person in the galaxy who treats him with any sort of compassion and empathy is tortured in front of him and then utterly rejects him after he went to a lot of effort saving her (although she was justified for doing so, under the circumstances).
  • Owen and Beru Lars, who are both killed in a very horrific and gruesome way, not knowing where their beloved nephew is.
  • Sors Bandeam and the rest of the Jedi younglings in "Revenge of the Sith," who are all slaughtered by Anakin, in the midst of terror. Sors' line "Master Skywalker, there are too many of them, what are we going to do?" has to be one of the most heartbreaking line in the entire franchise.


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