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  • Saying Sound Effects Out Loud:
    • The basis of several games, and invoked in others out of necessity. Sometimes literally - Ryan has a habit of saying "squeaky squeaky" instead of something normal (also see under Running Gag above), and Wayne has actually said "slam" while miming closing a door once. Also averted on occasion - Archie Hahn in the UK run might have been too good at this, to the point that Paul would often mess with him; and Wayne makes disturbingly realistic fart sounds.
    • Once Ryan took the Running Gag of Colin's-car-won't-start up a notch, making the sound of a failing engine actually saying "you're not going anywhere".
    • In his first appearance in the renewal, Keegan was playing an android and yelled "Half of me!" after getting bisected by an alien queen and pretending to crawl on the ground with his torso.
    • In a "Show Stopping Number" set in the U.S. Senate, Wayne comes in saying "Knock, knock, knock". That lets Colin mock it by saying, "Someone's at the knocker" instead of at the door.
    • In a "Hollywood Director", Wayne said "boing!" when he mimed his Elvis hairdo unraveling.
      • Similarly, in a "Duet" with the style of Jewish music, Wayne said "Sproing!" when he mimed his curly hair unraveling.
    • The Scenes From A Hat suggestion of "Using the word 'Boing!', bad times to have Viagra kick in."
    • Done by Ryan in the "Foreign Film Dub" scene "Dead in the Gulag":
      Ryan: Let me just give you a slight adjustment. Tap-tap-tap. What's wrong?
  • Say My Name: In the "Hollywood Director" parodying Zorro:
    Wayne: Esta mi, El Zorro!
    Ryan: Zorrrrrrrroooooooooo!!!!
    Wayne: ...Si si?
  • Scatting:
    • One game of "Greatest Hits" in the revival series sees Wayne switching to this instead, letting Jeff do the actual singing.
    • A "Greatest Hits" from the first U.S. series had this as a style as well; at one point Wayne actually said "scat" repeatedly during the song.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Only for Ryan Stiles - he really hated Hoedown in the US version. invoked
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Connections!: In the "Showstopping Number" set at a toll booth, Colin convinces Ryan to steal the coins from the till:
    Ryan: You're right, there's tons of money here. But it's kinda like stealing, isn't it?
    Colin: Hey. We're government.
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Money!:
    • During a "Hoedown" about winning the lottery, Colin sang only two lines about that now that he's loaded, he could do anything he wanted. To which he proceeded to run into the audience, kiss a few girls, then come back and "punch" Wayne.
    • In a Hoedown about speeding tickets, Drew's verse goes as follows:
      Drew: I drive fast, I do it all the time. Usually 105, sometimes 109. Burnin' rubber, flippin' off the CHP. 'Cause they don't give no ticket to a rich celebrity.
    • There's an earlier one in the UK clip show, where he stopped singing outright; and one session of "Weird Newscasters" where he's the co-anchor whose horse just won the race, and he actually yells "screw you" at his "colleagues".
  • Secret Identity: In a "Let's Make a Date" where Greg played Judge Judy, Wayne guessed he was Judge Mills Lane. This followed:
    Drew: Mills Lane is gonna come over here and kick your ass for that.
    Wayne: Have you ever seen them in public together?
    Drew: No.
    Wayne: ["thought so" tone] Uh-huh.
  • Self-Deprecation:
    • Provides the page quote from a game of "Narrate" set at a gas station.
      Colin: He had the kind of face only a mother could love. If that mother was blind in one eye, and had that kind of milky film over the other... but still he was my identical twin.
    • Drew is prone to do this to himself for a laugh.
      Drew: The points don't mean anything, just like my Thigh Master.
    • Drew again:
      Drew: That's right, the points are just like the host on Whose Line Is It Anyway?.
      Audience: Aawww...
      Drew: Hey, anybody can do this. [buzzes]
    • One more for the road:
      Drew: I'm Drew Carey, or as Hannibal Lector calls me, dinner for two.
    • When Drew played "World's Worst" and the theme could potentially be used against him, he was generally the first to take advantage of it (presumably so nobody else would be able to do it after), like quoting The Drew Carey Show for "World's Worst TV Show" and saying "This is Drew Carey for Slim-Fast" during "World's Worst Celebrity Endorsement".
      Ryan: Do you know anything about ice cream, Drew?
      Drew: Only that I love to eat it, 'cause I'm fat, fat, fat!
    • Clive had jokes done about how he doesn't look like he has a neck.
      Clive: The points competition is neck and neck, which leaves me out of it.
    • The Running Gag of Ryan and Colin stepping out and doing nothing during the game of Scenes From a Hat, during such suggestions like "People who shouldn't rap".
    • In the Salute to Great American Television episode, Drew called it ironic that they were doing such a show.
    • In the episode when Jerry Springer guest starred, he finished a game of daytime talk show with the final thought "May you never be on my show."
      • Seems to be a habit of Jerry's; he has included the same line in speeches (such as at universities).
    • Whenever Ryan and Colin have to do a scene where they have to speak in an accent, it tends to be all over the place. Rather than ignore this, they usually point it out and make up some wildly unlikely explanation for it. Usually by asking the other if they are Dutch.
    • Inadvertantly done by Colin during a game where he stands in front of a green screen and reports on the events shown based on the comments other players make. It wasn't until a bald joke was made that he caught on that the footage being shown was himself being a Large Ham in previous episodes.
    • In his sole episode, Robin Williams pondered during "Scenes From a Hat" which asked "What is Robin Williams thinking right now?"
      Robin: I have a career; what the hell am I doing here?
      Drew: "Personal ads that wouldn't get a response."
      Colin: Slightly balding superhero...
      Drew: Yeah, slightly. And I'm slightly overweight.
    • In the 2013 revival, Maggie Q is most likely the biggest name in the guest list - then we get this gem:
      Ryan: Tell me Maggie, at what time tomorrow do you think you might fire your agent?
    • A post-commercial joke from Drew:
      Drew: Y'know, I had a rough night last night. My blow-up doll ran off with my air mattress. So it was quite a, uh, quite a night.
    • This moment in one "Greatest Hits":
      Colin: "I was in college during the '60s, there was a lot of protest around, but I was too busy organising pep rallies. And that's why this next song... [Drew laughs from off screen] Oh, I studied too. Studied very hard. I didn't get very far. [indicating Ryan and himself] Look!"
    • When Florence Henderson guest starred, she participated in "Dubbing". Drew said performing in the game is simpler than a The Brady Bunch script. Florence snarked, "I don't think so."
  • Self-Proclaimed Liar: In a "Greatest Hits" about race car drivers:
    Ryan: Hey, when I was a kid, I had a honky-tonk band!
    Colin: Really?
    Ryan: No.
  • Separated by a Common Language: Thanks to the UK version's eclectic mix of British, American, and Canadian performers, this pops up a bit, such as Clive and Josie having to explain to Ryan what a "pram" is (a baby buggy). Lampshaded by all three of them afterwards:
    Clive: How many years have you been coming here?note 
    Ryan: And a park is with the trees and...?
    Later, during the scene...
    Josie: I know what a little tinker you are! Do you know what "tinker" means?
    Ryan: Is it like a pram?
  • Sequelitis: Invoked in one "Scenes From a Hat", with the suggestion "what really made the kids in Blair Witch run off screaming":
    Colin: [close to camera, fearfully] There's gonna be a crappy sequel!
  • Seven Minute Lull: In Scenes from a Hat, "Things you don't want to be shouting at a party when the loud music suddenly stops".
  • Shameless Self-Promoter:
    • Drew said after a game:
      Drew: I'm gonna give 1,000 points on that one to Ryan Stiles, who can be seen every Wednesday at 9/8 central on "The Drew Carey Show", right here on ABC.
      Ryan: Shameless.
      Drew: If I'm gonna give points, might as well make 'em worth my while.
    • The Whose Line game in US season 2 ep. 17 somehow has "don't miss The Drew Carey Show Wednesday nights on ABC" on one of the supposedly pre-written notes.
      Drew: ...Wait, there's more; "Give the tall guy more lines"!
  • Shaped Like Itself:
    • Clive once introduced Ryan Stiles as "the man whose name is synonymous with Ryan Stiles", and on another occasion as "Ryan Stiles: the Man They Call 'Ryan Stiles'".
    • One moment in a memorable Improbable Mission.
      Ryan: Now, what was it?
      Colin: Burnoose.
      Ryan: Any idea what it looks like?
      Colin: It looks like... a burnoose!
    • One time Drew starts the show like this.
      Drew: Welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway, the show that asks the question: Whose Line Is It Anyway!
      • From the beginning of a different episode:
      Drew: That's right, the points don't matter, just like... I dunno... something that doesn't matter.
    • And let's not forget the "You are my chili dog" three headed broadway star:
    • The "Three Headed Broadway Star" song "Whenever I See Your Warts" has the line "warts are warty".
    • Drew got suggestions from the audience about what you do when you first leave home. He took "college", and another person shouted "drink!"
      Drew: College, drink. Whatever. Uh, same thing.
  • Share the Male Pain: The Newsflash segment with skateboarding bloopers had dozens of ...bad landings... often in a row. The audience reacted to every one, but Colin, who could only react to their reactions, got bored with it.
  • Shirtless Scene: In the 2013 revival. "Hollywood Directors" had Colin telling the guys to do it like fratboys, leading up to Wayne junking his top and running shirtless and screaming in the back.
  • Shoe Phone:
    • Frequently Played for Laughs during scenes that parody Spy Fiction.
      "Bond": You're going to need some interesting weapons — I hope you've got some.
      "Q": As a matter of fact, I do, Bond. You see this pen?
      "Bond": Yes. It looks like an ordinary fountain pen to me.
      "Q": It is. [sprays ink all over Bond's shirt] They're always expecting something more.
    • The "Greatest Hits" about songs of the international spy featured the song "My Shoe is a Phone".
  • Shotgun Wedding: When Scenes from a Hat does "Bad times for your water to break". Colin and Ryan's contribution? The wedding.
  • Shout-Out: Dozens - there's even a trend of sorts, Star Trek jokes in the UK and Star Wars jokes in the US versions.
