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Woobie / Beyblade Burst

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A lot of characters get their woobie moments, but the main cast from the first season are probably some of the biggest ones so far.

  • Valt, whenever he experiences a Heroic BSoD.
    • Even his Beyblade counts. Valtryek has been put through the ringer more than any other Bey in the entire series. As if having its Layer cracked by Silas and its Reboot tip broken by Shu wasn't bad enough, it is then completely destroyed by Aiger in Turbo.
  • Rantaro too, especially in episode 24 of the first season. It gets worse for him in Evolution, since he loses more often than he did in the first season, and was the only primary (aside from Rickson and Shasa) from BC Sol not to make it to the International Blader's Cup despite all the effort he put in.
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  • Ken is probably the biggest woobie of all. He previously had no friends due to constantly changing schools, and just when he was finally starting to come out of his shell after meeting Valt, he has to move AGAIN because of his family's career.
  • Daigo can be this as well. He's presented as dark, edgy, and apathetic until it's revealed that he's only trying to support his sick younger brother, and is actually scared of failing to live up to people's expectations.
  • Shu becomes this in episode 49, when Spryzen breaks in half during his battle with Lui, leaving him ashamed that he couldn’t keep his promise to Valt. He becomes more of a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds when it's revealed that losing to Lui and later Free was what drove him to become Red Eye in season 2.
  • Even Wakiya can be this. While he's initially seen as a self-centered, spoiled jerk, it's later revealed that he's just a socially awkward Lonely Rich Kid who wants friends.
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  • Kris becomes this in episode 11 of Evolution after Free leaves BC Sol and the team is dealt consecutive blows by losing one member (Ivan), nearly losing another (Silas), and losing two matches 0-3, which makes her question her leadership skills.
  • Ghasem Madal can qualify too once you learn his backstory.
  • Norman Tarver is one in Episode 47. Arrogant as he is, the viewer can feel pretty bad seeing him devastated by his Bey’s destruction.
  • Hyde has become one, after it's revealed that he was always overshadowed by his Big Brother Bully, Phi.

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