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The universe of BlazBlue is filled with crapsack, so it comes to no surprise everyone qualifies as The Woobie in some way, shape, or form. Everyone except Hazama/Yuuki Terumi, Relius Clover and Hades Izanami, that is.

  • Ragna's life sucks sooo bad. The destruction of his home and family made him hate the world, and it's part of the reason why he's aiming at the Library for maintaining a world that he hates, and part of the reason he's the Black Beast, and this hatred is used by Terumi to keep existing. And he acts like such a nonchalant jackass whose favorite phrase sums up to "Outta my way, or you die!" to nearly everyone. But despite so, he'll keep moving on without giving up, even if he's told that he has no chance. And he then realizes that he is the Central Fiction, i.e "the dream that God observes", and as long as he exists, the world will be trapped in the God's "dream" and never advance - so he does what is necessary: erasing himself from everyone's memories and the universe.
  • Jin Kisaragi, yes, he's an asshole extraordinaire. However, aside of his insecurity that Ragna kept ignoring in the past, it didn't get better when he got adopted. Already feeling dead and just doing things like any adopted kid did, the Kisaragi family mostly looked at him with scorn who thinks he only gets all the luxuries because of family name. Anything he did, he never found joy. Oh, and how many times has it been that he was suckered into being possessed by Terumi? Amped Up to Eleven if you listen to the lyrics of the L.A. Vocal of his theme. This guy has been through a lot of shit, it's not even funny. And despite his murderous intent towards Ragna, it all stems from him wanting more of Ragna's attention; so when Ragna decides to erase himself from the universe, Jin is against this and tries to "kill" him so that Ragna doesn't have to do it. Jin failed, of course.
  • Oh boy, Noel Vermillion. Yes, she's born as an adult, but her mentality isn't one of an adult/teenager and she was pushed into a harsh world in order to maintain her family...including getting much of a harsh abuse from Jin for being incompetent, getting mistaken as a boy, her best friend Tsubaki turned against her due to jealousy... then she found out that she's not even human, in the worst way possible courtesy of Terumi. This results her being turned into Mu-12 and wants to destroy the world... The only thing that got better afterwards was just her last problems, up until CP, Tsubaki has been brainwashed to hunt her down further, and Jin still hates her. Eventually she manages to control her Mu-12 powers and help save Tsubaki, but in CF it becomes much worse. Because she's the "highest Entitled" and she doesn't desire a change (for reasons beyond her control, i.e it's the will of The Origin inside her), she unconsciously rejects all of the wishes other Entitled has made with the Azure and Izanami lynches everyone to go after her. When she discovers this, she's broken to tears. It's also implied that she somehow separated herself from Mu, and now Mu as a standalone entity is hated by people because, according to Izanami, "Noel blamed all of her mistakes on Mu". The latter lets out an appropriately Big "NO!" after this. Thankfully she got better later when she merges with Izanami (completing Saya's soul) and The Origin's body (completing The Origin's soul), and in the epilogue, she becomes a happy nun.
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  • Taokaka gets a substantial Woobie moment at the end of her CS story mode. Try as she might, she can't hold her own against Hazama, and it looks like she's not going to survive the fight, at which time she breaks from her usual demeanor and laments that all she wanted to do was protect the village and her friends.
