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  • Bound to happen to anyone in Battle Royale when they're paired with Kiriyama. Even Mitsuru and Shinji become Ukes somehow.
  • Canon example: At the beginning of the Gravitation manga, Shuichi is much more masculine than he is at the end. His character design even became more feminine over time until he became virtually indistinguishable from a girl by the start of the Gravitation EX sequel.
    • Even then, far too many Gravitation fanfics ukefy Shuichi even further until he becomes a 100% weepy uke, completely ignoring that he's been shown capable of standing up for himself when needed in canon even when Yuki is being a prick to him.
    • The anime basically bypasses this and goes right to making Shuichi extremely feminine from the get-go, right down to his voice. It's entirely possible to just imagine that his gender is different under his clothes with no further change needed to make the series hetero...
  • Eren Jaeger, the main character of Attack on Titan, is a constant victim of this, especially by Fujoshi who latch on to the fact that he's cried multiple times during the series—conviniently ignoring that they are almost always Berserker Tears. Just to be clear, this is a canon image of Eren crying. Here's another canon image of Eren. Here's a rare instance of him smiling. This and this are fan art.
    • Levi also gets the same treatment. In the anime, he's the stoic, dead-eyed squad leader with the moniker "Humanity's Strongest". In fanart, his less than imposing height is often exaggerated and he's often pictured clinging to Eren or Erwin.
    • Bertolt Hoover gets this as well, sure he is a quiet and cowardly guy who has horrible self esteem and happens to be the Colossal Titan himself, but this goes Up to Eleven in fanfiction that pairs him with Reiner, and sometimes Annie.
    • Erwin Smith sometimes gets this. In the anime and manga he is a badass and pragmatic commander who is willing to sacrifice everything for humanity, even his principles. Though he does care about and respect his men greatly. In slash fic he turns into an affectionate cuddlebear who dotes on his Love Interest (most often a likewise ukefied Levi)
  • Ishida Yamato from Digimon Adventure gets this a lot. Though if they swap roles Yagami Taichi also has serious history of this.
    • Ken and Daisuke also got their own moment each in fandom.
    • Writers tend to forget Takato's Character Development and make him a total, weeping pansy.
    • Masaru and Touma.
  • Sanji from One Piece is often made into a weepy uke because of his Bishōnen looks and attempts to be sensitive to women, regardless of the fact that Sanji is frequently a jerkass to his male crewmates and is nowhere near unable to stand up for himself.
    • This is also likely why many fan girls were upset with his design after the time skip. Frequently, in fan art, his chin hair would be omitted, but now in the manga canon, he has an undeniable goatee.
    • Once upon a time, Sir Crocodile was quite a formidable opponent for Luffy. Now, if you google search Crocodile X Donquixote Doflamingo and you'd be shocked to see Crocodile on the submissive end of the pairing.
    • Now comes Trafalgar Law, especially when he's with Kid or even Doflamingo. Law/Luffy tends to play him as a Defrosting Ice King, rather than Troubled, but Cute.
    • Luffy himself is an example — fan art tends to play up his cute looks to unbelievable levels, emphasizing the adorableness of his wide, Moe eyes and his childish nature. This is completely ignoring the fact that Luffy in canon is childish in a selfish way and rarely acted like anything even remotely resembling adorable outside of flashbacks to his childhood.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing has Duo Maxwell, aka the "braided baka", who maybe one of the most infamous victims of this in all of manga/anime, going from a Deadpan Snarker Broken Hero who snarks at his friends yet helps them out when needed, into a brainless Keet who needs Heero's cock to be whole and is raped/abused/etc. by every single person he encounters.
    • In fact, all of the Gundam pilots have been victims of this at one time or another, and sometimes with two or more of them in the same story. If it's not Duo, it's usually Quatre. Sometimes, it's all of them at once. Mobile Suit Gundam Wing fanfiction can read like poorly characterized lesbian drama WITH PENISES.
    • Zechs can get this treatment when Treize doesn't show him enough love.
  • Umineko: When They Cry:
    • Battler Ushiromiya, in both Japanese and American fanart. Usually the result of being turned into Beatrice's furniture and getting tortured.
    • Lion Ushiromiya often gets this treatment from the Japanese fandom, being reduced to a weepy Damsel in Distress.
  • In Naruto, there are many irate fans that did not like how Hidan was made the designated Uke in slash fiction pairing him with Kakuzu. The argument being that just because he looks slightly less muscular (and more like... a human?) than Kakuzu doesn't suddenly make him a weepy uke.
    • Naruto, in large part because of his Keet appearance, is often made into a blushing uke for Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, Iruka, Hinata... This is in stark contrast to his canon personality; it's hard to imagine someone as bombastic and headstrong as Naruto ever acting the way he does in fanfics.