  • Shout-Out to Shakespeare: Seen quite frequently in "Film, TV & Theater Styles" and "Scenes From a Hat".
  • Shower Scene: In one "Party Quirks", Brad started the scene miming that he was in the shower, when the doorbell rang. A startled Brad looked at the clock.
    Brad: Oh no, it's daylight saving's time!
  • Shown Their Work:
    • When the suggestion "unfortunate city names that shouldn't have a song written about them" came up in Scenes from a Hat. One could say that the players... went to town.
    • Lampshaded one time when Drew described Colin's rather elaborate portrayal of "a surgeon who gets a call during New Year's Eve" in Sound Effects as "not only was it entertaining, it was informative".
    • When two audience members suggested Return of the Killer Tomatoes! for Foreign Film Dub in Polish, Clive actually knew it was a film that already existed.
    Clive: The Return of the Killer Tomatoes in Polish, please. I think that's actually a film, but try to make a new version of it. Away you go.
  • Show Stopper: Unsurprising, as it is played in front of a live audience.
  • Shutting Up Now: Frequently done in "Greatest Hits" when Colin rambles on and on about something. He even put himself to sleep once before Ryan could say anything.
  • Signing-Off Catchphrase:
    • The British version ended with the host saying the names of the cast and crew, and finishing with, "And this is me, Clive Anderson, saying 'goodnight', goodnight!".
    • Colin would often end "Weird Newscasters" with a "Good night, and good news!"
  • Silly Animal Sound: According to this scene, elephants say "quack quack".
  • Singing Telegram: One "Song Styles" segment has Wayne singing to an audience member in the style of a "singing strip-o-gram". He gives her a Preemptive Apology before starting the song.
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis:
    • Clive had Greg would often bicker; many times at the gulf between Americans and British people.
    • Drew had Ryan tease each other a lot, building off of their relationship on The Drew Carey Show.
    • Aisha has sarcastic banter with Colin.
  • Sleepyhead: Ryan pretended to be this in a few performer introductions.
  • Small Reference Pools:
  • Smoking Hot Sex:
    • Thanks to the US TV rating, the players (usually Colin) mime smoking to represent sex. See Does This Remind You of Anything? for one example.
    • This gets notably averted on the US version, during Scenes from a Hat when the suggestion "times you wish you could fast-forward Real Life" comes up. Wayne fast-forwards through a "date" with Greg, which actually involved Greg making humping motions on Wayne in the middle - presumably to set up the final gag, with Greg crying "this never happened before!"
  • The Smurfette Principle:
    • For some obscure reason, Drew's run of the show had a maximum of one female performer on occasion. And why are all the musicians women anyway?
    • Inverted by UK Series 3 Episode 6, which had three female performers to one male.
  • Something Else Also Rises: Some of the "Dating Service Video" jokes involved this, including one where Wayne pretended to blow on a party horn that was growing in size.
  • Something Person: Invoked more often than not during Super Heroes.
    Thank God you're here, Man Who Says Everything Twice Man!
  • Something Something Leonard Bernstein: When "Scenes from a Hat" had the suggestion "songs from doomed Broadway musicals", Colin's offering was basically him babbling through an entire musical number, with the only words he remembered being "short term memory".
  • Sommelier Speak:
    • Played for Laughs when Scenes from a Hat brings up "Bizarre Ways to Describe the Taste of a Wine".
    • Wayne again in the revival, the suggestion is now "Things you can Say about your Food but Not your Girlfriend":
      Wayne: [sips] Nice start, horrible aftertaste.
  • Sound-Effect Bleep:
    • While most bleeps in the US version were of stronger curse words, occasionally there were head-scratching bleeps of what the censors apparently considered inappropriate remarks. It got out of hand at times, especially since the beep actually made the comments sound more taboo than they actually were:
      Ryan: [during a "Hoedown" about Christmas] Every Christmas Eve You'll find me (porking Mrs. Claus!)
      Brad: [during a "Party Quirks" where Colin is a seal] I'd like you to meet (Stephen Hawking).
      Drew: [after "Song Styles"] Doug's a chemistry professor, but he actually owns a (meth lab) in Van Nuys. They call him "The Professor".
      Ryan: [during "Narrate" about a pizza shop] Like that pizza in the oven, I wanted him (in me). It just occurred to me: we're never gonna be able to use that.
      Brad: [during "Scenes From a Hat" where the suggestion was "What Politicians' Wives Are Really Thinking As They Smile and Wave at the Podium"] "I sure hope my husband licks (Bush) tonight." It's an election thing!
      Ryan: [after a "Party Quirks" where he played all the characters in a gay Western] I'm gonna (blow) you a-way!
    • Colin afflicts these on himself during the "Millionaire Show" playing where the theme was Jerry Springer.
    • One of the "Scenes From a Hat" suggestions was "Statements That Will Get Bleeped By the Censor". The cast responds accordingly.
      Wayne: In español, I'm El Grande Ricardo, but you can call me Big [Dick].
    • A few instances used silence instead of a Sound-Effect Bleep, such as:
      Colin: [during "Scenes From a Hat"] [singing] I've lost my (erection).
      Drew: [World's Worst person to share a desert island with] Now let me show you one more way I like to (masturbate)!
    • After "Scenes from a Hat", with the last suggestion being "Things that you waitress says to you that could be misconstrued as sexual":
      Drew: And who could forget the ever-popular "More cream in your coffee?"
      Ryan: Oh! Or, uh, "(Fuck) (me)".
  • Soundtrack Dissonance:
    • Occurs in two games. Narrate's "Private Investigator", a lonely film noir track, contrasts with the absurdity of the situation Colin and Ryan create. Hey You Down There's "Folli the Foal", a peaceful 1950's theme, contrasts with the often violent undertakings of Colin and Ryan's demonstrated activity.
    • One "Scenes From a Hat" was about the wrong songs to play while making love. Kathy Greenwood sang, "Rubber Ducky, you're the one!"
  • Spaghetti Kiss: Seen in a playing of "Helping Hands" about two Italian lovers. The spaghetti kiss was between Kathy Greenwood and Ryan.
  • Speaking Simlish:
    • If Ryan's the one with the mic in "Sound Effects", everyone speaks this way for the most part. But sometimes he speaks more distinctly to get the plot across.
    • The torch has been passed.
  • Speak in Unison:
    • The premise of "All in One Voice", which was only played a few times due to its high difficulty.
    • In the "Greatest Hits" about zookeepers, Colin and Ryan said "polka hit" at the same time, and said the name of the song simultaneously as well: "Beers and Slavs".
    • In a "Party Quirks" where Colin played a scientist trying to measure how long it would take to irritate Greg, both Colin and Greg said, "Would you STOP imitating me?!"
    • The game "Funeral" (only done twice) forces three performers to sing a improved song about the imaginary deceased person all in one voice.
      • Also present in "Reunion".
    • In the "Film Dub" featuring Once Upon a Honeymoon, Ryan and Brad began singing their advertising jingle in unison, though neither sang the same words, creating an amusing dissonance.
    • In one "Two Line Vocabulary", Colin and Ryan both said at the same time, "Oops, I did it again!"
  • Special Guest: Robin Williams, Stephen Colbert and Whoopi Goldberg were guest performers, with David Hasselhoff, Hugh Hefner, Richard Simmons, Sid Caesar, Florence Henderson, Jerry Springer and even Lassie appearing for individual skits.
    • From the UK version, we have Jonathan Pryce, Stephen Fry, Ardal O'Hanlon, and Eddie Izzard.
      • George Wendt also appeared in two episodes of the UK series.
    • Don't forget Santa Claus!
    • Richard Simmons' appearance managed to become a running gag for several games after it.
    • The revival series makes sure to have these, the the extent that only a handful don't.note 
  • Speed Sex:
    • In a "Hoedown" about Superman:
      Drew: Well, Superman is hunky and he looks good in his tights / He keeps ladies thinking of him at nights / But there's one thing that causes ladies pain / When he makes love to them, he's faster than a train!
    • When "Scenes from a Hat" brought up the suggestion "songs about life's embarrassing moments":
      Wayne: We made love at 5:06 / And I was done by 5:07...
    • During a game of "Superheros," in which Greg played "Quick Rick":
      Greg: Yeah, sorry about last night, Wonder Woman. It's never happened to me that fast before.
    • In the revival series, Jeff's idea of "cartoon characters in adult movies" puts a whole new spin on the Catchphrase "That's all, folks."
    • In the "World's Worst" self-help video:
      Drew: Hi, I'm Ryan Stiles. Welcome to my love-making secrets tape. [mimes smoking] This tape will end in sixty seconds.
  • Spiritual Successor:
  • Spit Take:
    • They actually had "Things that would cause a Drew Carey spit take" as a Scenes From A Hat skit once. Drew played along and put his cup to his mouth in setup.
    • Drew almost does one unintentionally in this Weird Newscasters skit, and the Greatest Hits "Songs of the Bus Driver".
    • The infamous Foreign Film Dub in Canadian even leads to Wayne going into a spit take (also unintentionally) without a actual drink involved.
    • Brad got a full one, drink and all, during a game of Bartender. He got Ryan full in the face to boot.
  • Spoof Aesop: In a "Greatest Hits" about Las Vegas, Colin delivered a "we're all the same" aesop in an unusual way:
    Ryan: What do you call it when a Smurf relieves himself on your lawn?
    Colin: ...Crab... grass?
    Ryan: No, bluegrass! And that's our next music style! [audience groans]
    Colin: Although, Ryan, I think that no matter your outside color, all urine is the same.
    Ryan: That's true.
    Colin: It's what's inside that counts.
    Ryan: You give a hope to a lot of people.
  • Spotlight-Stealing Squad: They really should have thought twice about getting Penn & Teller on the show.
  • Spot the Impostor: One game of "Two Line Vocabulary" has Colin as a submarine Captain trying to figure out if Ryan or Brad is a spy. He decides the way to figure out is having both of them launch torpedoes at a enemy ship, using the logic the spy won't hurt his friends. But they ended the game without a resolution as to which one was the spy.
