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Harvey Girls Forever! Fanon Wiki is a wiki for Harvey Girls Forever fanfiction. It was started on January 20, 2020, by user Marie Curie 11. All articles are in continuity with each other. The universe is control by Fandom.

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This wiki provides examples of:

  • Fantastic Fireworks:
    • The Fireworks Week celebration that Richie went to and again goes to with the Harvey Girls has firework displays with many creative fireworks.
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    • In "Euromania!", the fireworks at said celebration look like different landmarks and flags all from Europe. It ends with a firework that looks like the European flag, causing Richie to declare the entire show "so beautiful".
    • The fanfictional episode "10,000 Before Harvey Street" has fireworks of all kinds of prehistoric animals.
  • Fatal Fireworks: Sometimes kids can use fireworks as a weapon, even if it's not in the Fantastic Fireworks trope.
  • Forgotten Anniversary - It's in the fanfictional episode "What God Has Joined Together". In it, Richie's family members Aunt Cleo and Uncle Spender have their 35th anniversary.
  • New Year Has Come: Fanfiction episodes like "Lotta, Zoe, and the New Year Adventures of a Wolf Pup" have appeared to celebrate New Year's Eve by providing fireworks at midnight.
  • Prehistoric Monster: In the fanfictional episode "10,000 Before Harvey Street", the Harvey Girls fight for a monster called the Ape-Men Tribe.
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  • Teen Pregnancy: Richie was pregnant in Season 5 for Gloria Glad.
  • Wedding Episode: Harvey Girls Forever! fanfictions sometimes provide with weddings, say the episode "Crush 4 Wedding", where Auden has to marry Chloe Claireson, the episode "Lotta gets married", where Lotta marries Gerald, or the episode "Reunited", where Coral and Lola have their wedding parodying the wedding in "Steven Universe".