      • Even more puzzling are the fanfics that do this to Naruto while also promoting him to Hokage, a status that should carry with it a certain amount of dignity and respect. The strange result is a supposedly badass ruler of an entire nation of ninjas who in practice spends his days failing at his job, crying about how he's not loved enough, and being molested by his subordinates. One has to wonder if his people are okay with having a leader like that...
    • Gaara is often hit with this as well even though his abilities are no laughing matter, not to mention that being the fifth Kazekage, this causes the same problem mentioned in regards to Naruto, above.
    • Neji has been turned into a weepy blushing uke for Shikamaru and others many times. And Kiba, maybe the most Hot-Blooded character in the series, getting the same treatment with numerous characters.
    • Umino Iruka might as well be named Uke Iruka. When paired with anyone, but especially Kakashi, he is ridiculously ukefied to the point that he's less Naruto's big brother figure and more like a Distressed Dude for badass Kakashi to save from the cruel shinobi world. Granted, we haven't actually seen enough of Iruka's personality to entirely call this characterization bullcrap, but stats released would at least support that he's stronger than most of the special jounin out there, despite being a chunin. Give the guy some credit, he's a ninja, he's not helpless. Even if he's less powerful than other shinobi, he still took a huge shuriken to protect Naruto without hesitation, and also questioned Kakashi and others openly for Naruto's sake.
    • Deidara. Sure, he's got long blonde hair and is Sasori's partner, but he's not the caricature of a woman, yet the way he carries on in some fanfics you'd think he was about to give birth. This also happens to Itachi and Sasori sometimes.
    • Sasuke usually gets hit with this in fanfic as well, going from a vengeful loner to a wimpy uke for Naruto, Itachi, Gaara, Kakashi, etc.
  • Done occasionally with Sousuke from Full Metal Panic! — most prevalently in certain slash fanfiction. Granted, his being an Uke was Canon and pretty much confirmed by Shouji Gatou (Sousuke's status as a "receiver" if he were to be in a homosexual relationship was outright stated in one of the side stories that Gatou wrote). However, some fanfiction takes this Up to Eleven, where Sousuke becomes much more emotional and... PMS-y (very unlike The Stoic he is) — to the point where he actually seems to be depicted as a male version of Kaname.
  • Many Dragon Ball Z Vegeta/Goku fics have Goku go from a badass Idiot Hero, to a Keet, sensitive Uke who stays on the bottom.
    • Frieza is usually also stripped of his smug, arrogant personality and becomes Cell's boyfriend, most likely becoming pregnant sometime in the process.
  • Yu Yu Hakusho slash likes to do this to Hiei. Nevermind that it's not only severely out of character for him, but that Kurama, his most common partner, is a far more obvious subject for it. It must be his height.
    • Kurama gets his fair share of this, often involving Karasu and/or Yomi.
  • In Hunter × Hunter, Kurapika is most often the target of this trope. 99% of the doujinshi found is pre-timeskip and completely ignores Kurapika's Character Development, thus making him perpetually the motherly uke type to Leorio. In fanfiction, however, they give more attention to his development, but making him seduced/kidnapped by his mortal enemy, Kuroro, and in most of them he ends up joining the Spiders. This being when they don't turn him into a woman.
    • Also tends to hit Gon, whoever he's paired with. Also affects Hisoka, bizarrely, in fics where he acts a lot, well, gentler than he could reasonably be expected to act, even if he's the Seme.
  • Hetalia Axis Powers has many, MANY examples.
    • Germania gets wimpified just because he happens to look a bit like Legolas and because he had to fight off the Roman Empire.
    • Italy isn't exactly a paragon of masculinity, especially when compared to Germany, and according to some of his conversations with Germany and Japan, he's still a virgin who has yet to reach third base. But considering that Germany, in spite of being One Head Taller and more muscular than Italy, has been shown to be so clueless about romance and sex that he had to consult a guidebook to figure out how to court Italy, their relationship is actually less stereotypical and more cute and dorky than the plain lazy "uber-knowledgeable seme Germany has to teach uber-naive uke Italy how to have sex" depiction seen in some Germany/Italy fanworks would have you believe.
    • England often goes from the snarky, yet also sensitive Tsundere he is in canon, to becoming a weepy, emotionally-needy mess who pines endlessly for [insert: America, France, Canada, etc]. and is more than once the target of [insert: Russia, France]'s violations/torture/etc. so [insert: America, France, Canada, etc]. can literally pull a Big Damn Heroes to save him and let the Hurt/Comfort start. Either that, or America is a Bastard Boyfriend to him and England becomes a weepy Love Martyr, while the artist expects everyone to believe that theirs is as completely healthy and cute relationship. When it comes to sex, England is also often made a virgin and awkward or even oblivious about sex, when in canon he's so much of a pervert that it puts France to shame. Also, some fanartists tend to draw him with extremely feminine hips...