  • Staircase Tumble: On one occasion, when venturing into the audience, Drew almost fell down the stairs but regained his balance. He lampshaded this after returning to his desk: "Man, 200 crew guys just yelled, 'My mortgage!"" Greg added: "We were just watching our career pass before our eyes up here." In another instance, Drew did some fancy footwork when going to his desk at the top of the show, and Ryan asked him to come down the stairs normally because he has a mortgage.
  • Stalker Shrine: Invoked in "Dating Profiles" in the 2013 revival:
    Wayne: So uh, I don't have any pictures of myself, but I have plenty of you. [rape face]
  • Stalker with a Crush: In a "Greatest Hits":
    Ryan: You can have your alternative music; give me The Beach Boys any day!
    Colin: Well, remember the restraining order. [Ryan looks ashamed]
  • Stealth Insult:
    • On the Party Quirks where Ryan Gets Hurt, Wayne speaks faster and faster for someone he's attracted to... and slows down for Drew. When Colin, the French Pig hunting for Truffles and annoyed at not finding any, arrives, he talks extremely fast at Colin.
    • During one "Let's Make a Date", Ryan's quirk was that he was Colin's highly competitive uglier brother. After the game, Colin addressed the stealth insult in how Ryan's quirk was worded:
      Colin: I love the fact they put the word "uglier".
    • When Drew asks for suggestions for "what you wanted to be when you grow up", some smart aleck yells "prostitute!", to which Drew replied "call me when you grow up!" Just let that roll around in your skull for a minute.
  • Stealth Pun:
    • One early "Weird Superheroes" involved said heroes dealing with "acid rain"... then Ryan steps in, acting like he's been using a different sort of acid.
    • In one "Film, TV & Theater Styles", when the style switched to Pokémon, Karen Maruyama said "Hello, I am Itchy!" Which sounds almost exactly the same as "Ichi", a Japanese name.
  • Stock Footage:
    • Many times when multiple episodes were created from the same taping session, we see some of the same in-between game banter. It's not uncommon to hear Drew make a joke that you swear you've heard before (ex: "Never make fun of the popular funny guy, that's the thing you shouldn't do."). Thankfully, the transition between old and new footage is pretty seamless anyway.
    • There are exceptions, though: During an episode that came from the same taping as female bodybuilder Jayne Trcka, Ryan remarks that he's not built like some of the women on the show, but can usually hold his own. In the episodes from this taping that don't feature Trcka, this joke doesn't make sense.
    • This gets milked for all the laughs possible in two notable Newsflash games, using footage of past Colin and Ryan performances.
  • Stock Lateral Thinking Puzzle:
    • In a playing of "The Millionaire Show", Colin quizzes Ryan on what the capital of Paraguay is. The last choice (and the correct one) is "P".
    • And in another, "W" is the correct answer for the capital of Wyoming.
  • Stop, or I Shoot Myself!: The "Helping Hands" with Wil Wheaton has Ryan and Wil as two cops, and Ryan brings up hostage negotiation, but accidentally says "never negotiate with hostages" instead of terrorists, leading to Wil acting out this trope on his own.
  • Straight Man: Most games had one of these, by design. In the US version, this was almost always the fourth chair (in particular Greg or Kathy), but on occasion, Colin would fill the role instead (especially when it was a two-player game with Ryan).
  • Strange Minds Think Alike:
    • In an early "Greatest Hits", Colin said that The Rolling Stones were older than most stones on Earth. In a later "Greatest Hits", Ryan said virtually the same thing.
    • When getting suggestions from the audience of unlikely roommates for a playing of "Title Sequence", two audience members shouted out "Satan", amusing Ryan.
      Drew: "Schoolgirl and Satan". Great.
      Ryan: ...What was the other Satan one?! Just waiting for schoolgirl...
  • Strange-Syntax Speaker:
    • During a playing of "Questionable Impressions", Greg played Yoda from Star Wars. The following exchange occurred:
      Greg: [as Yoda] Waiting, you are?
      Ryan: [as Katharine Hepburn] Well aren't you just the cutest little thing I've ever seen?
      Greg: Teach you, will you like to learn?
    • After a playing of "Narrate" where Ryan got Tongue-Tied.
      Drew: That's, uh, each a thousand you points for.
    • In one "Greatest Hits", Colin said they'd return to the "Wrong Emphasis Theater" production of What? Women WANT?! in just a second.
    • One game of "Dubbing" with Heather Morris from Glee has Colin attempting Valley Girl speak, which turned into something else"
      Wayne: I was born for this, are you ready?
      Colin: I was TOO BORN!! [Heather gives Colin an odd look]
    • Done unintentionally in a "Greatest Hits" when Ryan talked about protest songs:
      Ryan: I think one of my '60s protest favorite songs- reverse that, and it's "favorite '60s protest songs"...
  • Street Urchin: Colin remarked in a "Greatest Hits" that he was a child of the streets. This joke is revisited later when he performs an improvised rap about metal music:
    Colin: I'm just talkin' metal. It could be heavy, it could be light, it could be aluminum, it could be lead. Is lead a metal? I don't know. Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa!
    Ryan: Hey, you just rapped there!
    Colin: I told ya, I'm a child of the streets!
  • Strictly Formula:
    • The layout of games was significantly more rigid in the UK version (they even rotated 2-player games to give all 4 equal exposure - compare with Wayne's showcases in the US run), and the US run would occasionally subvert the end credits reading depending on the final cut of the footage, but both sides seem to agree on making the first game a 4-player affair to get the ball rolling.
    • Both versions ended with a Hoedown more often than not. The US has an excuse - it's Drew's favorite part of the game. The UK doesn't, guest performers on Hoedown would turn it into a muttering-down more often than not.
    • While nearly all episodes feature Drew repeating that the points don't matter, one episode averted this formula by Drew announcing that the points DO matter. He gave specific point totals to each performer and kept track on a card. About halfway through the show, he almost gave up on this, but changed his mind when goaded by Ryan and the audience.
    • In the 2013 version, whenever a guest star appears, expect the games to be played to be from a short list: Song Styles/Duet, Dubbing, Living Scenery, and Helping Hands.
  • Studio Audience: Given the format, audience members are occasionally brought down to participate - virtually everyone's enthusiastic about it. Some, such as Carol perform especially admirably.
  • Stupid Statement Dance Mix: One's been made using several of Colin's "crap" declarations.
  • Sublime Rhyme: A couple "Scenes From a Hat" and "Hats" playings returned Dr. Seuss parodies:
    Colin: (suggestion: "Dr. Seuss pick-up lines") Could you do it with a friend?/Could you do it end-to-end?/Could you do it on a boat?/Could you do it with my goat?/Could you do it in a tree?/Could you do it while I see?/Hee-hee-hee, hee-hee-hee-hee.
    Colin: (wearing The Cat in the Hat hat) I will have you on a boat, I will have you with a goat. On a boat, with a goat, I don't care!
  • Subverted Rhyme Every Occasion:
    • Once during "Props" with Robin Williams and a pair of pom-poms.
      Robin: Rickem rackem rockem ruckem, get that ball and really FIGHT!
    • And when Brad sings to audience member Lanelle:
      Brad: Lanelle, you make my heart swell
      Sometimes I think I died and went to... heaven.
    • In a playing of "Irish Drinking Song", Wayne said the verse "I became a rock tucker", and when they got to Colin, he deliberately sang nothing, because we all know what can rhyme with "tucker".
    • During a "Hoedown" about wrestling, Colin's third line ended with "turnbuckle", and his fourth line was:
      Colin: Because of all my injuries, I've lost the ability to rhyme!
    • Averted in the love song Brad sings to a girl named "Niroshi." He has to resort to some Painful Rhymes, but that just makes it funnier.
    • In a Hoedown about game shows, Ryan's third line ended with "heinous" (pronounced as "heenus"), and instead of ending the fourth line with the expected "penis", he made the sound of a game show buzzer instead.
    • Greg does this in a Hoedown blooper about valet parking. The end result is more profane than the presumed rhyme.
      Greg: I will drive a thousand miles an hour 'round the block, and you'll be... God... mother fucking shit...
    • In a UK Hoedown about cricket players:
      Greg: I'm a cricket player. I stand upon the pitch.
      I wait for the ball to come, and then I give it a switch.
      When the game is over, I retire for a beer,
      And I know what you're thinking. And no, we're not.
    • In a "Scene to Rap" about aliens:
      Colin: I am an alien from the black hole / I've come here to collect your soul / I'm going to take you back there, / And then I'm just gonna dance!
    • Drew in one Hoedown about surgery:
      Drew: I hope soon that I get out all my stitches.
      'Cause let me tell you brother, they hurt like sons of guns!
    • Done accidentally by Ryan during a game of Irish Drinking Song when he skips Wayne's line:
      Greg: I wish I had money.
      Colin: And then I'd be so rich.
      Ryan: And I'd never have to
      Ryan: invite that- oh nevermind!
    • More than one Hoedown verse has rhymed "luck" with "and then I shouted '[something that doesn't rhyme with luck]!'".
    • Heather Ann might have been studying Mock the Week between seasons:
      Heather: I'm afraid that after you slept with your maids / You have developed a nasty case of... chlamydia.
    • This "Irish Drinking Song" has Wayne attempting this... and wind up corpsing too much to go on.
  • Suddenly Shouting:
    • In the "Greatest Hits" about flight attendants:
      Colin: And I love the hyper-metal sounds of THRASH. AND THEIR GREAT FLIGHT ATTENDANT SONG- [Drew laughs loudly] "DO YOU WANT MEAT OR FISH?!"
    • Colin again when "Theme Restaurant" has Jonathan and Special Guest Wanye Morris of Boyz II Men fame in a baseball restaurant:
      Colin: I'm sorry, you're gonna have to leave... Cos the entire staff just went on STRRRIKE!!!
  • Suddenly Speaking: Not in the traditional sense, but it was never necessary for Laura Hall to talk during the episodes. So it was a surprise when she suddenly spoke up after the Off the Rails playing of "Song Styles" with Howard the engineer, where her keyboard malfunctioned and played part of the song at double the speed.
    Drew: You had a little equipment breakdown, right?
    Laura Hall: Uh, it's hard to explain! [audience laughs] I'm so sorry.
