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With (satirized) geopolitical and historical issues as one of its main themes, it's inevitable that Polandball will generate many characters of this kind. Since no nations has had a clean past and added with the fact that they have their own regional issues, most of them are Woobies, even for a while, but these are those who stood out particularly amongst others.

  • Poland himself. He was the subject of a lot of partitions, suffered a lot during World War II, and was ruled by the Soviet Union for 44 years (who he describes as a big bully). Nowadays, he is mostly treated as a Butt-Monkey who constantly tries to get into space but something always goes wrong in his attempts to do so, and other countries mock him for it. It seems to be safe to say that the universe hates him.
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  • Albania in this comic.
  • Estonia. Asides from the her constant failure of trying to join the Nordics, there is a reason why she gave up on religion.
  • Jordan becomes one in this comic.
  • Nauru.
  • Nepal got this treatment during the immediate aftermath of the 2015 Nepalese earthquake. He also has to deal with other nations not being able to understand what he said because all they hear are growls and roars.
  • Ukraine, in wake of the Crimean crisis and becoming a Designated Victim. Most of his appearances involves him being physically abused or being driven crazy by the pro-Russian separatists inside of him. His past is nothing to laugh at either, as he suffers greatly from the Holodomor.
  • Belgium, who is another Butt-Monkey in-universe. He gets almost no respect from his fellow nations (even Netherlands sometimes treated him unfairly), and he can be pretty much described as the Western European version of Poland. Cases in point
  • The Iberian countries are somewhat prone into being picked on in a lot of comics.

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