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The SkyDoesMinecraft Wiki is a Wikia dedicated to YouTuber SkyDoesMinecraft. Despite this, it's rather an Alternate Continuity, taking place the same time as the YouTube Videos, but being non-canon with them.

The story is, as shown through members' Message Walls, centered on the Wikia Members rebuilding the Wiki after a vandal war.

It's also got a few Wikis set up by the staff, as Collab Wikis. They seem to expand on the wiki's Backstory. Character Sheet on the Sky Does Minecraft page.


As of September 2013, the wiki's...under new management.

... ...... ...

Well, it was. Now, both Sky and Squid Armies run the wiki, determined to stop any vandals.

Tropes associated with the Wiki:

  • After the End: At first. The Wiki's completely repaired now.
  • Alternate Continuity: Averted. While Sky's channel and the Wiki exist at the same time, it's established that the Wiki's events are non-canon to Sky's adventures.
  • Big Bad: Zeodex, the Grand Master.
  • Big Good: Sky. No matter what.


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