    Drew: It's all right. I didn't even know The Village People did polkas!
  • Super Zeroes: Most of the characters made up during "Super Heroes". "Thank God you're here, Man Who Says Everything Twice Man!"
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial:
    • Ryan, during the one playing of "Meet the Family", played a dominatrix. After the game, he says he doesn't know a thing about dominatrices:
      Ryan: If they hook up electricity to people nipples, I wouldn't know about that sort of thing.
    • In a "Narrate" set in an emergency room:
      Colin: Hi, I'm here to help you with your operation. I'm not undercover or anything.
  • Sure, Let's Go with That:
    • The early UK game Authors relied entirely on the players' reading habits, giving the resident genius John Sessions an unfair advantage, so Clive gamely accepted anything the other players suggested - the AA handbook, a child's letter to Santa, Millie the White House dog, and the nonexistent "Japanese novelist" Yakishimo Okomo (which was basically Paul Merton making up Japanese-sounding gibberish).
    • In the "Greatest Hits" about songs of marriage:
      Colin: Hey, how much would you pay for this [CD]?
      Ryan: Oh, I'd pay... $37.59?
      Colin: [shrugs] Sounds good to me.
    • Also in the start of the Greatest Hits of the Scoutmaster, Ryan claims Colin is wearing Boy Scout badges. Colin says the Boy Scoutmaster gave those to him. Ryan asks if it was because of his great job as a scout. Colin says "Sure, let's go with that."
  • Surrounded by Idiots: Pretty much the point of what is supposed to happen to Colin, during "Two Line Vocabulary".
  • Swiss Cheese Security: In one "Narrate" set in the Oval Office:
    Colin: There didn't seem to be much security around, I just walked right in.

  • The Tag: The contestant(s) reading the credits in a particular style is basically one more scene.
  • Take That!:
    • The contestants LOVE sneaking in Take Thats at each other. Colin is often a target for being bald and/or Canadian, but Ryan and Drew are constantly belittled too.
    • Especially evident during the Drew Carey run was the number of Take Thats against Friends, airing in the same time slot as their show on a rival network. UPN and George W Bush are also recurring targets. One of the best examples was "What George W. Bush thinks during Cabinet meetings".
    • The UK version wasn't above this, often picking on shows like Eastenders or Neighbors, or digging at the Royal Family and other politicians. They even would make fun of Clive Anderson, too.
      Clive: [to a US audience] ...hey, I'm new here... haven't even met Divine Brown yet...
    • When Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? was taking off, Drew made a couple good-natured jokes about it, such as awarding a billion points to the performers to make it look like Millionaire's prizes were peanuts in comparison.
      Drew: Feel the heat, Regis.
    • "Okay, so you have to sing to Joe the pool guy using his name and occupation in the style of famed misogynist and homophobe Eminem."
    • Slattery's verse for the Sex Hoedown:
      Tony: I'm a little kinky, my panties are made of fur,
      I like to stay in evenings, just me and my cucumber.
      And then I pull my pants down, and start to paint my tush,
      And dress up in leather, and squat on Barbara Bush!
    • On the UK version while Tony Slattery was still around, he would make a common practice of making his Props teammate say, "Hello, I'm [unpopular celebrity name]" followed by Tony pretending to throw up in the prop.
    • One more Tony one, this time from the game Authors:
      Tony: Barbara Cartland, witch and hag
      Too much makeup, fascist bag
    • In a playing of "Award Show" with the theme of hillbillies, Ryan thanked his acting coach, Ned Beatty.
      • During the same playing, Drew tells the performers to just "pretend it's the Golden Globes."
    • After a playing of "Superheroes", Drew remarked about zippers on Wayne's pants, who said it was a tribute to Michael Jackson. After a bit of brief banter, Greg said, "Here's my tribute to LaToya", and made an unflattering face, also using his hands to push up his nose.
    • Drew usually insults Wayne's mom during Hoedowns.
    • Ryan frequently takes stabs at Michael Bolton.
    • Firestone tires were infrequently made fun of by the cast.
    • Surprisingly averted in one of the two Irish Drinking Songs about Drew Carey; there are very few jabs at Drew, with the worst thing said about him was how his glasses looked funny.
    • One "Scenes From a Hat" suggestion was "people who shouldn't work naked":
      Ryan: Welcome to the stage, if you will: Kathy Lee. [audience reaction is mixed] Oh yeah, she's great.
    • From the revival, a "Scene From a Hat" suggestion was "Bad things to say when you're running for office."
      • In the new "Dating Profiles" game, Wayne wasted no time at all to do a jab at Honey Booboo, and then Justin Bieber. In one "Weird Newscasters" he tears into Oprah Winfrey.
    • After one commercial break:
      Drew: You know, I was reading my newspaper during the break, and guess what I read? I read that one of the people on Big Brother, after they got voted off, she said the show made her miserable. Join the club.
    • During a "Hollywood Director", Colin demanded respect because he won a People's Choice Award. Brad immediately mimed pulling out his own PCA and Colin angrily remarked, "I know, everybody has one! Who doesn't have one?!"
    • Colin, being Canadian, takes many shots at Toronto mayor Rob Ford.
    • Greg's dig at the Phoneaholic Teenager in "Scenes from a Hat".
    • Wayne going into Stylistic Suck mode as Drake.
    • The first game of "Party Quirks" in the third revival season has Ryan as "a series of babies growing up into obnoxious adults".
      Ryan: "Hello, I'm Glenn Beck..."
    • Drew was not a fan of The Blair Witch Project, and took a moment in one episode to make fun of it:
      Drew: [taking a suggestion from the audience] "Blair Boring Witch Project". "I'm lost." "You're an idiot." "Oh yeah, we're lost." And then the big plot twist in the middle of the movie... "I'm lost." "Oh yeah, well, you're lost."
    • From a "Scenes from a Hat":
      Brad: [stroking Colin's head] I only like ONE shade of gray.
    • When they do "World's Worst" Roommate:
      Heather Anne: [Stepford Smiler on] I'm a vegan! [buzzed]
    • In World's Worst, the cast has to come up with scenes from the world's worst TV shows. Aisha pretends to be reading a book while sitting on a toilet.
      Aisha: On tonight's Game of Thrones.
  • Take That, Audience!:
    • Usually right after returning from a commercial break, Drew would make a joke at the home audience's expense. Example:
      Drew: Hey, during the commercial break, did you tell your kids you loved them? Did you pet your dog? Did you tell your wife you were glad to see her? Didja? Didja? Huh? [shouting] NO! You just sat on your fat butt waiting for the show to come back on! [calmly] Now during the next commercial break, don't forget to kiss your wife.
    • Drew would also say he pitied any viewer who was seriously keeping track of the points.
    • In one episode, Drew said he was pleased at how, thanks to the show, amateur improv is at an all time high. However, he didn't want any more people to send him their crummy audition tapes.
    • After getting suggestions from the audience before a playing of "Film, TV & Theater Styles":
      Drew: Boy, "surfing", "South Park", what a smart crowd we have!
    • Before many "Scenes from a Hat" playings, Drew noted that they took the good audience suggestions at put them in the hat, implying that many of them suck. Spelled out as such in #4.10:
    Drew: We take the good ones, we don't take every single one of them, a lot of them stink.
  • Talk Like a Pirate: Used, appropriately enough, in "Helping Hands" when Ryan and special guest Whoopi Goldberg played a couple of pirates.
  • The Tape Knew You Would Say That: Seen a couple times for laughs in "Improbable Mission".
  • Teeny Weenie: A frequent joke:
    • After a "Whose Line" where the last line was "Seeing you naked changed my life":
      Drew: Lot of people forget that on The Drew Carey Show, Ryan and I have been totally naked.
      Ryan: Of course, some of us needed a wide-angle lens.
      Drew: And some of us needed a zoom.
    • In a "World's Worst" infomercial.
      Ryan and Wayne: Is your penis too small?
    • Implied in a "Hoedown" about game shows:
      Drew: [singing] I hate to tell this story 'cause myself it might embarrass, / But the other night I went with the daughter of Chuck Barris. / When we went to make love, she did something that's wrong, / I took off my pants, and she gave me the gong.
    • After the "Song Styles" where Wayne sang to Richard Simmons:
      Greg: If only you could see what Colin and I got to see.
      Colin: Little Richard!
    • In a "Hoedown" about drunk mothers, Chip took a jab at Colin's mom ("If your baby looked like that, you'd be drinking too!"), Colin got his revenge:
      Colin: My mother drinks a lot, I know that isn't strange / But her behavior gets really strange. / She acts as though she's from somewhere else, maybe like Venus. / Oh, by the way, Chip has a little penis!
    • In a "Weird Newscasters" where Ryan was using everyone's bodies as weather maps, Ryan pointed to Drew's crotch and said, "And for you boaters, we've got a small craft warning."
    • In a "Hoedown" about Playboy Photographers:
      Ryan: I'm takin' pictures of Drew, out by his pool / He wants to be in the nude, I think that's kind of cool / He's paying me lots of money, all of it in tens / After looking at him, I think I'm gonna need a telephoto lens!
    • One "Scenes From a Hat" is "World's worst thing to say the first time you see someone naked".
      Wayne: Awwww.
    • One "Scenes From a Hat" is weird places for advertisements. Ryan and Wayne pretended to be at a urinal, and Ryan glanced down at Colin's crotch. Drew snarked, "Must be a short ad."
    • In the "Questions Only" involving a robbery at a nude beach:
      Ryan: [to Wayne] Mind if I say this looks like a misdemeanor?
    • One episode started with Drew saying this:
      Drew: ...he's got a Whopper, Colin Mochrie! And, he's got a Whopper Jr., Ryan Stiles!
    • In the "Weird Newscasters" with Colin as a streaker wanting to get in every shot, Greg snarked:
      Greg: Thank goodness we had time for that short feature.
    • In the same game, Colin streaked in front of Wayne.
      Wayne: Look, it's an Italian sausage!
      Greg: And I wouldn't say that's an Italian sausage; more like a Vienna sausage.
    • In the "Funeral" about Katrina who died in a freak miniature golf accident:
      Ryan: She liked everything miniature, which explains why we dated for four years.
