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War, War never Changes...

Fallout: Unending Wastes is a Wikia dedicated to fan creations within the Fallout Universe. Like many fan wikis, it attempts to encourage its users to operate within the confines of the canon established for the Fallout universe while coming up with their own factions, characters and locations across the Post-Apocalyptic setting of Fallout.

While small, the Wiki does go through bursts of activity.



  • Arc Words: Shares a few with fallout.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: The Disciples of Tom are this, courtesy of Vault-Tec.
    • Brainwashing for the Greater Good: The Vault A.I. does this to the Disciples of Tom, as it can't override its own programming to continue is Brainwashing, in order to make them the genuine Nice Guy faction they are.
  • Church Of Evil: A few.
    • The Church of One, an expy of the Children of the Cathedral. Justified as it was founded by a survivor of the Master's Army, most likely in the image of the Children.
    • Inverted by the Disciples of Tom, who are regarded as almost purely a Nice Guy faction.
  • Expy: Quite a few.
    • The Union of Georgia is basically this wikis version of the New California Republic, being formed by Wastelander communites coming together, fighting a war with the local Brotherhood of Steel chapter and generally being considered the most powerful faction in its corner of the wastes.
    • The Atlantic Brotherhood of Steel were initially one for Lyon's Brotherhood of Steel until the Union-Brotherhood War. Then they became more akin to the Brotherhood as it was presented in a possible ending for the first Fallout.
      • Consequently, the Atlantic Outcasts are clear expies of the Brotherhood Outcasts presented in Fallout 3.
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    • Ironically enough, Winters Enclave is this for the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 4.
    • The Sleeves are this to the Nuka-World Raiders in Fallout 4, being an alliance of Raiders.
  • Foil: Similar to the above.
    • The Union of Georgia, while similar in concept to the NCR, is much more militaristic and aggresive. Also it is clearly established that the Union won its war against the Atlantic Brotherhood of Steel, while we get not actual information as the the state of the Brotherhood outside the Mojave chapter beyond "Bad Shape" in Fallout: New Vegas.
    • Winters Enclave, similar to Lyon's Brotherhood of Steel, Became Their Own Antithesis with the key difference between the two being their origins.
    • The Inner Circle are this to both the Minutemen and the Railroad from Fallout 4. Like the Minutemen, they're officially a citizen militia group that seeks to create a more peaceful life for Wastelanders in the Seattle Expanse, while taking a heavy Rebellious Rebel stance akin to the Railroad, keeping their goals laregely secret from the wastelanders.
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    • The Rising Sun is this to Caesar's Legion as both are militaristic groups that draw inspiration from a former Empire. The differences between the two comes from their stance on technology, with the Legion largely rejecting technology and The Rising Sun instead embracing it and seeking to learn from it.
  • Meaningful Name: A few.
    • The Silver Manes are named for the Silver Hair-dye they use.
    • Bastion is named both for the fact it was built around a Bunker and that its strong defences serve as a bastion of safety in the Seattle Expanse.
  • One-Man Army: Connor Henryson was apparently this, or at least considered this by Wastelanders. So much so that people flocked to him and help him found the community of Bastion.
  • Pet the Dog: The Union of Georgia did this to the Silver Manes, allowing the tribe to keep much of its land and all of its traditions after emerging victorious over The Foundation.
  • Yandere: The Disciples of Tom were this to the original Tom, lynching their overseer and most of the Security and Vault-Tec staff because they didn't show Tom proper respect. They're still this in 2287, though now its towards the Vault 59 A.I. which claimed it was Tom in order to keep the Disciples in check and turn them into a genuine Nice Guy faction.

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