  • Litchi Faye-Ling looks like an all-kind all-helpful all-angelic woman... but then we learn that she has one extreme Guilt Complex about letting her friend, who's shown to be not a pleasant person and considered her annoying, go awry with her research and turn into Arakune. She's been trying the damndest to save him, by inflicting the corruption to her as well, but everyone else that knows just says she's a moron for such a lost cause. Her time's running up and she's Forced into Evil just to preserve her life... and everyone else say she's a moron and a traitor for staining her morality. Even so, she would still keep moving on while maintaining her kind persona, and keeps her problems to herself so everyone that cares about her wouldn't worry. Then, Chronophantasma proceeded to heighten whatever 'Iron' she had. Not only Kokonoe was furious at her actions and wants to detain her posthaste, Rachel revealed her things Kokonoe should've told her from the very start to likely prevent this whole tragic quest Litchi desperately took upon herself to undergo; albeit Kokonoe is observing his very fragile existence, there is virtually little chance to return him back to human form. Even though she found the means to cure her corruption while in the NOL, the story takes a sad turn as she feels the only way to save her friend is to hang on madman Relius' whims and create a new world where Lotte may live. Come with the temporal reset in CF while in the process of fighting to make her dream a reality, as cruel fate would have it, she learns that she herself is not an Entitled, which means 1) her wish will never come true even with the Azure, and 2) she's supposed to have been dead. And to add insult to injury, when she finally meets Roy within Arakune's vessel, he refuses Litchi and Kokonoe's efforts to restore his life, seeking great but untold discoveries within the Boundary, rendering Litchi's journey to rescue an old friend null and void. Also, her last moments meeting Roy for the last time are brief, and Bang takes it upon himself to destroy Arakune's vessel on behalf of Litchi, who is deeply saddened and heartbroken. But it's okay, things are looking up for her in the end! She's back on good terms with Sector Seven, returns back to Orient Town to reunite with an overjoyed Linhua, and is now raising Platinum.
  • Arakune/Lotte Carmine is just a scientist aiming for the top... with some inferiority complex. But then, his targets of surpassing, Kokonoe and Relius Clover, never gave a damn and instead mocked him for it, making him desperate enough to try to experiment with the Boundary and then...well, look at what he's become. He's doomed to wander the land with decreasing sanity, insatiable hunger and appearance of legions of bugs. Then he got caught by Relius, and then had him Observed by Hazama... except that Hazama observes him as Arakune the blob of bugs, NOT the scientist he used to be... not that he minds it, as it's revealed in the end, as he chooses to stay in the Boundary.
  • Carl Clover, the precocious child who...witnessed his dear sister turned into an automaton by his own dad that he adored and came to completely distrust adults at that point, and he's even feared by his own uncle and aunt. Everyone else refers his sister as a dangerous weapon that he should keep away from at all cost. Wow, kid needs a hug. Thankfully, he did get a bone thrown to him when Litchi gave him a genuinely sweet hug despite her own inner troubles that Carl finally calms down and starts feeling better. But then, he learns that Litchi is in the clutches of said 'dad' and then realizes that to help both her and his sister he actually had to side with him. So eventually he did... and had to beat up the other adult that he respects, Bang. But thankfully another bone got thrown to him AND Litchi as Bang perservered and wrecked Relius' plan, and now the two of them are holding him on the leash so they can direct his brain and knowledge to their needs instead of his... But then, after CF's memory and time reset, without any moral compass that could help him, he gets even more driven to save his sister that he starts adopting his father's mentality, and after Relius defeated him, he's told to look into the Cauldron - where something from it struck his eye, apparently making him "see" the way Relius sees; Relius basically makes his son into more like himself. In the end his sister is still a doll and he has a mask covering his left eye similar to Relius.
  • Nu-13 is, at heart, a sad, lonely, and somewhat deranged girl who just wants Ragna to be with her. Pity that also manifests in them becoming the Black Beast together and destroying much of the world. When her soul gets put into Lambda and you find out why she's like this, you can't help but feel for the poor girl...robot...thing. If you take what she says literally and then remember the fact that she shares a life-link with Ragna then the fridge horror of whats happened to her is actually pretty shocking. Ragna has actually killed a semi completed Nu-13 twice before CT even begun, which in turn forced her to regenerate from scratch in the boundary...which is a place composed of 100% mind-rape. He did this without ever even thinking about her having emotions or a mind of her own since her previous forms weren't completed and she couldn't talk yet. Subsequent games downplay her woobie attribute until near the end of CF: As practically all she wants is to merge with Ragna, him taking that desire and memories off her (he did it to others too) makes her pretty much a totally emotionless Blank Slate, who later got controlled by Terumi in order to attack the heroes' group... and then Hakumen badly beats her because she attacked Tsubaki. In the end, she's bedridden and covered in bandages, including where her eyepatch used to be, looking vegetative.