    • In the "Questions Only" featuring Whoopi Goldberg:
      Wayne: Don't you want some of this? [dances]
      Whoopi: Didn't I have that, and throw it out? Wasn't it just a little on the wee side?
  • Teleporter Accident:
    • One classic "Improbable Mission" started out with Colin claiming they can reach the embassy in Central America in a transporter, even though Ryan says they "haven't worked out the bugs in that thing". Not surprisingly, the first try ends up with Ryan mimicking a fly.
      [on the third try]
      Colin: [sees Ryan] AAAHH! [double take] Oh, it's you.
    • When Scenes from a Hat does "deleted scenes from Star Trek":
      Ryan: [from just out of frame] Beaming up one from the planet sir! [makes sci-fi noise and chucks one of his shoes onto the stage]
  • Telethon: A game named "Telethon" was played 3 times, where Ryan and Colin talk, followed Wayne and Brad singing songs to raise money for a silly cause like thumbsuckers, NBA players, and sitcom stars.
  • Tempting Fate:
    • Subverted so wonderfully in a playing of "Sound Effects" where Ryan and Colin were two GIs escaping from a POW camp. Colin finds a vehicle he plans to hotwire. Ryan warns him to be careful. Colin then goes into a long rant about how he's done this millions of times and nothing will happen, in order to egg on the two audience members off-stage to supply sound effects of him getting zapped. But he successfully hotwires the car with no injuries and says, "See?"
    • An unaired game of 90 Second Alphabet was between Ryan and Drew with the premise being two lovers in bed and they had to start with the letter F. You can probably figure out why it was unaired.
    • Making fun of another performer in a hoedown often gives them time to come back with a comeback. Colin was particularly awesome at this.
      Colin: Oh, by the way, Chip has a little penis.
    • Colin calling Ryan a ham in the cheese "Hoedown" turned out to be a case of this.
    • On the U.K. version, a game of "The Backwards Scene" had 2 people end up dead after a gun fight in a old west saloon. Colin's last line before his death was "You couldn't hit me if you tried!".
    • After the "Song Styles" with Howard the engineer:
      Drew: If this ever makes it to air, I'll be so amazed.
    • In the 2013 revival, one game of "What's in the Bag" started with Aisha saying "I hope there's something fun in there, like a FOOT! Or a NAKED PICTURE!" It was this one.
    • The episode with Penn & Teller ends with a "Helping Hands" game where Ryan and Colin get to show P&T some "new tricks". The premise is awkward enough on its own, but then Penn cons Ryan and Colin into letting Teller restrain them for a moment, and then cuffing Colin's hands around Ryan. Then leaving them.
    • In the "Helping Hands" with newlywed lovers having breakfast, Colin grabbed some syrup:
      Ryan: And you know what? Syrup is something that people on TV wouldn't want to eat because it would take forever to get off.
    • "Scenes from a Hat" does "Songs from the hit musical 'Aisha'". They start with some silly ones that Aisha refers to as "true, biographical stuff"... then Colin's one leads to a Running Gag that lasts for seasons to come.
  • Terrible Interviewees Montage: The premise of World's Worst Dating, and by proxy Hats (the former two usually blended) and 'Scenes from a Hat''.
  • Textbook Humor: The "Scenes from a Hat" prompt 'Unlikely things to read in a school textbook'.
  • That Came Out Wrong: At the end of one "Irish Drinking Song" about breaking up, Colin delivered this line: "Joe had a nice bone." After the game concludes and the rest of the cast loses it, Colin says, "That's not what I meant to say."
    • In the "Greatest Hits" about motorcycles, Ryan remarked:
      Ryan: When I'm feeling romantic to- with the wife, or to the wife... sometimes she's sleeping... but when I'm feeling romantic with the wife-
      Colin: Oh, a much better situation.
  • That Makes Me Feel Angry:
    • Colin likes to do this with his quirks.
      Drew: Colin is a mob hit man, who finally tracks them down.
      Colin: I've finally tracked you down! I'm a mob hit man!
    • And in the "Whose Line" set at The Alamo, Colin (as Davy Crockett) announces he's losing his nerve, the exact phrasing that Drew read from the cards a few seconds earlier.
    • In a "Sound Effects" where Colin played a "beautiful, feisty research scientist":
      Ryan: All right, I've got all the supplies.
      Colin: I'm feisty!
    • Hell, the very first thing Colin does in his very first episode was invoke this trope.
      Clive: Now the scene is one of you can't sleep.
      Colin: [to Sandi Toksvig] I can't sleep.
    • In the game "Dubbing" when a random lady was chosen from the audience to be in the scene as a love interest to both Colin and Ryan, and she ends up picking Ryan for a boyfriend. She passively shrugs, not really emoting, while Brad's dubbing has her tell Colin "Well, I'm sorry I broke your heart." Colin sarcastically says, "Yeah, you look it."
  • That Poor Plant: The game of "Superheroes" with Colin as Stinky Man has him lift his arms, seemingly causing a stink ray to come out of his armpits and he claims "I don't remember that plant being dead". (since it's all imaginary and invisible, it's not so bad)
  • That Russian Squat Dance: One game of Superheroes has Chip be named "Captain Cossack", so he does one of these the whole time.
  • That's Gotta Hurt: Almost always said by Greg during "Sportscasters"/"Sports Commentators", in this variant: "I don't care who you are, that has got to hurt!"
  • They Call Me Mr Tibbs: In a "Let's Make a Date" where Wayne was a power-crazed state trooper, he insisted on being called "Mr. The Law" by Chip.
  • They're Back: Wayne tweeted after the revival's first taping:
    Wayne: Love to everybody who came to our 1st Wliia taping! @colinmochrie killed as did Ryan Styles @aishatyler! We're back baby!
  • Think of the Censors!:
    • Most prominently, the cast has to be warned before proceeding with parodies of South Park.
    • Before a game, Drew said:
      Drew: Watch for Colin's new show; it's a cross between Dick Van Dyke, Beat the Clock, and Leave It to Beaver. Uh... (audience laughs in anticipation) I'd tell you the title, but I'm not allowed to say it on TV.
    • In a playing of "Greatest Hits" where the style was "Songs of the International Spy", Colin said:
      Colin: Dr. No, Goldfinger, Octo... I don't think I can say the rest of that one!
    • In Props, Drew sometimes has to remind the players that "they're on a Disney-owned channel" as he hands them suggestive-looking props.
      • Speaking of Disney, during a particularly suggestive "Hollywood Director" where the group made sexual puns about golf:
        Colin: [to Wayne] You know... we are owned by Disney.
    • In one "Irish Drinking Song" about divorce, Ryan self-censored his verse.
      Colin: And then I'd be so rich...
      Ryan: And then I'd never have to... [takes Wayne's line] Invite that b- oh never mind!
    • Played with in "Greatest Hits" about a safari; there was no actual curse word involved but Ryan pretended like there was:
      Ryan: [after "Ants, Ants, Ants in My Pants"] You know Colin, we might have to put a label on this CD, 'cause I coulda sworn I heard the word "ant's home". [beat] I think I did!
      Colin: Sometimes, I just don't know about you! [both pretend to giggle]
    • In a "Greatest Hits" about Las Vegas:
      Brad: [singing] And you can't say "nuts" unless you're talking about the kind you eat!
    • In a "Duet" to Kim the Giant Sea Otter:
      Wayne: Can you tell me... what is the best thing about going on a date with a mascot like Kim?
      Brad: Well, I can tell ya, but we'd get our show cancelled!
    • During one "Hats", Ryan had a wolf mask on but left the stool before he gave his punchline. After taking the mask off, he admitted to being reluctant to use the joke he planned because it was too racy. Drew and the audience insisted, so Ryan returned to the stool and said, "All the better to eat you with."
  • Thinks of Something Smart, Says Something Stupid: One "Party Quirks" game has Colin Mochrie practicing clever pickup lines—and then when he comes face-to-face with Kathy Griffin, all he can say is "Nice boobs!" and immediately cringe at what he just said.
  • 30 Minutes, or It's Free!: In a playing of "Hats", Ryan wore a pizza on his head:
    Ryan: If I don't come in thirty minutes, I'm free!
  • This Is Gonna Suck:
    • When Drew got the suggestion of "Norway" for a country to do a Greatest Hits on, Colin said, "We're screwed."
      Drew: You think if you're screwed, how would you like to be Wayne and Jeff?
    • The game of "Questionable Impressions" sometimes has Drew explaining the cast can only say questions and they must do a celebrity impression each time they enter the scene. He then adds he might buzz them out of the game if the impression is really bad, causing everyone to start giggling.
      Ryan: Better be quick on that buzzer!
    • The game of "Film, TV, and Theater Styles" set in a nuclear power plant had the suggestion of a Australian Soap Opera. After that, another person in the audience yelled "Disaster!" Ryan repies, "Oh, it will be a disaster..."
    • Aisha's reaction to a particular Scenes From A Hat:
      Aisha: Now, if you are ready... [reads the scene] Oh lord... Songs from the musical Aisha.
  • This Is Wrong on So Many Levels!: As a result of this Newflash game, Wayne recites the name of this trope almost verbatim.
  • This Page Will Self-Destruct: Parodied numerous ways in "Improbable Mission". Just one example:
    Greg: This tape will self-destruct as soon as you toss it out the... [Colin throws tape out the window] BOOM!
  • Those Two Guys: The UK version had a habit of rotating its roster in pairs of performers. Some were forgettable, but the ones who left their mark include the UK's Jim Sweeney and Steve Steen, and Americans Chris Smith and Jim Meskimen - Jim in particular demonstrated the vocal talents that led to his successful voice acting career. In the US version, Colin and Ryan seemed to be this.
  • Timmy in a Well:
    • A variant of this is said before the "Duet" where Brad and Wayne sing to Lassie.
    • Averted till just before the end when "if dogs could talk" came up in Scenes from a Hat.
  • Title Drop: One of the games is actually called "Whose Line".
  • Title-Only Opening: In the U.S. version, there is no "intro" to speak of, only the title superimposed on the screen as Drew went through his introductions of the performers and himself.