    • America himself gets this treatment more often than you'd probably expect, with a number of fics conveniently forgetting that he's capable of effortlessly swinging a full-grown buffalo around (and that was when he was just a child, mind you) so that he can be tortured by England or Russia (or, in one notorious series of fics, gangbanged by the entire cast) without being able to lift a single finger against them. Maybe some certain fans just find the idea of the strong, self-assured "hero" becoming The Woobie fetishy. Or maybe it's a case of Misplaced Nationalism demanding revenge upon Eagleland— for instance, in the wake of the Global Financial Crisis, the Hetalia Kink Meme suddenly became filled with "Financial Crisis Gang Bang" fics, which were Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Artistic License – Economics barely describes these works.
    • As for Japan... let's just say that while he isn't exactly the most assertive or masculine-looking nation-tan in canon, there are several fics that surgically remove any hint of the 'subtle, but definitely present, touch of iron' behind his Japanese Politeness or the fact that he does know how to handle a katana (and successfully fought off the Hetalia Bloodbath 2010 kidnapper, that had been able to overpower Russia and General Winter, with a rolled-up poster) to turn him into a completely helpless Moeblob utterly unable to defend or stand up for himself. More than one of these fics even go so far as to have him be abused by America or claimed/possessed by bastardpirateboyfriend!England and either being a weepy Love Martyr or needing to be rescued by someone else. Mind you, this only happens to Japan about as often as he gets "semeified"/bastardized instead. On the other hand, if China is the seme in their relationship...

      The fact that canon does establish him as sexually inexperienced compared to Greece, who happens to be One Head Taller than him, doesn't help. The better Greece/Japan fanwriters recognize that, sexual disparities aside, the two actually have a pretty equal relationship in canon with Japan actually being technically older than Greece (if you consider that Greece represents only the Hellenic Republic due to his mother literally being Ancient Greece), and that even if Japan's Moe traits tend to be enhanced when he's with Greece, he'd still have a touch of Inscrutable Oriental or at least a 'far more likely to quietly hide his emotions than become a blushy, weepy mess over them' vibe to him; the poorer fanwriters...don't.
    • While Canada is quite the sweetheart (unless you TRULY piss him off), some fangirls take his canon bad luck, soft-spoken behavior and Woobieness to make him a stereotypical uke in more than one France/Canada, Prussia/Canada, America/Canada and/or Cuba/Canada fic. Fanart that pairs Canada with a more 'assertive' male typically makes Canada shorter than the other male, even when this actually wouldn't be true due to his official height being the same as America's (which means that he'd be just as tall as his brother and taller than France or England).
    • Lithuania is so often made into Russia's Stockholm Syndrome victim or Poland's weepy Distressed Dude that the phrase "I'm damaged goods, Feliks" (which comes from a very bad Poland/Liet fic where Lithuania was raped by Bastard Boyfriend!Russia and needed Relationship Sue!Poland's Healing Cock) has reached Memetic Mutation in some circles. The panel where he was shown in a maid dress and getting whipped by Russia certainly didn't help matters...
      • Poland frequently, provided Lithuania isn't ukefied instead. Apparently, if someone has cross-dresssed ever, at all, under any circumstances, they will never be able to do anything except be a super-girly little uke for other guys.
      • However, a lot of fanworks Take a Third Option and make Lithuania a meek, submissive top to Poland. (And sometimes Russia, which a famous doujin circle liked to do.)
    • China is very cute and feminine-looking in some canon illustrations/strips, but it still doesn't justify the massive ukefication he gets in fanwork. Particularly Russia/China and Japan/China ones (though the fanbase for this one seems to be leaning towards seme!China these days). And we are talking about the same China who fought and defeated Germany and Japan with only a ladle and wok. Not to mention, he beat off a dragon with a Hello Kitty doll. That's impressive. Apparently, long hair means that you're doomed for eternal bottoming.
    • Hong Kong sometimes is hit with the ukefication paddle as well, more often when his seme is either England (and double if Hong Kong is still his colony), Japan, or South Korea. Fortunately for him, in the case of Macau this isn't as frequent; even when he more often than not ends up bottoming, HK will most likely keep his spine.
      • In regards to the other Asians, Korea tends to top his "partners" but sometimes becomes a victim of this if he's paired up with America, and occasionally with HK. Thailand is lucky enough to dodge this treatment unless he is the love interest of Imperial Japan, and Macau is almost exclusively paired with Hong Kong so he tends to be the top one instead. Though in the case of Korea and Thailand, it's a bit weird considering that both of them are pretty tall (Korea is about 179 cm, or at least tall enough to be at eye-to-eye level with America, and Thailand is just a little shorter so he should be at least 177-178 cm).
    • And there's Finland, too. While his partner and most fan-popular Love Interest Sweden is quite taller than him, it doesn't explain why doujinshi and fanwork twist Finland into a little weepy Keet who may look even younger than Sealand, when Finland's character profile states that he has the look and the attitude of a 20 year old, while Sweden is 21. The way they're drawn in some doujinshis, you'd think they're something closer to 12 and 26, respectively. Yes, the pair invoke so many Boys Love tropes as is that it's that much easier for fans to flanderize Finland's uke role along those lines. That's still not an excuse, as the charm of the pairing is seeing a huge guy like Sweden fitting the House Husband archetype far more than the slightly waifish Finland.
