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"I see trolls online, bitchy mods too. Have no sense of grammar, and will piss you off too.
And I type to myself... What a wonderful troll.
I see low sense of humour, low self esteem, Try to pirate games, right off of Steam.
And I type to myself... What a wonderful troll.
Talk about about double rainbows, they'll assume you're a fag.
Type right out, wanna make you cry.
I see mods banning them left and right, And trolls wanna scream in their ear and say
"Fuck you"
They hear 10 year olds cryin', that's what they assume,
Go on Trollpasta, and make fun of you.
And I type to myself... They'll make fun of that too.
Ya, I type to myself troll, Fuck You.
~ Loltroll 466 left the chat. ~
Oh yeah."
Ever wanted to make an intentionally bad Creepypasta without the risk of being banned from the Creepypasta Wiki? Well, here's the
Trollpasta Wiki! Write horrible Creepypastas, or go Dumpster Diving into the Creepypasta Wiki's deletion logs and dig up a horrible Creepypasta. There are still rules, of course.

As of August 2018, the wiki was closed due to Wikia/Fandom staff deeming it "inappropriate and offensive" and ended their statement with "trolling is strictly prohibited" as they seem to have completely misjudged what the purpose of the wiki actually was. Wikia's reasoning was notoriously vague, and while it seems to have been leveled at the behavior of some of the site's users towards deleted creepypastas moved to the Wiki, it seems to be more the fact that Wikia simply didn't like the Wiki and wanted it gone. However, a successor wiki, the Jokepasta Wiki, was formed, housing many of the same bad stories on the Trollpasta Wiki, itself later getting closed by Wikia/Fandom. Another successor wiki by the name of LOLpasta wiki was formed soon after.


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