  • Speaking of which, Lambda herself as well. The first thing we see of her was how her past was like: being in constant torture by scientists For Science! Such that relieving them when she was revived makes her scream in agony... and Kokonoe has to erase those memories to spare her the pain, turning her into a Blank Slate, completely subservient to Kokonoe. Then in the CS True Ending, when Nu's memories in her awakens, she goes to save Ragna from Hazama... and took Ouroboros to her body twice, killing her (but not before she gave Ragna her Idea Engine). Her "gag reel" is also rather depressing - in it she gets a pet insect through which (and interaction with Makoto) she gains some facet of personality... and then Kokonoe unknowingly throws the insect into the trash disposal. She mysteriously reappears in CF, and while she's searching for Ragna, she goes through a lot, such as getting beaten badly by Hakumen and captured by Relius (thankfully she's rescued). At least in the end, she becomes a nun like Noel.]]
  • Tsubaki Yayoi is a noble swordswoman and diplomat...who suffered crippling isolation due to her siblings dying from incest-invoked complications and an emotional dependency on Jin Kisaragi, wound up separated from him due to Noel Vermillion being moved into the seat of ministerial secretary that she (read: Tsubaki) was better suited to, was trapped in the Zero Squadron for the remaining months, and found herself sent on a mission to terminate both Noel and Jin. Terumi proceeded to "motivate" her by telling her that Noel "stole" her spot with Jin, leaving out that Jin would have left for Kagutsuchi anyway due to his own psychosis, and that she was so desperate that she abused her family status, demoted from First Lieutenant and jumped to Zero Squadron (at least in Slight Hope) just to bring Jin back, only to inevitably get impaled by Nu in the effort. When she fails against Noel, Terumi brainwashes her to use as his pawn against Jin and Hakumen. Then things get worse in Chronophantasma, as the pressure of conflict with numerous individuals, especially Jin, causes Izanami to press her influence into her deeper and make her unlock Izayoi. Thanks to Jin, Noel and Makoto's efforts, however, Tsubaki finally turns good and reconciles with them.
    • Tsubaki also has a bad habit of, you know, dying a lot (particularly during the time loops prior to CT's), with little in the way of Pet the Dog moments to balance things. Poor, poor Tsubaki.
    • As of CF, she's even beginning to get recognized as this in story, by Nine no less. See Sympathy for the Hero.
  • Trinity Glassfille is one of the Six Heroes... and hopelessly lovestruck with Kazuma Kval, who would later become a host for Yuuki Terumi. Terumi manipulated that love for him to have Trinity release Nine's geas on him, only to proceed to backstab them both and dump them into a cauldron. She winds up sealed within Muchorin afterwards, and shares a body with two kids, possessing only the strength to emerge for minutes at a time, and harbors a Guilt Complex over her role in Nine's death and, more importantly, letting Terumi escape.
  • Jubei, too. Starting with losing his brother, then three of his comrades (including his lover Nine) all thanks to Terumi. Then because he's chased by NOL after the Dark War, he had to leave his child Kokonoe behind, who was still very young, unable to properly take care of her. He was also unable to do anything for the oppression of the Kaka clan. Then years later, after he saves Ragna and siblings from a lab and put them under Celica's care, the same Terumi barged in, murdered Celica and kidnapped Jin and Saya, and he had to take care of Ragna who was doomed with having the Azure Grimoire as his new right arm. Then Ragna becomes a criminal and Kokonoe grew up hating his dad's guts. Then he gets beaten by Phantom, whom he suspected as his supposedly dead lover, now siding with the bad guys. And in the end of the third game, Phantom is revealed right in front of him to be Nine, and after the two fight, Jubei isn't seen again. And he can only blame himself for half of it. Also an Iron Woobie: his life is filled with so much tragedy, and yet he still can stay positive. Not to say he won't angst about it sometimes.
