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Nickelodeon Fanon (now known as Fiction Foundry) is a fanon wiki for, well, Nickelodeonnote . The wiki contains many shows, films, and characters, and has its own established universe. Media on there also includes music, songs and games. Popular shows on the wiki include The Bagel Show, Syndicate, Squad Æ. It currently has over 2,000 pages.

The most popular shows on the wiki appear to be Syndicate, The Bagel Show and Chrome's Show of Chromeyness.

Since February 2016, the wiki has been rebranded as Fiction Foundry, and rarely focuses on Nickelodeonnote . In the late 2010s, the wiki moved to Miraheze and further narrowed it down so that only original content was allowed (Nick content is still grandfathered on the Fandom wiki) while keeping the Fandom wiki around for archival purposes (and for maintenance). For ease of simplicity, unless noted, this entry would focus on the Fandom version of the wiki.


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