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The Scratch Wiki, the official wiki of Scratch, is often serious, formal, no-nonsense, and on the point, much like Wikipedia. However, on only one of the 365 days, the Scratch Wiki pulls out the fun and transforms some of itself into an amazing work of Satire, Parody, Deadpan Snarking, Literal Metaphors and informal language, where the Scratch Team are Jerkass Evil Overlords, energy units from projects are a Running Gag, and all sorts of Scratch-related madness.


Think of it as Uncyclopedia, but related to Scratch and kid-friendly.

Even if it's not April Fools' Day, you can check out the craziness here. Be careful to not laugh so hard that you nearly suffer a heart attack.note 

Needs Wiki Magic Love

Made by Kaj, for a random bunch of Nobodies:


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