    • Ironically, Sweden is hit by the trope more than once as well. While he's still the tallest of the Nordics, one wonders how come Yandere!Denmark can rape and beat him as easily as he often does in doujinshii and fanart: if they're about the past dealings and wars of both nations, Sweden will get whipped/tortured/raped/etc. by Denmark, running away with Finland to "escape" from his torturer/rapist (and sometimes wangsting about that).
      • Iceland sometimes gets hit with this as well, specially in regards to him and Turkey. While he is younger than the standard nation, this doesn't mean he's a pre-pubescent boy (he's mentioned to look at least 17), and while Turkey is depicted as being quite older than he is, it doesn't necessarily mean Iceland would submit to him completely. (Curiously, even with this factor, Turkey/Iceland ends up one of the few Turkey pairings in which he's not depicted as a Bastard Boyfriend.)
    • Greece actually isn't hit as hard by this trope in Turkey/Greece works as he could have been, as many of them depict him as a Tsundere capable of standing up and talking back to Turkey as an integral part of their Belligerent Sexual Tension. Nonetheless, just as many of them can leave you wondering why Greece acts like he's PMSing all the time or why he never seems to be able to hinder Turkey from belittling/abusing/raping him in spite of all his defiant words.
    • On the other hand, Germany is often placed in a similar situation when he's paired up with his older brother Prussia instead of Italy. Yeah, as mentioned above the guy looks ultra-super manly yet is really clueless about romance but that doesn't mean that he will become a super ultra submissive and mushy mess as soon as he and Prussia are romantically/sexually involved either. Germany may be clueless about romance, but not in regards to the mechanics of sex.
      • Bizarrely, Germany also tends to receive this when paired with England, of all characters.
    • Prussia is subjected to this treatment as well when paired with Germany or Russia (the latter tending towards Stockholm Syndrome more often than not).
    • And on the other other hand, Italy's brother Romano is portrayed as a bitchy and whiny uke caricature who still gets sexed up by "Boss Spain" whether he wants it or not. That is, unless Spain is the one subjected to this and Romano becomes a Domestic Abuser instead.
    • Switzerland, when paired with Austria. Probably the result of One Head Taller and one too many tsundere traits.
    • On that note, Austria is a victim of this. A lot. He's skinny, too uptight about the aristocrat act, spends a little too much time on the piano, and doesn't really have a hardcore history of fighting to back him up. This somehow completely overshadows his nation's history as a great power run by very shrewd diplomats. Sure, most of his land and power came through an arranged marriage, but he still had it. Yet he gets slammed with a sudden case of ukeism when paired with nations more action-oriented like Hungary or Prussia.
    • Even Russia can get this. Now, it's way more common for him to get the complete opposite; he is constantly derailed into a rapist or if not, a snarky, smug and experienced seme with no childlike traits. Then there's a few fans who exaggerate his manchild traits instead, making him clueless about sex and weepy, emotional and screaming. One of Russia's key traits in canon is that he almost always keeps a calm smile, even when in extreme pain (such as, you know, his heart falling out or stopping a tank with his body). And while he is childish and not much of a sexual type, he knows enough to play immature sexual boasting contests with America.
      • Though still not extremely common, some Russia/China fanworks make Russia act practically infantile to play up China's parental traits.
    • Hilariously, Turkey gets hit hard with this in much of the erotic fan art and doujin of him. Though it's all just for porn purposes and usually very tongue-in-cheek. That's Bara Genre for you.
    • Certain fans like to paint Hungary as a submissive Faux Action Girl unable to actually stand up for herself without a real man to rule her. Never mind that she happens to be both feminine and one of the manlier characters in the series, shown as capable of beating Prussia by herself or that other fans like to show her as being "on top" when paired with Austria.
  • Every show in Yu-Gi-Oh! has this happen to the protagonists. Considering all the Ho Yay happening in the franchise, it's pretty impressive if you can find a fanfic that shows a protagonist not turned into a wimp. Hell, even some of the rivals get hit with this even if in the show they're usually a Jerkass and/or a Memetic Badass.
    • Oh, Yugi. How are you ukefied? Too many ways to name. In canon, he started out as a loser who was picked on a lot but still had enough backbone to stand up when people he considers friends are being attacked and over time grew more confident thanks to his darker Pharaoh friend. Also probably a master strategist able to rival Napoleon and Lee (if you take into account that all he does is play strategy games). But if you read fanfiction, he's a spineless little wimp who's always being raped or abused by everyone near him until "Yami" comes along and saves him. Or Yami kidnaps him and does the raping, torturing and abusing himself until Yugi falls in love with him and then he turns good and Yugi defends his actions to others saying that Yami's "misunderstood". Or when the Pharaoh leaves, Yugi becomes so emotionally unbalanced that he kills himself despite saying in the manga and anime that he didn't need him anymore. That unfortunately sums up pretty much 99.9% of Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfiction, 99.99% if you substitute Ryou Bakura and the Spirit of the Ring for Yugi and the Pharaoh.
