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"I can't see him like that, Kyle! All those hoses and wires. He's a kid, dude! He's supposed to be running around and laughing!"
  • Butters' personality is enough to melt even the hardest of hearts. The fact that his parents take all of their problems out on him makes him this.
    Butters: I don't think I'm a happy person. Every night I fall asleep to the sounds of my own screams... And every morning I wake up to the sounds of my own screams. Do you think I'm a happy person?note 
  • Kip Drordy.
  • Nelson in "Stanley's Cup".
  • In the Coon and Friends trilogy, Kenny/Mysterion has been revealed to be an Iron Woobie.
  • Stan can be seen as this or a Jerkass Woobie, but he certainly qualifies as this in You're Getting Old given the fact it was his friends abandoning him after he was diagnosed with cynicism.
  • Kenny's sister Karen. "The Poor Kid" can attest to that.
  • Mr. Mackey in "Ike's Wee Wee".
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  • Britney Spears in "Britney's New Look". The writers were apparently sick of people being mean about Britney for no good reason.
  • Satan is a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds in The Movie.
  • Wendy might be considered The Scrappy or at least a Base-Breaking Character, but after the end of "The Hobbit" you will want to give her a great big hug.
  • Pip. He's bullied mercilessly by EVERYONEnote (even more so than his eventual replacements Butters or Scott Malkinson, who at least get SOME social acceptance), he lost both his parents, any and all of his accomplishments are ignored by kids and adults alike. How he managed to keep that cheerful demeanor up to his death remains a mystery.
  • Kyle himself qualifies as this on occasions, when he isn't a Jerkass Woobie, the episode "Ginger Cow" is a crowning example of this. By the time the episode ends, you will end up feeling very sorry for Kyle. Season 21 really takes a toll on him, due to his involvement with Heidi Turner, trying to get her to realize just how bad Cartman is and succeeding, only for Cartman (who believes himself a victim of her abuse when it's the other way around) to manipulate Heidi into taking him back and rejecting Kyle (who genuinely does care for Heidi). He then gets subjected to repeated bullying and harassment by not just them, but the entire school. It gets even worse in the next season's episode "The Problem With A Poo" as Kyle's involvement with Mr. Hankey causes him to become an outcast by the town and Kyle eventually gives up helping Mr. Hankey. (On the plus side, Heidi returns to her old self in this episode after hearing his Armor-Piercing Response and breaks up with Cartman last season, so Kyle does succeed in helping someone.)
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  • Whether Tweek is this tends to come down on whether you find his twitchy anxiety endearing or annoying, but he definitely looks sympathetic in "Put It Down". He spends most of the episode going from one panic attack to another, and it's entirely justified, as President Garrison keeps using his name to antagonize Kim Jong Un over Twitter. Craig attempts to either distract him or reason with him, which makes him angry that his boyfriend is treating him like a problem and trying to 'solve' him — and he hits a few more levels of fear before Craig finally comes back to mend fences.
  • Cartman's mother in "Tsst".
  • Clyde in "Reverse Cowgirl". His mom was a complete asshole to him and then he accidentally killed her when he forgot to put the toilet seat down. The funeral wasn't any better for him.
  • Officer Barbrady in "Naughty Ninjas". The entire episode is basically a Trauma Conga Line for him. To elaborate: he loses his job despite being the original cop because PC Principal told the police there was a Code Red at the school (which was actually just Leslie talking) and he accidentally shot someone. And then, he gets home to his apartment where he promises to get another job so he can care for his sick and elderly dog, with his wife implied to be dead. But due to the cop hatred, he cannot find a new job and ends up homeless. He receives a cruel Hope Spot when the mayor and everyone ask him to save the town from ISIS, actually the gang playing Ninja, and he accidentally shoots them when Randy knocks his arm trying to stop him after finding out the truth. And then he's thrown under the bus by Randy and fired again. Though things do get better for him at the end of the season when he helps to save the world from the ads.
  • If you thought Butters was the definitive Woobie, wait until you see Heidi Turner. A picture of her mother is vandalized by Gerald, she leaves social media and is essentially considered dead, is left with only Cartman (but he did fall in love with her), her attempt to stop Gerald falls flat and fails to reunite the school genders, has to leave her home with him so they can be safe from TrollTrace because Cartman is afraid of his past catching up to him, and then ends up losing his trust and love. All within Season 20 alone. It gets worse when the next season opens: Cartman flat out breaks up with her because he managed to convince himself she's emotionally abusive, since she isn't a doormat or a slave to him. Then he goes back on his word and begs for her back, likely because he missed the attention, and continues to pay her little mind. A Trauma Conga Line to rival that of Barbrady above. The poor girl has gone through so much just for who she loves, since who she loves likely doesn't really love her back considering his narcissism. Arguably worst of all is how Butters (yes, the very same Butters who went through so much) was the reason Cartman ended up wanting out of the relationship, but not only will Heidi never know, it's likely Cartman would have filled in the gaps anyway without his intervention. Many have gone on record to state that she deserves better than what life gave her, with Kyle being used as an Audience Surrogate to express their sympathy towards Heidi. Thankfully, things do get better for her when she finally breaks up with Cartman for good and fully recovers from his abuse by season 22.
    Kyle: Heidi is a nice girl! How can you be so awful to her?
  • Scott Malkinson is considered an even bigger loser than Butters over issues he can't control. Even his own father makes fun of his lisp and diabetes. When he meets Sophie - a girl who just like him is diabetic - his desperation rears its head and he starts lashing out at any boy who might flirt with her, all because he doesn't feel like he has anything else to look forward to.
  • Thomas from "Le Petit Tourette". His Tourette's syndrome causes him to involuntarily shout curse words which naturally leads to people staring at him and his mother whenever they're in public. He explains that he hates living with his condition because he's constantly worrying about embarrassing his mother and her having to explain his behaviour to onlookers. It even lead to the breakdown of his parents' marriage as his father could no longer take the embarrassment Thomas was causing him. Thomas says he now only sees him at Christmas.
    • All of the other children shown to have Tourette's syndrome count, too. They all look anxious and worried because they know their tics could come at any moment and they dread it.
  • The Goth Kids in "The Ungroundable" when, after having enough of being mistaken for being part of the Vampire clique, decide to drop the goth look and wear normal clothes. When it cuts to them at their hangout dressed normally the kids from the soccer team refer to them as "That fat girl (Henrietta), the big-nose kid (Michael), the midget (Firkel) and the kid with pock marks on his face (Pete)". Michael's response is "So we're back to that, are we?" implying they were all mocked for their appearance prior to becoming goths.

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