  • Title, Please!:
    • Not only are there no episode titles listed on the screen, but there aren't any, period. Titles just go by number, which can make it confusing if you're trying to remember which episode had what game played, or who was on it.
    • Revival episodes are named for guest stars (unless there is none; then the episode is named for the guest performer), a la Saturday Night Live.
  • Toilet Humour:
    • Ryan, during "Changed Letter" (where "F" replaces "B"):
      Ryan: Ah, I just had a great fowel movement.
    • Ryan again, in the role of 'A Defrosting Neanderthal' in Let's Make a Date... the first thing he does after breaking out of the ice is to take a leak.
    • Ryan's nuclear urine. He likes this kind of humor, I guess.
    • Colin as Stinky Man in "Superheroes":
      Colin: Ooh, time for some beans!
    • The "Scenes From A Hat" suggestion "Bad times for the laxative to kick in".
    • Colin, in "Scenes From a Hat":
      Colin: What color's your poo first thing in the morning?
    • Colin, in two different "Irish Drinking Song"s: "Oops, I poo'd!" and "You can get poo from food!" (which was a Call-Back to Scenes from a Hat (again), about "unlikely subjects for Broadway musicals".)
    • Colin's last verse of an "Irish Drinking Song" was:
      Colin: There's blood in my stool!
    • In another "Changed Letter" (where "G" replaces "P"):
      Ryan: [stands up] Ohhhh!!! I'm sitting in goo!
    • The second game of "Sound Effects" from the revival series dips into this almost immediately... and never leaves.
    • One "World's Worst" in the Revival managed to turn tricking someone into getting low just to fart into his face into a Running Gag.
  • Tongue-Tied:
    • Due to the improv nature of the show, very little is edited so we get plenty of goof-ups. Drew provided most of them, such as before "Hollywood Director".
      Drew: This is for all four of you. Greg- why- R- Ryan...
      Ryan: Six years, he doesn't know my name.
      Greg: You are so drunk!
    • Another Drew example, but in this case it's adding too many words: When describing the scene to a "Hollywood Director", he says "Ryan is a vampire bat who flies into the bedroom out of mouthy college girl Wayne. Oh, "of", I'm sorry, not "out of"."
      • Drew again: One time before "Boogie Woogie Sisters", he accidentally combined Wayne's and Brad's names to "Wad".
      • Drew again: at the start of "Bartender", Drew calls Chip "Chimp". Luckily Chip does a monkey impression for a couple seconds, then laughs it off.
      • Before a playing of "Press Conference", Drew tongue-tied "newspaper reporters" so badly that when he finally got it right, the audience applauded. In the same intro, Drew said: "But Colin doesn't know who you is."
        Colin: Who is you?
    • After a playing of "Hollywood Director", Drew said: "Now we gonna wanna go- now..." Wayne and Ryan jumped on his flub immediately.
    • In the "Duet" about a sponge, Drew said Wayne and Chip were going to sing it in the style of a "Busly- Bus- like a Busby Berkeley song routine."
    • A particularly funny one occurred before the "Three-Headed Broadway Star" song "When I Touch Your Kangaroo", where Drew said:
      Drew: We're gonna sing a Three-headed loveway—
      Wayne: [chuckling] That's a different scene!
      Ryan: [chuckling] That's a different game, Drew.
    • Another example of too many words: Ryan got tongue-tied during "Greatest Hits" Songs of the Scoutmaster when he meant to say "And none is more beautiful than...".
      Ryan: And none more is more beautiful- I'm a little..."
      Colin: I guess you didn't get a badge for SPEAKING!
      • Another from Ryan: During a "Whose Line" parodying Star Wars.
        Ryan: [as Obi Wan] I have not got long left...
        [Drew laughs; Ryan realizes what he said is awkwardly worded]
        Ryan: Or I have not long left, I will... I'll die soon, Luke.
    • A Colin instance occurred during "Greatest Hits" when Colin accidentally says "chiropractor" as "chiropactor". He immediately corrects himself and runs with it:
      Colin: Oh, I knew I shouldn't have had a nip!
    • In the game "Foreign Film Dub" set in Ancient Egypt, Greg translates Wayne.
      Greg: Cleopatra arrives in her barge! Do you wish to see you- her- you- see- her- you... I cannot speak I'm so excited!
    • Before a playing of "Helping Hands", Wayne got tongue tied when describing the scene to Drew and Ryan:
      Wayne: Ryan is the bad-temper owner- is the bad tempered owner...
      Drew: Not so easy, is it? [Wayne laughs] You thought it was just ringin' the bell, ringin' the buzzer, noooo! It's a LOT harder than you thought it was.
    • Another Wayne instance: When he was asked what the "World's Worst" scene was, he got tongue tied:
      Wayne: World Worst Nnnn— World's Worst-
      Drew: Not so easy, is it? I earn my money, pal, that's all I gotta say!
    • And thanks to Colin, Wayne got saddled with singing a song called "You Yellow Bellied Lily Livered' Oooo...Mutha", stumbling over the pronunciation and eventually going "what the hell am I sayin'".
    • In a "Greatest Hits" about "Songs of the Dog Walker", Ryan had a hard time getting his words just right:
      Ryan: You know, there's so many hits on this song that it was hard to compile them in just this... set.
      Colin: Boy, we should have Songs of the English Teacher to help you out! note 
    • In the "Greatest Hits" about beekeepers.
      Colin: But I've always been a flan of the alternative music. [...] A flan, a nice, because it's nice to eat while you're listening to music.
    • On a couple occasions, this got Drew in "trouble"; he accidentally gave the performers $1,000 instead of 1,000 points, and when he corrected himself, Ryan bemoaned, "Ohhhhh, you said dollars!" In the second instance of Drew accidentally giving dollars instead of points, Ryan and Wayne chanted "You said dollars!"
      Drew: All right, soon you will receive... soon your business managers will receive a check from the Warner Bros. Corporation that will have at least $1,000 in it.
      Ryan: That's two shows!
    • Before a playing of "Number of Words", Drew said, "Now the trick to this game, and this is what makes it a rainy gay- day fun game for the kids..." Ryan jumped on his flub, of course.
    • The infamous "Yelled Out the Wrong Name in Bed" Irish Drinking Song got started by Drew (possibly purposefully) messing up "With my larl, girl Elaine..." which Ryan made fun of with an amazingly silly face and even more nonsensical gibberish. It caused Wayne to completely break down.
    • In an early Hoedown, Colin said the next song was by Tina Turney- scratch that, Tina Turner. Drew laughed hard at that one.
    • In the "Film Noir" set at a gas station.
      Ryan: You ain't gonna rivet no one. What he didn't was- know was- or was know- ... was that I was dyslexic.
    • The game "Doo Wop" about Lola dying in a golf accident has Drew start by saying, "In this way- in this game, Wayne, Chip and Colin". He immediately makes fun of it saying a drunken version of what he meant to say, and Wayne fake drunkenly slurs "I love you".
    • In more than one Greatest Hits, Ryan and/or Colin would get hung on the word "CD"; in one instance, Colin stuttered it, while in another, Ryan accidentally said "2-D CD set".
    • One of the most famous flubs was during the "Whose Line" sketch about The Alamo, where Ryan accidentally said, "Remember the Alamo-ny!"
      Colin: That marriage is illegal in this state!
    • In an as-of-yet unaired episode in the 2013 version, during "Greatest Hits" about Beverly Hills, 90210:
      Ryan: You know, when I think Beverly Hills and I think that zip code, I think Japanese pop. And you know, one of the greatest Japanese pop songs concerning 91201- you know...
    • In the "Infomercial" about acne:
      Ryan: You know, "peeble" out there, or people out there-
      Colin: The "Peebles" are our neighbors next door.
    • In the "Greatest Hits" about women, Ryan began to talk but stumbled on his words. This prompted:
      Colin: Sleep. When you awake, you will have perfect diction. Awake.
      Ryan: [overly enunciating] Than, that, Louis Jordan song, "She's. All. Mine".
    • In an outtake for an unaired "Hoedown", Wayne was trying to say "Frugal fella", but it came out as "Fugal frella".
    • After a commercial break, Drew said "Welcome back to Whose Line and it Anyway?, the show where everything's made up and the points don't matter. [Ryan chuckles] Whose Line is it Anyway? 's the name of the show."
    • During a "Questions Only" set in a supermarket during single's night:
      Ryan: Aren't you a little cold?
      Colin: Compared to what?
      Ryan: Would a polar bear to be to, ugh... [buzzed out]
    • The game of "Sound Effects" by the audience with Colin and Ryan in Las Vegas being attacked by aliens. Ryan says he has a knife.
      Ryan: I'm gonna throw my wife- I'm gonna throw my wife-, I'm gonna throw my knife..."
    • Drew, before "Bartender":
      Drew: The other guys are gonna come in and sing their problems to him, and then Col- and then uh, then Chip is gonna sing their Colin, uh... [Colin waves from the background]
    • Done deliberately in one "Scenes from a Hat" from season 11, where the suggestion was "If famous TV shows were performed drunk":
  • Tongue Twister: In "Greatest Hits": "Lambada, lambada, lambada. Lambada, lambada, lambada."
    • In "Superheroes":
      Greg: In the world of poop, there's only one Prooper; I'm Greg Proops, the pooper scooper!
  • Too Dumb to Live:
    • One "Scenes from a Hat" offered the suggestion "The dumbest ways to die." Says it all, really.
    • Another one from the old US run had "Hobbies of the stupid". After a couple of mundane but still meaningless ones, Colin steps up, mimes shooting an arrow straight up, then waits around to catch it.
  • Too Hot for TV: "Too Hot For Whose Line". (see Content Warnings) Although unlike many "Too Hot For TV" episodes, these aired on ABC as normal.
  • Too Kinky to Torture:
    • In a "Questions Only":
      Colin: [angrily] Do I have to teach you a lesson?
      Ryan: [smiling] Would you?
    • In the one-time playing of "Meet the Family", Ryan (as a dominatrix) kept whipping Colin (as Dustin Hoffman's character in Rain Man), though Colin didn't seem all that phased by the abuse.
      Colin: Thirteen lashes, thirteen lashes. [whipped some more] Twenty-five lashes.
