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Why Did It Have To Be Snakes / Web Original

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Snakes (ophidiophobia)

Spiders (arachnophobia)

  • The Nostalgia Critic. He once saw a spider on his desk and chucked a baseball to break a window.
  • Simon Lane makes his feelings about spiders quite clear, and squeals in hysterical fear whenever one appears in a game he and Lewis Brindley are playing. He'll quickly get over it, until another one ambushes him.
  • Yo Videogames:
    • Maximilian Dood has a rather understandable case of arachnophobia, since he suffered a near-fatal black widow bite when he was a child. He considers it partially responsible for his general distaste for Spider-Man.
    • Max also suffered cynophobia (fear of dogs) due to a similar childhood mishap, but he overcame it for the sake of his wife Jessica, who loves dogs and wanted to own one; nowadays their Pomeranian Benny is essentially the mascot for all of Max's work, and even got a Shout-Out in the 2013 Killer Instinct.

Blindness (scotomaphobia)

  • Lauchlan of Mix Beer With Liquor lost an eye in childhood, and has developed a crippling fear of becoming blind, or having his vision impaired in any fashion.

Birds (ornithophobia)

  • Like Ace Ventura and his bat phobia, animal enthusiast Catee Wayne (of "Boxxy" fame) has an inexplicable loathing of geese. The geese episode of "Weird, Gross and Beautiful" is delivered in a flat deadpan with zero interest in the subject matter.
    "Sigh. They're really extra-good at nommin' on grass because their beaks are, like, extra-pointy or something. All the better to bite your small children."
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  • Johnny Ghost really doesn't like birds.
  • Caddicarus mentions having ornithophobia for the longest time after hearing the nursery rhyme "Sing a Song of Six Pence."

Mannequins (automatonophobia)

Water (hydrophobia)

  • Lucahjin has a practically crippling fear of water and drowning, despite being perky and plucky the rest of the time.
  • Let's Play/Markiplier is afraid of the ocean, particularly the idea that there might be something lurking in the depths (especially sharks). Most of his playthroughs of oceanic games like Depth, Raft, and Subnautica have 'F*** THE OCEAN' and 'I HATE THE OCEAN' as refrains.

MMORPG Game Masters

  • After getting his avatar banned because of Real Money Trade, Arthéon can't get anywhere near a Game Master and refuses to call for one when it would the appropriate thing to do.

Worms (vermiphobia)

  • Vegeta from the Dragon Ball Z Abridged spinoff Two Saiyans Play, although he seemed fine playing Worms Reloaded.
  • This is one of, if not the only thing that would scare hololive's Sora Tokino in horror games. She had a notorious reputation for being completely unfazed by horror games, but if worms are involved, expect her to react with Stunned Silence.

Squirrels (sciurophobia)

Tuna (tonnophobia)

  • While Simon Minter (Miniminter) isn't exactly scared of tuna per se, he has an extreme dislike for it. So naturally, the rest of the Sidemen used this to their advantage and took the time to shove a can of the stuff under his nose during his patience test. He almost cried.

Flying (aviophobia) or Heights (acrophobia)

  • Pizza Face from The Grossery Gang is crippled by his fear of heights, which he learns he has during a mountain expedition. It was first an internal fear that he wasn't recognizing, but when he fully becomes aware of it, he's in such fear that he somehow goes naked from it.

Demons (demonophobia)

  • BuzzFeed Unsolved host Ryan Bergera is already easily-spooked by ghosts and spirits, but he is utterly terrified of demons, to the point where he'll only go into one demon-infested location per season. The first time he did it, he and Shane attempted to spend the night in the legendary Sallie House, but Ryan couldn't do it, and bolted after a few hours.
    Ryan: I've lived my life by one adage, and that's don't fuck with demons.


  • Trolled!: Two things DGR is afraid of in Mario Maker 2 are Monty Moles and Boom Boom.


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