    • Bakura gets this the worst in fanfiction. Granted, he was continually emotionally abused and manipulated by the Spirit of the Ring in canon, but there was no indication that he was ever physically abused (which makes sense when you consider that, contrary to what 90% of fanfics would have you believe, the Spirit doesn't have a physical form outside of Bakura's body and wouldn't be very likely to harm the one body he can inhabit) and he was able to stand up to the Spirit on several occasions when his friends' lives were on the line, two things that fans completely ignore in favor of turning him into a frail, weepy guy who exists only to be horribly abused by "Yami Bakura" and possibly redeem him with the power of true love.

      The assumption of physical abuse probably stems from the fact that the spirit isn't exactly careful with Bakura's body (stabs him with the spikes of his ring, stabs his hand on a tower, stabs himself with a knife...) However, once Bakura's life actually was in danger (at the end of his duel against Yugi), he gave up victory and promised to protect him because he needed the body. In addition, while he was quite careless, he never really "punished" Bakura, or hurt him out of pure sadism, as fanfiction would like to make you believe. And given that Bakura got over it quite quickly and didn't turn into a shaking mess at the end of the series, it can be assumed that most of the time, he was rather "asleep in his subconscious", instead of being forced to witness the spirit's deeds. Also, his other character traits (that weird Deck full of all the creepy demons and Ouija boards? The Spirit didn't have a thing to do with that; that's his regular Deck) get dialed down to nothing.
    • Jonouchi, who in most fanfics is a defenseless "puppy" whom the mighty Seto Kaiba has to rescue from the clutches of his evil abusive father.
    • Marik, the resident Dark-Skinned Blonde, is one of the fandom's greatest ukes and lends himself well to an angsty rape-y story involving either his father or his own dark side. Said dark side also regularly gets turned up from Split Personality to Superpowered Evil Side, to facilitate the removal of all his character traits besides being a quivering bottom. The actual Marik was a brutal crimelord who had no problem with ordering attempted murder if it meant accomplishing his goals, and only turned over a new leaf when he learned who was really responsible for his father's death.
    • Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Almost any male character could be given as an example, but it's seen most frequently in the case of Juudai, the guy who saved the world four times over before he's graduated high school. In fanfic, if he can walk and chew bubblegum at the same time it's amazing, much less survive a dangerous situation without Johan or Manjoume or whoever the seme of the fanfic is around.
    • Same case with Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's: You'd think that every male character can't survive Satellite without being broken in some way, wherein canon Yusei and Crow were able to live a somewhat normal life but in poverty. Jack Altas mostly escapes this since he's a Memetic Badass, but tell that to the Yaoi Fangirls.
    • Yuya in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V gets hit with this trope in so many ways. In canon, he did start off insecure about himself and slowly gets more confident about himself and his dueling in the midst of war. Fanfic writers turn him to a wimpy kid easily susceptible to Zarc's will or so broken in his experiences in the interdimensional war that whoever is the seme will patch him up, or in Yuri's case, make Yuya his bitch.
    • Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: Yusaku in canon starts off as a Jerkass, a loner only focused on revenge, and has issues with PTSD that prevents him from interacting with people normally. While he gets Character Development and manages to move past his revenge and slowly open up to people, he is still The Stoic and not great with emotions. But he's prime material for slash writers, as they use his Dark and Troubled Past to turn him either so in love with or reliant on whoever the writer ships him with, especially Revolver/Ryoken or Ai.
  • Poor, poor Allen Walker. He's Moe, yes. He grows up into a Bishōnen prettier than most of the female cast, yes. But he's also a Badass Adorable who will keep fighting even when he literally can't stand and a Circus Brat who can charm almost anyone into doing what he wants when he feels it's necessary. Yes, he's The Woobie, but he's the iron variety and a Broken Hero extraordinaire. Guess which parts slash writers leave out.
    • Especially noticeable in doujinshi, where he's typically shown wangsting about things that he hardly even angsts about in-series. Which results in him needing comfort sex from Lavi or Kanda. And if that doesn't happen, he'll normally be shown being rendered into an emotional wreck that's subsequently raped by Tyki. And then having comfort sex with someone.
  • Uryu Ishida regularly gets written this way in Bleach Slash Fics.
    • Izuru Kira, a snarky long-term professional army officer, is almost always written as a helpless damsel-in-distress who literally could not raise a hand to save himself, let alone use any kind of weapon.