    • The episode with Kierran Giovanni ends with the guys reading the credits while Kierran is the cop demonstrating a realistic and rather painful-looking takedown submission on Wayne, who doesn't complain as much as he really should.
  • Too Much Information:
    • After a commercial break:
      Drew: During the commercial, I got spanked.
    • Another nugget from Drew:
      Drew: The points don't exist, just like a real lesbian in a lesbian chat room. Don't ask me how I know that; I just do.
  • The Tooth Hurts: One Newsflash featured dental footage that made everyone scream. Once Colin has figured out what it is, he's just content to watch the legitimately pained reactions of Ryan and that episode's guest comic Heather Anne Campbell.
  • Trailers Always Spoil: The CW revival promos have gotten bad about this, especially with the "Secret" game where they outright show what the 'secret' is. Also, because "Scenes From a Hat" is much shorter now, they'll show some jokes from that game, leaving less unspoilered jokes for the actual broadcast.
  • Translation: "Yes":
    • Often used in Foreign Film Dub (usually after Colin has gone off on one of his endless rants of gibberish).
    • During the UK version with Film TV Theater Styles (done with Eddie Izzard), one of the suggestions was "French With Subtitles". Both Stephen Frost and Eddie would spout French gibberish, and the subtitles would be "Yes" or something similar.
    • Sometimes inverted, too.
  • Trivially Obvious:
    • In the "Hollywood Director" with Ryan as a hunky golf pro seducing Kathy, one style was a "sexy German movie", and after Colin yelled cut, he said disappointingly, "Well, it was German...."
    • In one "Greatest Hits":
      Colin: If you call right now, we'll answer!
  • Trrrilling Rrrs: In the "Dubbing" in the style of West Side Story (1961), Wayne dubbed the audience member:
    Wayne: My name is Marrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrria.
  • True Beauty Is on the Inside:
    • Seen in a "Whose Line" sketch parodying Beauty and the Beast. Colin, who is Beauty, remarks to Ryan, who is Beast, that true beauty is on the inside, although Colin readily admits that the Beast's outward appearance is extremely ugly.
    • Similarly, in a playing of "Whose Line" which parodied The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Colin, who is Esmerelda, claims that Ryan (playing Quasimodo) is beautiful. Ryan looks surprised, and Colin quickly adds: "I didn't mean on the outside!"
  • Turn Your Head and Cough:
    • In one "Scenes From a Hat" segment, one situation which came up was "Things You Wouldn't Want to Hear Your Doctor Say After 'Turn Your Head And Cough'."
    • In the revival season, a Duets game with Gary Anthony Williams and Wilson Bethel led up to Gary ending a line with this phrase. Cue Wayne corpsing.
  • Tummy Cushion: In the skydiving hoedown, Ryan sings that his parachute failed and he survived by landing on Drew's stomach, causing Drew to proudly stick his big gut out.

  • Uncomfortable Elevator Moment: One "Scenes From a Hat" suggestion featured this.
    Wayne: [singing] Who did it? Who did it?
    Chip: [singing] Wasn't me; must've been him. [indicating Colin]
    Colin: [kinda-singing] GUILTY AS CHARGED!
  • Un-Entendre:
    • One session of Greatest Hits was about "Songs of Golf", whereupon Ryan cooked up the title "A Squirrel Chewed My Bag". Brad figured out one possible implication of this, but without any time to word it properly, the refrain of the song became "He chewed on my bag, and my balls fell out". And it made it to broadcast.
    • In another Greatest Hits, "Songs of the Cowboy":
      Ryan: Hey Colin, what comes to mind when I say "cow poke"? [Colin looks disturbed] Oh no, let me finish it for you: Cowboy, is what I was thinking.
      Colin: Oh, me too, me too!
    • In the 2013 revival, the Living Scenery game involving two synchronised swimmers in just their swimsuits led to a whole string of these:
      Colin: Looks like there's a lot of bush we have to get through. [Jeff in the back breaks down]
      Ryan: Why don't you collect some wood?
      Ryan: Why don't we stay up and talk for a while?
    • One "Let's Make a Date" in the old show had Colin as "having secret affairs with Ryan and Wayne's shoes", and eventually pulling off one of Ryan's shoes. The way Kathy Greenwood worded it, though...
      Kathy: Do you have a shoe fetish... a fetish for large things...?
  • The Unintelligible:
    • While Ryan is making all the sounds for Colin in the non-audience Sound Effects, he always avoids saying anything that sounds like distinct dialogue, unless absolutely necessary, like repeating Drew's description of the scene to get the point across.
    • Drew in the infamous "Yelled out the wrong name in bed" Irish Drinking Song.
    • In the UK version, Colin plays a game of Superheroes as "Incoherent Boy."
    • During a "Showstopping Number", Colin's song degenerated into gibberish for the last two verses, prompting Ryan to cut his number short and ask what he was doing.
    • "Scene to Rap" in US season 2 Ep. 15 had the audience giving "brain surgery" as a suggestion, which led to Wayne (who normally rules in this game) to let out a strangely rhythmic babble ending with "I like birds."
  • Ryan seems to think Jimmy Stewart is this.
  • In the infamous "Narrate" about the Maltese Burger, Colin asked Ryan (playing a fast food worker) a question, and Ryan made an aside to the audience in gibberish. He later addressed Colin.
    Ryan: [speaking normally]' Sorry, the speaker's broken.
  • Ryan again in a recent "Questions with Wigs", where he puts on a green hat and does all his lines in Irish-sounding gibberish much like Wayne's "Wet Biscuit" McGlee.
  • This "Greatest Hits" has Wayne and Jonathan Mangum as Bob Dylan and the Swedish Chef, and it's zombie-themed, meaning that they're both even more unintelligible than before.
  • Unit Confusion: The last British series was filmed in Hollywood to transition to the US version, and the veteran players like Colin and Ryan were never sure whether they were playing to the American audience in the studio or the British audience in front of the TV set. This led to gems like this one, during Greatest Hits:
    Ryan: How much would you pay for this 50-CD set?
    Colin: Why, I'd pay over 400 pounds... or dollars.
    Ryan: Well that's great because it is over 400 pounds or dollars!
  • Unnecessary Combat Roll: In the new series, Wayne gets the character 'fashion police' in "Let's Make a Date", then turns it into something more like "fashion SWAT team" as he does a roll towards the audience.
  • Unreliable Narrator: Ryan becomes this in one playing of "Narrate."
    Ryan: [narrating] The sheriff caught [Colin] giving his wife a lube job in late November. I wasn't gonna bring it up again; I knew it was a touchy subject with him.
    [Ryan turns to Colin]
    Ryan: Haven't seen you since the lube job.
    [Colin smacks Ryan in the nose]
    Ryan: [narrating] Yeah, it hurt. But I wasn't gonna let him see that. I was gonna play it cool like I always did.
    [Ryan turns to Colin... and immediately starts crying in pain]
  • Unusual Euphemism:
    • "If You Know What I Mean" seemed to be a game designed to see who could make the most confusing euphemism. Colin usually came up with the most out-there examples, like "Look what I can do with the donuts!" and "I'll help you fluff your Garfield, if you know what I mean."
    • During the revival series, Wayne sings to gold medal winning ice skater Tara Lipinski, and winds up turning the phrase "bronze medal" into one. And after that:
    • Colin, in a "Narrate":
      Colin: She was playing me like you'd play a fish. [beat] I can't make it much clearer than that.
  • Unsound Effect: In a scene where two of the other performers imitate walking in spurs, Colin adds "High heel, High heel"
  • Uranus Is Showing:
    • Done by Greg Proops in a game of "Hats/Dating Service Video". He donned an astronaut's helmet and said "I'd like to visit Uranus".
    • This was also done by Ryan in a very similar way in Season 1 that's only on the outtakes clip reel.
    • Provides the quote for the Tropes page: During Weird Newscasters
      Colin: NASA sends probe to Uranus. People everywhere giggle.
    • Also, during Scenes From A Hat with the topic being "Inoffensive words that immature people are prone to snicker at". A thousand points to everybody for guessing what was said.
    • The British version of the show had a Space Travel Hoedown. Ryan's verse:
      Just me and another guy floating around space, Just to break the boredom sometimes he wears lace, Houston knows about it but they never make a fuss, Unless they catch me circling around his Uranus.
    • Shows up again in a 2018 astronaut "Hoedown" that had Ryan ruin Brad's punchline twice.
  • Ur-Example: After one "Questionable Impressions", Wayne declared that he was the first black person to ever do an impersonation of Jimmy Durante.

  • Vaudeville Hook:
    • A game of "Props" had Drew and Ryan with cane/hook-like things. Drew pretends to do a Vaudeville act, and Ryan hooks him off.
    • The same thing happened in a earlier game of "Props", with Denny Siegel pretending to hook Ryan off stage.
  • Verbal Backspace: The premise of Quick Change, wherein two performers act out a scene with a third calling out "change!" whenever and as often as they wish, forcing the performer who most recently spoke to change whatever they just said.
  • Verbal Tic: The performers will sometimes reuse the same short bits of verbal patter, especially when they've been locked into a specific role in a specific game.
    • Wayne almost always starts his songs with the word "because" (presumably to give himself more time to think of a relevant lyric).
      • "Let me tell you something" is another phrase you'll hear quite a few times from him in the musical games.
    • Colin uses the line "It really is quite [x]" a lot during his Hoedowns.
      • And in "Two Line Vocabulary", Colin (always playing the straight man) often responds with "LOOK...!" when one of the two other players drives him crazy by repeating the same two lines over and over.
  • Video TV Game Cruelty Potential:
    • The cast members involved in Moving People aren't allowed to move themselves, only when they're moved by the audience members, so there is usually some abuse taken. Case in point, Colin once started the scene with his finger up his nose.
    • Fixed Expressions always led to the players massaging their own faces on the way back to the chairs. No surprise that it was phased out...
    • In Greatest Hits, Ryan and Colin enjoyed giving the other member(s) of the cast difficult titles to sing to.
      Ryan: I don't think I felt any more like I was on the beach when I heard that lounge hit simply titled, "[gurgling noise]"
      Wayne: [glares at Ryan]
    • Colin shoving random things into Ryan's mouth in Helping Hands takes the cake (and cake is hardly the worst thing here).
