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I think the fans behind [] recognize just how irreconcilable most Transformers continuity is, and try not to sweat inconsistencies or incongruities and just roll with it. That, I can appreciate. It's got the perfect mix of retentive detail and irreverence.
Pablo Hidalgo, "Turns Out, I'm a Wikipedian" note is the Transformer franchise's most prominent fan wiki. Unlike most wikis, its style is rather informal and chock full of Lampshade Hanging, Running Gags, Mythology Gags, Shout Outs, and Memetic Mutation. (Though it's also still very meticulously referenced and informational.) This of course leads to great synergy with This Very Wiki, being the source of page quotes, or even trope names, and lending itself to cross promotion. Many actual Transformers staff members (mostly Promoted Fanboys) contribute, including Jim Sorenson, Greg Sepelak, and David Willis.

Also check out the IDW Hasbro Wiki for the non-Transformers parts of the Hasbro Comic Universe, the GoBots Wiki for the tangentially-related Challenge Of The Gobots, and Transformers: The Basics, a series of video guides to the Transformers franchise produced by prominent wiki editor Chris McFeely.

Not to be confused with the Team Fortress Wiki, the other TF wiki, which formerly had the domain "".

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