    • Tesla evokes this trope when paired with Nnoitra to a point that's almost painful to even think about. Granted, he already clings to the Espada like a drowning man clings to a piece of driftwood, but he's still a decent fighter and fairly self-confident in canon, and the way he's written and drawn in some fan works you'd think... well...
  • Tsunayoshi Sawada of Reborn! (2004) , in canon, is already a sort of weak-willed and sensitive person, but a very badass one. Try telling that to the average fanfic writer, who exaggerates these traits in order to have him be swept off his feet by either one of his teammates or any of the antagonists. Keep in mind, only regular Tsuna gets this treatment; whenever he's in Hyper Dying Will modenote , he'll always be the Seme, especially when paired with his split off regular self.
    • And Gokudera. And even Hibari and Mukuro; they trade off on uke-ness when paired with each other.
  • Daisuke of D.N.Angel, when paired with his alter ego Dark or obsessed rival Satoshi.
  • Ciel of Black Butler. Way too many people make him seem very uke, most likely due to his age and the fact that he is often paired with his demon Battle Butler Sebastian. When you look at Ciel's actual personality traits, it's very clear that while he has a small amount of inexperience/naïveté, he'd never be the blushy/weepy/submissive uke he's often portrayed as in fan works.
  • Shinichi/Conan of Detective Conan is not that feminine, but if he is in a yaoi fic, he is always the uke. In some fanworks he's (as Conan, natch) even bottom to a ill shouta.
    • Kaito / Kaitou Kid, Shinichi's Worthy Opponent who is the most popular person to slash with him, gets this too sometimes, though usually in stories where he's slashed with his other detective rival Hakuba Saguru. At least he gets to be a Tsundere with Hakuba most of the time though (Unless the writer is Flanderizing Hakuba's obsession with Kaitou Kid to Stalker with a Crush levels anyway). On the rare occasion Kaito is uke to Shinichi instead of the other way around they remove the Jerk with a Heart of Gold Deadpan Snarker traits and make him a straight up Keet/Moe Blob, sometimes taking advantage of his apparent preference for disguising himself as women to make him into a Wholesome Crossdresser to boot (Okay, so it is almost canon and it does happen when he's Seme too, and even sometimes when he's straight, where it's Played for Laughs, but it's worse when he's being Ukefied).
  • Name any male character in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, they'll probably have received this treatment. Ironically enough, the top two targets for Ukefication seem to be Hot-Blooded badasses Kamina and Kittan, the latter most often being portrayed as this complete teary-eyed moeblob.
  • In 90% of all Death Note Slash Fics... who the hell is this Emo whiny prima donna that's replaced Light Yagami?
  • This has a disturbing tendency to happen to Chrono from Chrono Crusade, even in Het fic. In a lot of the fics that use the more extreme forms of this trope, Chrono ends up being a rape victim at the hands of Aion, Joshua and even Father Remington, or at least involved in scenes with dubious consent.
  • Masaomi from Durarara!! is hit by this trope the most especially when paired with Izaya or Mikado when he's the boss. Izaya and Mikado get hit with this a lot more than one would expect with Izaya becoming a weepy, crying uke to Shizuo in most Shizaya fics and Mikado being turned into a super innocent moeblob to be ravished by any one of the male cast. The problem here is that in canon, Izaya is Izaya and Mikado is not the nice guy everyone sees him as.
  • Gilbert from PandoraHearts. Vincent sometimes.
  • Death the Kid from Soul Eater. A majority of fanfics featuring him has him yearning or being the bottom.
  • Code Geass: Despite having the personality traits of a seme (and being taller than Suzaku), Lelouch is almost always ukefied because he positively sucks at physical education, especially compared to Suzaku. And he looks pretty in a dress. People seem to forget that Lelouch hates dressing up like a girl and his upper body strength isn't bad: lugging around Nunnally up the Kururugi Shrine's stairs without any help and holding onto Shirley while they're both dangling off a building is very impressive. Admittedly, Suzaku was holding onto Lelouch's weight with the latter but still.
    • Although to be fair...most of the official fan-servicey stuff does have Lelouch as the one in dresses more. Let's also not forget that this is CLAMP, who is notorious for their angsty 'opposites attract tragically' pairings...usually with pretty clear 'semes' and 'ukes'. Actually in most fics that might have Lelouch in a dress, he's probably written to not enjoy it...or only doing so for the sake of some further goal. The debate of whether or not Lelouch or Suzaku 'seems' more seme is probably up to personal choice and not as clear cut as CLAMP's other pairs, but CLAMP seems to see Lelouch in the more feminine role. At least, enough to put him in a wedding dress. Granted, both have worn dresses at points, but only Lelouch has been the bride.
    • Suzaku himself also gets this treatment whenever he's paired with Gino. Regardless of his height, Suzaku is one of the two most powerful Ace Pilot (the other is Kallen) in the series, thanks to the "live" Geass command, and soundly defeats Gino near the end of the show.
