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  • SCP-042. A formerly winged horse, now in suicidal depression.
  • SCP-054, a friendly undine who's psychologically scarred by several harsh experiments. She almost becomes a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds.
  • SCP-085 ("Cassy"), thanks to accidental exposure to the report on her nature, is now fully aware of her 2D status and her subsequent limitations. She immediately became clinically depressed at the realization as to how lonely she really was.
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  • SCP-105, a normal teenage girl who was framed for the murder of her boyfriend and is now a prisoner for the rest of her life.
  • SCP-135 is a young girl who promotes rapid, uncontrolled cell growth around her. She's always in a Troubled Fetal Position, has never been seen moving, and is continuously being buried under a mass of plant/fungal matter and micro-organisms.
  • SCP-187 is a seer. Specifically, she sees whatever significant changes the things she's looking at will undergo. She had to be fed intravenously for months because whenever she looked at food, she saw it digested.
  • SCP-191. A technopathic cyborg, sounds awesome, right? Except the implementation of her enhancements was... experimental, at best...
  • SCP-231-7 is a girl who was impregnated with an Eldritch Abomination that threatens The End of the World as We Know It should she ever give birth. The only way to keep it from being born is to regularly perform "Procedure 110-Montauk" which consists of allowing some D-class personnels to something, and giving her amnesiacs on a weekly basis to prevent her from getting shell-shocked and realizing this is what the rest of her life will be like (because the agony and terror is what keeps her from giving birth). Many of the staff members assigned to her end up taking amnesiacs and leaving the project or being Driven to Suicide from the guilt.
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  • SCP-239 during the events of Incident 239-B. She's being chased by an utter lunatic who wants to kill her, and then was put in a medically induced coma and may be that way for the rest of her life.
  • SCP-321. Just read the entry on how hard her father tries to rescue her from a life of imprisonment and fails. According to Dr. Bright (the actual author), who created her character, she's Dr. Bright's (the character) sister.
  • SCP-451, an agent who, after being exposed to some sort of anomalous artifact, became unable to see or communicate with anyone else, even indirectly. He thinks he's the only survivor of an apocalypse he caused and that the world is constantly altering for no apparent reason, and has repeatedly tried to commit suicide only for bullets to pass through him and dangerous SCPs failing to kill him. The Foundation is trying to give him a fake Scrapbook Story to follow in order to keep his hopes up long enough for them to find a cure, but it's not clear how long that'll work...
  • SCP-507 is The Everyman who periodically shifts into random alternate universes every two weeks or so. When shifted back, he's often injured, malnourished, or reduced to a depressed wreck. The fact that he's occasionally sent to one where he's being chased by a mysterious "Smiling Man" in complete darkness doesn't help.
    • On one occasion, he ends up in a universe that can only be described as Heaven, where he was so overwhelmed by its beauty that he couldn't move. He then meets an impossibly beautiful woman, but shifts back the moment they were about to kiss. He goes temporarily mad trying to recreate it and has to be stopped from killing himself.
    Request: A hug. Approved.
  • SCP-590. A young man who has the power to heal injuries, both mental and physical, with a touch, taking them into himself. The Foundation use him as a disease repository to clean out personnel who get sick. Then he was given mental retardation after being used to take so many injuries that they basically wiped out his mind as a form of Mercy Kill. This was done by Dr. Bright, who's SCP-590's brother. What makes it worse is the results of experimentation with SCP-978, the camera that shows you a photo of what a person desires when photographed.
    Photographed Activity: Subject is playing with blocks.
    Photo Result: SCP-590's face is close up to the camera, filling the entire photo. His hands are displayed as if pressed against the lens. His mouth is open, and tears fill his eyes.
  • SCP-818. Imagine SCP-239, but male, mute, severely autistic, and absolutely miserable. And then, just as he starts making progress in finally stopping his loop, they neutralize him.
  • SCP-959. A perfectly nice, normal guy who everyone sees as whatever upsets them the most. He's just as distressed by people's reactions to this as you'd expect. Despite the fact that he's willingly cooperating with the Foundation, they've still had to put him on antidepressants because the social isolation is getting to him so badly.
  • One of the D-Class used to communicate with SCP-1140 — an inter-dimensional being who's stuck in a drawer and needs people who are both easily suggestible and uncomprehending of whatever horrible things it wants them to do — was institutionalized as a child and later lobotomized. The author's comments reveal she and her twin sister were taking a bath when someone (or something) drowned her sister in front of her, and she wouldn't or couldn't say what happened.
  • SCP-1192, a bird with the mind of a 6-8 year-old little boy named "Timmy." It's heavily implied that the poor kid was forced into the body of a bird while another entity performed a Grand Theft Me on his old body (which the Foundation has evidently never taken into account), leaving him trapped as a bird forever. What makes it even more heartbreaking is how the first thing he did when he was brought into Foundation custody was furiously write on and on about how he wanted to be back home with his mom and dad.
  • SCP-1364. An extraordinarily sensitive anteater that's harmed by even the faintest of stimuli, but still just wants to be friendly to the personnel.
  • SCP-1467, a man who's in a constant state of fading out of existence and will disappear completely if he isn't reminded of his own name periodically.