  • Hakumen hides it well under his badass persona but when you account in what he's been through, he's easily an Iron Woobie. In the past, as Jin, his secretary Tsubaki died because of a combination of neglect and stubbornness of his own and being killed by Nu who also brought his brother down the cauldron to become a Black Beast. He then jumps into it too, which means he had to endure the Eldritch Location that is the Boundary before he fell in the past. His body got wrecked so much that he had to be transferred to the Susanoo Unit to survive, which is how he becomes Hakumen. Then, he participates in the Dark War, with him seeing many casualties in front of him, and later he went to personally slay what remained of the Black Beast - Ragna's body. Then Terumi killed 2 of his comrades and he had to take Terumi with him down the Cauldron (again) just to stop him. It's especially shown in a poignant scene between him and Tsubaki in CS. And in CF, his idea of "justice" got challenged (mainly by Nine), he has to convince Tsubaki to use her weapon against Noel (he believes it'll solve everything) and, when it fails, he beats her - yes, his Morality Pet - up (though thankfully he stops short from killing her), and Terumi is taken interest on the Susanoo Unit for some reason... In the climax, after he beats up Nu for attacking Tsubaki, suddenly he's struck from behind by Hihiirokane-infused Ouroboros, and then Terumi yanked his soul out of the unit - basically, killing him. Right in front of Tsubaki. At least near the end (after Terumi is defeated for good), part of his consciousness is still in the unit, who's fine with Trinity dumping the unit into the Cauldron, and wishes for him to never be found again. Such a sad end for a millennia-suffering hero...
  • Shiori is revealed to be a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing who's quite the sadist and aims to assassinate Jin. But when we see her backstory, we see her undergoing Training from Hell from a very young age, her parents pretty much never spoils her and she has been thrust into the dirty business long before she enrolled in the academy. Even after her Heel–Face Turn she still has her bitchy moments.
  • Rachel Alucard: While she does act like a stuck-up bitch, it was quite depressing that she is forced to watch countless of depressing time loops, unable to do anything directly but to observe, encouraging several people to do the job for her. And when they get out of the loop, there's your villain trying the damndest to stop her from achieving her goal to set things straight, no matter what...
  • Iron Tager: Man died during the war of Ikaruga, got rebuilt as a cyborg by a cranky cat lady (Kokonoe) and must swear loyalty to her and put up with her crazy antics. He also had to watch his friend (Arakune) go crazy, and his other friend (Litchi) go off to save him, but he can't do anything as a friend since he's too duty-bound on his master. When eventually Litchi is forced to take the side of Kokonoe's enemy to save Arakune, Tager is going to have a lot of guilt fighting his friend off.
  • Bang Shishigami: Had to watch his homeland burn, his master killed and spending his time as an eternal Butt-Monkey or The Chew Toy, never to be taken seriously. There's also the fact that he just cannot succeed in earning Litchi's love despite his well-meaning, and will probably be very crushed if he ever realized that she made a Face–Heel Turn.
  • Makoto Nanaya: She's a beastkin who was a token minority at the academy leading to some girls picking on her. She even gets blamed for the entire incident and runs off, thinking she's unwanted. After Tsubaki and Noel find her and convince her otherwise, she becomes best friends with them. In the present, things got worse for her since one of her friends is working for Hazama, aka: Terumi Yuuki and the other becomes a weapon of mass destruction by the same monster. In one of her bad endings, she's raped by Relius Clover's mental penis. For the cherry on top, said bad ending implies the bullying at the Military Academy is the tip of the iceberg. This girl definitely deserves some hugging.

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