  • Saint Seiya has a massive non-English speaking fanbase and this happens a lot, particularly with some of the prettier men-Shun, often, Hyoga and Shaka are the most glaring examples (Camus and Mu too). Considering how Badass these guys are in the series, and that some of them really have NO feminine qualities at all, it's extremely jarring to have Shaka killing Spectres in cold blood one minute and moaning like a whore under Aiolia the next. That being said, there are plenty of fanworks out there that avert this and write the characters extremely well.
  • Alviss of MÄR suffers from this A LOT in fanfiction though it became in universe and literally almost canon when he was captured by Phantom.
  • Rare Female Example: H-Doujinshi with an Action Girl or a Bastard Girlfriend are likely to have her suddenly become weak or sweet just so the man can be in control. This is especially common (and glaring) when Action Girl characters who routinely defeat supernatural threats, ex. Sailor Moon, suddenly forget how to use their powers and can only cry helplessly when assaulted by monsters or plain old humans.
  • Shion in No. 6 when paired with Nezumi. In canon he's a sweet Bishōnen Nice Guy who's shown to be able to protect himself when needed and he also has a lot of Ho Yay with the more taller and aggressive Nezumi. In fanworks he sometimes undergoes this.
  • Zeref, the alleged Ultimate Evil of Fairy Tail, tends to undergo this when paired with men (and sometimes when he's not paired with anyone.) The reason being that his first significant appearance gave him a Cry Cute moment, something in stark contrast with the Voldemort-esque treatment the characters all gave him up until that point. Basically, even though he wasn't all that uke like in that scene (he nearly killed three people without even trying) he fell far enough from expectations that people saw him that way anyways. Even his acting much calmer, cooler, and deliberately murderous later on hasn't stopped fan art of Natsu comforting him, or him being the victim of Mr. Seahorse.
  • Many Fruits Basket fanfics that feature Yuki and Kyo. Most will wimpify Yuki, the stronger of the two, though some will wimpify Kyo.
    • When paired with a male character, Hatori will almost always get the Mr. Seahorse treatment (because he can actually turn into one) note  in addition to the regular wimpification.
  • Having a large Yaoi fanbase, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is not immune to this.
    • The infamous doujinshi made by CLAMP (and by extension, Wish) does this to Kakyoin. While a pretty mild case compared to most of the other examples on this article due to being parody, it's still pretty cringe-inducing for many JoJo fans to see such a badass and strong-willed character acting so Out of Character, to the point of being referred to as Jotaro's "wife" and even getting hit with a case of Mr. Seahorse.
      • Even if the Doujinshi is meant to be a parody, it doesn't stop CLAMP from producing a number of fanarts where Kakyoin's feminine appearance go Up to Eleven to the point he's almost unrecognizable.
      • It should be noted that Kakyoin is canonically much shorter than Jotaro, speaks with a distinctly feminine dialect in the original japanese, has a slender build and a very pretty face when Araki draws him in his new style, and his stand, while versatile, isn't well suited for direct combat. And his friendship with Jotaro started with the latter freeing him from DIO's mind control, which could easily be extrapolated into a Rescue Romance. Unfortunately, in the eyes of less mature yaoi fangirls, not sufficiently masculine = helpless, incompetent, and submissive, which Kakyoin is decidedly not.
      • Kakyoin gets this worse when he's shipped with DIO; fanworks will likely contain him being even more submissive, and sometimes even developing Stockholm Syndrome. DIO's often depicted rather insultingly as only keeping Kakyoin around as a pleasure slave, forgetting that Kakyoin is an incredibly intelligent, skilled stand user.
      • In general, Kakyoin gets this a lot in fandom when paired with Jotaro (or any guy) because he's usually the shorter and prettier of the two.
    • Rohan Kishibe is an arrogant Jerkass who hates Josuke in canon; in fanart and doujinshi, he's a blushing Tsundere who almost never tops. This is likely the result from being shorter than Josuke and falling into a Distressed Dude role in the Highway Star arc, having to be saved by Josuke, no less.
    • Even the villains get this treatment too! Out of all of them, Yoshikage Kira and Diavolo are the most common targets, probably due to the fact that they're the least buff of them all and have a more Bishounen appearance, but even Kars, the buffest JoJo villain, gets hit with it when paired with Esidisi or Wamuu.
    • Either Joseph or Caesar will get this when they're paired with each other. Caesar very likely will become a Uke-ish Tsundere and Joseph becomes a Naive Manchild when they're the one bottoming.
    • Poor Jonathan gets this bad with Dio. Doesn't help that he's a Nice Guy in canon.
    • Even Speedwagon is an uke!