  • SCP-1481, a drug-addicted Benevolent Genie who used to be all powerful that can't properly grant wishes anymore due to an incredibly Jerkass owner wishing him to be an "alcoholic j-j-j-junkie tweaker crackhead" and making sure that the wish cannot be reversed before walking off without even making a third wish.
  • SCP-1504, who can't be killed and can't quite communicate or physically interact with anyone. He becomes significantly less sympathetic though when he kills half the Foundation staff at his site and, when that doesn't work, causes a mass containment breach that forces the site staff to nuke themselves.
  • D-132 from SCP-1590's experiment log, with those rooms that give you some hints about her traumatic life. Most importantly, Room 32 indicates that she's innocent for the crime she was accused of.
  • SCP-1609, which was written to demonstrate exactly why the Foundation doesn't just destroy anomalous items. Formerly a friendly, sentient wooden chair carved in the shape of a woman that would teleport to people that wanted to sit down, it was captured by the Global Occult Coalition, who tried to destroy it by throwing it into a wood chipper. It survived and later made its way into Foundation custody of its own accord. In order to keep it happy the Foundation uses it as mulch in a flowerbed and regularly tends to and compliments it, and whenever it tries to leave it always comes back because it's too scared of the outside world now. It also has a fear of motors and formal clothing as a result of its experience with the GOC.
  • The unknown violinist from the recovered documents around SCP-1758. The poor guy was originally dedicated to earning his father's love and pride by becoming a famous violinist, but what's heavily implied to be the violinist coming out of the closet led to him being disowned by his father, who then died of an unknown illness before they could reconcile. Completely devastated, the violinist somehow imparted his talent into his instrument and then hung himself out of grief.
  • SCP-1799, who's a very literal Sad Clown.
  • SCP-1951-a. A non malicious entity of living radiation. Unable to interact with regular people (as a few unlucky guards found out), he apparently made himself a family who were wiped out by Gv20 EMP grenades, due to the increased levels of radiation they were producing. The poor guy left a last message, and hasn't appeared again since.
  • SCP-1960. An unknown Neptunian entity, which communicates through text superimposed on pictures of the planet. It's lonely, cold, and afraid of the dark.
  • The guy who created SCP-1976 as a Replacement Goldfish of himself for his family after he died of a brain tumor, only for it to not work at all the way he planned.
  • "Xchtl'krnss" (a.k.a. SCP-2049-1), a severely depressed but outwardly energetic weatherman from another universe given the Keter class since his anomalous weather reports (and their related Weird Weather) are starting to bleed over into the "main" reality around the British town of Manningtree. However, his signal source is shown to be getting weaker more and more over time, which is later revealed to be due to his old employers having fired him. Furthermore, his constantly urging of sponsorship on behalf of his fans/viewers is actually because he's desperate for any kind of validation while trying to keep himself afloat. The Foundation responded to his literal calls for help by immediately hanging up on one of them, and his broadcasts have only continued to get weaker over time since then.
  • The unnamed main centerpiece of SCP-2739, an anomalous museum created by the centerpiece's older sister to honor him after he killed himself. As the "museum" shows, the main person in question lived an absolutely horrible life full of tragedy and sorrow, having suffered from sexual and verbal abuse when young and then constantly having to fight against his own alcoholism and many drug addictions after he was kicked out of the Army & made a homeless junkie. Despite him trying to work with numerous social workers on alleviating his pain, it eventually got too much for him and he shot himself after overdosing on heroin.
  • SCP-3017, an ordinary guy with a terrible cognitohazard that caused everyone except for his loved ones and friends to think he was a violent criminal that needed to be locked up, except that he could only be properly secured if he thought his loved ones were in danger. Even worse, it also affected the Foundation, who thought he was a member of one of their Groups of Interest which led to lying to him about his family & friends being on Death's door to properly contain him. Long story short, one researcher eventually figured the situation out and helped 3017 escape to reunite with his family, but another researcher (who had been infected with 3017's cognitohazard) decided to "punish" 3017 by burning his family and friends to death in 3017's childhood home. 3017 was so distraught that he spent the rest of the day hysterically crying before he jumped off a bridge, while the researcher responsible for killing 3017's family and friends got off scott-free.
  • SCP-3127 was an almost ordinary teenager with a comparatively mundane anomaly, but thanks to the Foundation making a horrible mistake in crosstesting her with other anomalies, she goes through multiple grotesque transformations while being completely aware of the nightmarish changes, in spite of not seeming so at first.
  • Dr. Clef, of all people, turns out to be this. The "nature goddess" he killed while sparing her daughter? It's SCP-231-1. Not only that, but she's also SCP-166's mother and a childhood friend who grew up to be a complete bastard that destroyed Clef's life and unwittingly coaxed him into creating SCP-2317 (and given that she created the other six instances of 231, it's not like she would have it any other way.) And then it turns out his job is the result of the Foundation bending over for his broken mind. Although SCP-231-1 was shot dead by Clef, she ultimately managed to accomplish her goal of setting humanity on the path to ruin, all by torturing a man once named Francis who was codenamed Ukulele.

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