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Research, Protect, Contain.

The RPC Authority is a collaborative wiki that focuses on documents, reports, and scientific research on various anomalous entities, objects, areas, events, and so on. The RPC Authority's goal is to capture and research (emphasis on research, hence the title) anomalies to protect the Earth and the rest of the universe and use their research to benefit civilization as a whole. However, the RPC Authority is willing to commit questionable actions to preserve the safety of civilization and secrecy of the anomalies. To make matters worse, the anomalies are not the only things that the Authority deals with because they also face more dangerous Groups of Interest, like The Church of Malthus, the German Anomalous Research Division, The PCAAO, and UNAAC.

Also see its Spiritual Predecessor, SCP Foundation.

The RPC Authority contains the following tropes:

  • Alien Geometry: The Anderson Coherency Scale measures just how 'stable' the Authority would define pocket dimensions to alternate realities. Many can appear dreamlike, or even nightmarish.
  • Animalistic Abomination: RPC-197, a sapient Savage Wolf with regeneration and Super Strength who literally hides and travels through the shadows. Whenever it speaks, its voice is heard as warped and distorted. It also claims to be Fenrir from Norse Mythology.
  • Anti-Hero: The RPC Authority is an organization version of this trope. They're willing to sacrifice prisoners called CSD's (the RPC equivalent to the SCP's D-personnel) and sometimes animals for either containing or experimenting with the anomalies in order to protect civilian lives.
  • Black-and-Gray Morality: Just like its Spiritual Predecessor, the RPC Authority will get their hands dirty in order to protect the universe from actively malevolent Eldritch Abominations and Groups-Of-Interest, like the German Anomalous and Research Division.
  • Black Helicopter: RPC-666 happens to be a Mi-24 (NATO "Hind-A") helicopter gunship, except it's also a Mechanical Abomination with the ability to weaponize the weather.
  • Body Horror: Oh so much! A wonderful example is RPC-510, an anomalous virus that turns people into miniature (relatively speaking) planets, or the aforementioned RPC-730 where its larva infect its human host and transforms them into green, 4-legged, bear-sized bug-like monsters that can claw through metal and viciously eat anything alive.
  • Cosmic Horror Story: The RPC universe is somewhere between this and Lovecraft Lite. It's bloated with Eldritch Abominations and while some are too powerful to be contained, many of them can also be contained with reasonable efforts.
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  • Crossover Cosmology: In the RPC-verse, most if not all Mythology is true in their own regard with certain deviations from the original mythological canons. With Roman gods walking the earth to the great wolf Fenrir chained within the confines of the authority vault.
  • Eldritch Location: RPC-313 is a vast empty space that contains a simulation of the universe.
  • Evil Counterpart: The Righteous Central Protection Authority is an alternate version of the Authority from another universe that activately uses anomalies to ensure their dominance over the world.
  • Evil Teacher: RPC-010 is an anomalous elementary school run by Ms. Jackson, who reads stories with disturbing themes (such as rape or murder) to her 31 students, and whenever any of them fail to meet her expectations, she horrifically tortures them and brings them back to life with an anomalous object called the "Happy Box", just so that she can repeat this depraved cycle.
  • Good Is Not Nice: The RPC Authority is interested in protecting the world and further benefit the public, and while many anomalies can be contained with mundane and harmless methods, most of them require questionable or even disturbing methods.
  • Grand Theft Me: RPC-134 is a species of Galápagos tortoise that, when certain phrases are spoken near it, transfers the speakers consciousness into the tortoise, leaving their original body brain-dead. Unfortunately, tortoise brains aren't exactly capable of higher brain functions such as "sapience", so the resulting RPC-134-1 is stripped of any human intelligence.
  • Hostile Terraforming: RPC-799 is a damaged extraterrestrial terra-forming machine whose abilities will warp planet Earth's conditions to hostile conditions for its native life when left unchecked.
  • Mechanical Lifeform: RPC-388 is a series of bio-mechanical organisms that resemble construction vehicles.
  • Mechanical Abomination: RPC-666 is a malevolent helicopter that attacks anything on sight, complete with the ability to manipulate the weather by bringing the area's temperature to freezing levels while raining boiling hot water. It also has rotting corpses of its victims hung on the landing gear and weapons with electrical wires. Last but not least, when an Authority soldier blasted the pilot seat off, a massive sack of flesh and arms is revealed and it tries to cover the hole with itself.
  • Mirror Universe: There is a universe where the Authority (supposedly) become straight up Knight Templars and brand themselves as the Righteous Central Protection Authority.
  • The Social Darwinist: The Church of Malthus are a Type 2 of this trope; a group of Evilutionary Biologists who think humanity's technological and medicinal progress for extended life and quality of life as failures of science, so they plan to force humanity to evolve through any means, be it by culling those considered "weak" or even getting their hands on absolutely powerful and/or dangerous anomalies.
  • Science Fantasy: The RPC universe has both fantastical and sci-fi elements, ranging from supposed Gods and Mythological creatures to advanced technology and aliens.
  • Spiritual Successor: Most of the founders and writers of the RPC Authority wiki are former SCP Foundation editors who left that ongoing collaborative project to form their own on 4chan.
  • Tank Goodness: RPC-368 is a massive yet unfinished somewhat sapient German tank made of sentient parts that get smarter when more of them are connected. The tank somehow fires slugs of magma, which is basically impossible to pull off with relatively modern technology, let alone for its time.
  • Weird Sun: RPC-548 is a malevolent sapient star that's hell-bent on crushing planet Earth, and the Authority currently has no methods to stop it. It also used to be in the SCP Foundation as SCP-1548 until its author moved it to the RPC wiki.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Again, the RPC Authority is not only protecting the Earth and its civilization, it's also using the knowledge its scientists have gained to benefit the public, although the organization is also not above doing questionable containment methods or scientific experiments.

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