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Wimpification / Fire Emblem

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  • Fire Emblem has this in spades, the most common victims being Eliwood, Guy, Wil, Sain and Lucius of The Blazing Blade and Marth of the Archanea series (particularly in fics from the Super Smash Bros. fandom). It doesn't help Marth does display more vulnerable traits in the OVA, that he went from a boyish looking moderate Bishounen to an infamously feminine looking one in Smash Bros., and is canonically somewhat of a a bleeding heart and/or childish in every game except the Shadow Dragon remake.
    • In the Tellius verse, Soren gets this with almost no exception. Physically, he may look somewhat like one, but many yaoi fans tend to forget about his personality. The justification they have for it, though, isn't present unless you get an A level Support between Ike and Soren, so it's a case of Flanderization as well.
      • Reyson, Naesala, and Zihark also get this in varying degrees.
    • Poor Inigo is doomed when he's paired with Gerome. Whether Laurent gets hit with this or not whenever paired up with Gerome, it depends heavily on the work.
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    • The male Avatar in Fire Emblem Fates is subject to this now and then due to his canon displays of vulnerability, especially during the Conquest path.
    • Takumi gets this quite a bit, especially in fics that pair him with Leo or Hinata, due to his nightmares and horrifically low self-esteem.
    • Leo gets this in post-Birthright fan works, portrayed as an angst-filled, weeping mess over the loss of two siblings plus the possibility of Odin going back to his own lands as well as Camilla leaving Nohr to find herself. While some of his anxieties and grief are plausible, a lot of the portrayals of them run a direct contrast to canon, in which he's quite confident in his upcoming reign as King and shows no objection to Camilla's decision.

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