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Here's a list of characters from newspaper comics you just want to hug fervently:

  • Satchel Pooch from Get Fuzzy. He's constantly being abused both verbally and sometimes physically, particularly by Bucky the cat. Also, let's not forget the fact that Satchel's father is ashamed of him.
    • Bucky's British cousin Mac Manc McManx counts as an Iron Woobie. He's an Ugly Cute cat whose dialect almost no one can understand, his girlfriend Julie (who may or may not be abusive) beat up on him (giving him one nasty head injury), and he was mistaken for a terrorist and detained by airport security for a month. A MONTH? Someone give that poor cat a hug! He's a real Sad Clown, that's for sure!
  • Charlie Brown from Peanuts, obviously. Charles Schulz often described Charlie Brown as a wishy-washy, self-pitying sad sack, like him, and as a result, was insulted and laughed at by many of the characters in the strip.
    • Linus becomes this the second you take his security blanket from him.
      • Linus is this even WITH the blanket, especially in the first 15-20 years of the strip. When he's not hanging out with Charlie Brown, Linus can usually be found being emotionally and physically abused by his older sister, whether it's being clobbered for being sarcastic, or being forced to do a church pageant against his will, or trying to deprive him of his security blanket. That's probably why Linus is such good friends with Charlie Brown - woobies flock together in hopes of staying alive.
  • Wade Duck from U.S. Acres. He's just a senseless Chew Toy who always gets hurt "for the lulz". And later in the strips it feels as though the writers didn't even know what in the world to with the character other then to have him get hurt for no reason. And as Mr.Enter said, it's an admission of laziness creating such a shallow character. Charlie Brown and Linus would feel sorry for this Duck. Thankfully, it was toned down in the cartoon version and they even gave Wade more character.
  • Pig from Pearls Before Swine.