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Woobie / Samurai Jack

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Aku and all his various Evil Minions have murdered and/or tormented so many (relatively) innocent people and creatures across the galaxy, causing them no small amount of suffering.

Iron / Stoic Woobie
  • Samurai Jack himself. Where do we even start? In all five seasons of the series, Jack goes on a very long, difficult, and heart-wrenching journey, in an effort to exact revenge and achieve justice for all the wrongs that Aku has inflicted upon him and other people. As a child, once Aku awakens, he loses his home and his sheltered lifestyle pretty much ended. When he's in the future, he sees the ruins of his homeland and the only words he can utter is "My home...". In Season 5, Aku destroys Jack's final hope: the very last time portal in the world, which puts Jack into such a rage that he accidentally kills three small rams who helped him to the top, and loses his sword. 50 years later, the weight of seeing so many innocents die takes a huge toll on him, and he Took a Level in Cynic. He then reacts badly when he kills his first human, since he thought she was a robot. When he tries to save the alien children who were under the control of the Dominator, Jack reacted very badly when he thought they died, even attempting samurai-style Seppuku. Once he reclaims his sword, things seemed to be finally going his way, until Aku appears and finds out that Jack's love interest Ashi is a literal daughter of his and hijacks her brain, forcing Jack to surrender. Finally, after being able to get through to Ashi, she then helps Jack return to his time, where he kills Aku and frees his home. But just when he was about to marry her, he loses Ashi due to her being born through Aku's essence. Jack really needs a hug.

Jerkass Woobies
While most of the show's villains are nothing but entertainingly despicable, a minority of them turn out to actually be extremely pitiable.


Woobie Species

  • The Talking Dogs. Yes, all kinds of canines were brutalized and enslaved by Aku.
  • The Woolies, a sapient race of Gentle Giants whose civilization was invaded by the Chritchellites, who enslaved these intelligent beings and forced them to behave like domesticated livestock under brutally humiliating living conditions for several decades.
  • The Blue Aliens from "Episode XCVI". They were brutally massacred, and their children were forced into a violent frenzy by the Dominator, the mastermind behind this monstrous plan.

Other Woobies

  • Kuni, a little girl whose whole family was abducted and held hostage by a sadistic demon, which then used the terrified child as bait to lure in more victims. Though thankfully, her story concluded with a happy ending.
  • Prince Astor and Princess Verbina. When the princess explains to Aku how they're trying to save their own planet from alien invaders, he mocks them for it, before sentencing them both to enslavement for life. But at least Jack rescued them in time so they could save their own planet.
  • The Emoji Family. They are a helpless, innocent family integrated by a mother, a daughter and a baby who fled their massacred town. They are running from an army of Aku's beetle drones, only to be surrounded. If Jack had not showed up in time...


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