    • Josuke also isn't exempt from this. Though he is submissive and passive in his first scene, he gets his Berserk Button breached and shows his temper and how strong his Stand is. Likewise, he did also need rescuing at one point but so did Koichi and his mother, and not only does he have the final shot against his kidnapper, but saves his saviour as well. Throughout the story, he becomes more confident and assertive. Still, works where he's the uke tend to up his submissiveness and make him quite meek and shy. Sometimes he's even delegated as a damsel who needs saving or, in Kira's case, a helpless damsel. His case is also like Jonathan in that he's canonically the second nicest JoJo after Jonathan.
    • Because he's tiny, adorable, looks like a girl and acts like a kid, Narancia always bottoms when he's paired with Fugo or anyone else. Always. Even in non-sexual fanfic, he's still made into the baby of Bucciarati's team. Fanart also tends to get rid of his muscles and make him look younger and even more feminine, if that's possible.
  • Good luck finding a Fullmetal Alchemist fanfic featuring Roy/Ed that doesn't do this (to at least some degree) to one or both of them.
  • Giroro from Sgt. Frog gets hit by this trope a lot, with almost 90% of doujinshis featuring him getting raped/tortured by Kululu, Vipers, his brother, etc.
  • Jadeite from Sailor Moon usually gets hit with this hard when paired with Nephrite in fanfics or doujinshi. (Or with Queen Beryl, but that isn't quite so Out of Character considering how submissive he was to her in canon.) And while Zoisite is canonically submissive to Kunzite, some fics tend to forget just how dangerous he is despite his feminine looks and mannerisms in order to put him at the mercy of Nephrite, who inexplicably becomes a rapist.
  • This is bound to happens in any series made by CLAMP.
    • Subaru Sumeragi is an omyouji and his twin sister, Hokuto, admits that he's more powerful than her. And in his battles against Seishirou most especially in X1999, he managed to hold on his own. Even though CLAMP made a lot of subtle Ho Yay and Foe Yay between Subaru and Seishirou, this is heavily exaggerated in fanfics where Subaru became wangsty and got sexually abused by Seishirou. Ironically when being paired to Kamui, it's the other way around.
    • This happens to Kamui as well. At first, he's a Jerkass who is cold to Kotori and Fuuma and is irritated at Hinoto's meddling for getting him to choose his destiny. Until he became a Dragon of Heaven with Fuuma being the Dragon of Earth, this goes downward where his ass gets constantly hit by Fuuma. Though in the manga and anime the only enemies that he actually defeated are The Men in Black that dark!Hinoto sent to him and in the movie, he managed to hold off against two Dragons of Earth. So, he's not exactly weak considering that he's the Messianic Archetype. But he gets to always be molested to Fuuma.
    • Fai D. Flourite gets this whenever he's paired to Kurogane. Of course, he's the Team Mom of the group, a great fighter with or without his magic and has a Dark and Troubled Past. And at some point, most fanfics would tend to make use of this past as an excuse to make a Hurt/Comfort Fic with Kurogane.
  • Looking at some of the fanworks for Free!, you'd think that they are way more obsessed with each other than they are in canon:
    • Makoto is affectionate with Haru, and High★Speed! - Free! Starting Days does play up his closeness to the boy, but fanfic exaggerates this trait to the point where his whole life and well being is devoted to Haru. His niceness and submissiveness is turned up too, no matter what pairing he's a part of.
    • Haru is barely able to function without Makoto in fic. If he doesn't talk about swimming, water, or mackerel, expect him to be talking about or to Makoto instead. He also tends to blush or be more openly affectionate here.
    • In any Rei/Nagisa setting, expect Rei to be subjected to acting as Nagisa's bottom bitch. This usually doesn't happen to Nagisa though.
    • Most Sousuke/Rin will make the latter into a slender or even curvy femboy when he's more muscular than Haru and play up his feminine traits such as long eyelashes, romantic side, and Cry Cute.
  • My Hero Academia:
    • There was no way protagonist Izuku Midoriya wouldn't go through this, due to him being a Nerd Action Hero with confidence issues. Whether he is paired up with Bakugou, Todoroki, Iida or even Shigaraki, his strength, competence and determination get downgraded to pitiful levels. He also tends to lose all the muscle mass he attains in the third chapter of the series.
    • Todoroki gets this too (despite being one of the strongest characters in the series), whenever he is paired with Bakugou. Hell, anyone who gets paired with Bakugou will suffer this (Kirishima, Kaminari, Tokoyami, etc.).
    • Interestingly enough, this is inverted in the Eastern fandom. Bakugou, a headstrong and brutal guy, tends to be portrayed as a rude but easily subdued Tsundere; this is particularly true with Midoriya, who turns into an incredibly macho mountain of muscles (an inverse wimpification) in some Japanese doujins.
    • Shota Aizawa sometimes goes through this as well, in particular when paired with All Might (in his skinny form, strangely enough).
  • Cinnabar of Land of the Lustrous is a lonely, isolated person a lot of the time (and for justified reasons), but in fanart you would think they do nothing but cry mercury, act tsundere, and wait for Phos to save them. This doesn't change much in fan works that pair the Gem off with Bort instead.

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