  • Viewers Are Morons:
    • Parodied in one "Film, TV, and Theater Styles" as Drew explained the scene:
      Drew: Ryan is a WW2 pilot — that's World War II.
      Ryan: Alright. I thought it was a wrestling pilot.
      Drew: So do a lot of people; that's why I had to say it.
    • Done straight a couple times when the audience doesn't get references to literature, and are called out on to read a book.
      Wayne: Yea, the two revenuers from Verona approacheth! [silence] Read a book, people.
    • After one game, Drew awarded a specific amount of points to the performers because some idiot out there wanted to know what the score was.
      Drew: We get letters, folks, I can't believe it.
  • Virgin Sacrifice: One of Ryan's "Weird Newscasters" quirks was that he was an Incan high priest who had to sacrifice a virgin to appease the gods. Rather than grab someone from the audience (which the writers of the quirk probably anticipated, and which might've been embarrassing for whoever he chose), Ryan instead took a brief look at the audience and shouted, "We're all gonna die!!!"
    • Drew Carey made reference to a more obvious joke, threatening Ryan if he came anywhere near his desk during that scene.
  • Visual Pun:
    • The whole point of "Props" and "Hats".
    • A playing of "Weird Newscasters" had Ryan using bodies as weather maps. Among the examples he used were: Turning Colin's butt towards the crowd ("we're gonna have a full moon"), pointing to Drew's glasses ("visibility will be low"), and pointing to Drew's crotch ("and for you boaters, we've got a small craft warning!")
    • The first ever game of "Infomercial" in the revival series is about picking up chicks - the guys start mentioning that "on the first day, it's hard to get" and then Ryan plonks a toy beaver head on the table. Let that roll in your skull for a bit.
    • Robin Williams, a gamer in his private life, spends a bit of time hitting all the controls on Drew's desk as fast as he can. He's button mashing.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: In the British version, Greg and Clive. In the American version, just about everyone, but especially Ryan and Drew.
  • Vocal Dissonance: In a "Film Dub" set in a saloon, Colin dubbed a character's voice with an Irish accent. This led to this exchange:
    Greg: [voicing a kid] I can't understand what you're saying with that accent!
    Colin: [voicing a bartender] ...Got an accent. Don't you know Norwegian when you hear it?!
  • The Voiceless:
    • Kathy Greenwood didn't speak at all during one episode, as she only participated in games where her voice wasn't required ("Living Scenery", "Song Styles" as a back-up dancer), and didn't come up with any scenes during "Scenes From a Hat".
    • In a Hoedown about hockey players, Colin deliberately didn't sing but instead mimed that he was talking... except for the very end of his turn, when he said "...My battery pack!"
    • In a game of "Scenes From A Hat", the suggestion was "Things you shouldn't do when standing in a police lineup". Ryan points at the camera and mouths, "You're dead!".
    • In "Song Styles", when Wayne sings like Britney Spears to Chris, at the end he pretends his headset microphone starts to go out, so he pretends to sing without us hearing him and then he runs away.
    • Guest star Jayne Trcka never spoke in her appearance. She just flexed a lot.
  • Volleying Insults:
    • Frequently seen in "Greatest Hits" with Ryan and Colin's banter. One of the best instances was this exchange, after Ryan answers a riddle Colin posed about Destiny's Child:
      Colin: Sometimes I just wonder why I talk to you!
      Ryan: Because if you didn't, you wouldn't be talking to anyone!
      Colin: That's right! I'd still get better answers.
    • Greg vs. Clive or, in a larger sense, America vs. England. It was good-natured, of course. One time, they exchanged barbs for so long before a scene that Clive shouted, "GET ON WITH IT, GREG!"
    • Another example:
      Drew: A lot of people forget that on The Drew Carey Show, Ryan and I have been totally naked.
      Ryan: Of course, some of us need a wide angle lens!
      Drew: And some of us needed a zoom.
    • In a playing of "Award Show" about bitter divorces:
      Colin: I've never seen you move that much!
      Ryan: Maybe if you had some hair... Go ahead.
      Colin: You BASTARD.
  • Vomit Indiscretion Shot:
    • Variation: Helping Hands usually ends with Ryan spitting out whatever Colin just fed him, sometimes into Colin's hands.
    • Twice in "Film, TV and Theater Styles", the style was South Park, which ended with Ryan miming repeated vomiting (an early shtick of Stan).
  • Vulgar Humor: Averted in the Narrate set at a circus:
    Colin: It was then I realized I had nothing to kill him with. But then the dung gave me an idea. [audience laughs] But then I got rid of that idea and came up with a better idea.

  • Walk on Water: In the "Dubbing" where David Hasselhoff played a Baywatch lifeguard rescuing Colin from the water, Wayne ad-libbed one of David's lines:
    Wayne: Pardon me, ma'am, I happen to be a lifeguard. You appear to be drown- look how I stand on the water.
  • Wardrobe Malfunction:
    • The Melissa incident for one (Wayne was playing King Kong and grabbed a girl from the audience, but accidentally hiked her skirt up too high in the process).
    • Allegedly during Richard Simmons' appearance.
      Greg: If you all got to see what me and Colin got to see...
      Ryan: Little Richard!
  • Wasteful Wishing: Provides the page quote.
    Colin: Two cokes and some chips.
  • Waxing Lyrical:
    • The whole point of "Song Titles". But also, Drew will occasionally say the lyric to a song:
      Drew: I'm Drew Carey, I'm just a love machine and I don't work for nobody but you.
      Drew: I'm Drew Carey, knock three times on the ceiling if you want me, twice on the pipe if the answer is no.
    • Also occurred during the performer introductions:
      Drew: He's lost that lovin' feeling: Wayne Brady! My boyfriend's back, and he's Chip Esten. Who wrote the book of love? Colin Mochrie! And, he's coming to take me away ha-ha, ho-ho, hee-hee, Ryan Stiles!
    • One game of "Two Line Vocabulary" had Ryan going "Oops, I did it again" over and over.
      • Speaking of, one news story from Greg in "Weird Newscasters": "Britney Spears makes a mistake- oops, she did it again."
    • This game of "Foreign Film Dub" leads up to Wayne quoting the first line from "Alouette".
    • In a "Party Quirks" where Wayne was an episode of COPS in 30 seconds, he gave this hint: "I'm a bad boy, a bad boy, what am I gonna do?"
  • We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties: After a particularly racy game, Wayne imitated the "test pattern" noise.
  • We Interrupt This Program: A Running Gag in "Greatest Hits". It would be easier to list the times when Ryan or Colin didn't interrupt something.
  • "We're Live" Realization: Some news-type skits (e.g. Newsflash) have the anchors discussing something at the start of the game, then realize that they're on the air.
  • Western Zodiac: In a "Party Quirks" where Ryan played a number of hillbilly beauty contest contestants, he said he was a Sagittarius.
  • Wham Line:
    • The game "Whose Line" plays this for laughs by treating whatever (and we mean whatever) is in their notes like this.
    • A somewhat straight example; after Ryan's infamous moment where he breaks the light on Drew's desk, everyone screams and is worried, with him constantly assuring Drew that he's fine. Then, still in his Carol Channing voice, he says, "You wouldn't happen to have a suture around the house, would you?" That one line shows that he's staying in character and telling Kathy to keep going.
  • What Could Have Been: Invoked; before one "Props" where Colin was the winner, he gave out the props to Ryan/Drew and Wayne/Chip, and said:
    Colin: I have a hundred ideas for both of them, but oh well!
  • What Kind of Lame Power Is Heart, Anyway?: The whole point of Weird Superheroes. Impossible Mission would sometimes lead to Colin and Ryan accusing each other of having some kind of inane ability through surgery.
    Colin: I've got the entire technical readouts in my pants! [audience laughter] I had a fax machine...inserted ...into my buttocks!
  • What Measure Is a Non-Human?: Strangely brought up by Colin during a game of Sound Effects in the 5th revival season.
    "I just realized, it's not their fault they're turning into monsters... It's just that you're pretty gung-ho about killing them!"
  • What the Hell Is That Accent?:
    • In a "Hollywood Director" about Zorro, Kathy delivered a So Bad, It's Good Spanish accent:
      Kathy: J'know I will not dance for de likes of yuuuh.
      [Drew dies laughing]
      Ryan: [in vaguely Italian accent] You're-a from Canada, aren't you?
    • One time in Questions Only, Colin didn't really try, intentionally coming out doing a bad accent.
      Colin: Would you like to guess what country I'm from?
  • Where Everybody Knows Your Flame: One game of "Bartender" had Wayne get the suggestion that he was excited about Brad. The next turn was Ryan's, who started out by saying "glad to see this is still a gay bar!"
  • Whole Costume Reference: In the "Helping Hands" game with Layla Ali, Ryan's supposed to be her coach, so naturally they had to dress him up like Mickey in Rocky.
  • Who's Laughing Now?: Invoked in a Throw It In moment in the 2013 revival, by Wayne in "Song Styles" with WNBA player Lisa Leslie:
    Wayne: [singing] I never played basketball, that's why my friends made fun of me, believe me, that's cool, screw 'em 'cos I'm on TV [not singing] HAA HAAH! [singing again] with Lisa...
  • Who Writes This Crap?!: One of the first sessions of "Animals" had Clive ending his explanation of the game by commenting "this game is the product of deranged minds..."
    • And after the first time they played "Fixed Expressions", Clive sarcastically says "And I'd like to thank all the members of Mensa who phoned in with that suggestion for a game."
    • A game of "Weird Newscasters" had Ryan pretend to be Doc Brown from "Back To The Future" trying to power his Delorean to time travel back home. Afterwards, Drew says, "Ryan, we had a funny suggestion for your character, but I told the writers to go with that one instead."
  • Why We Can't Have Nice Things: A game of "Superheroes" goes awry, and Wayne knocks over a table and the glasses of water as Trapped In A Wind Tunnel Boy. Drew reacts with mock disappointment about this using a similar line and complaining about "you boys and your superhero games".
  • Wild Child: In one "Greatest Hits", Colin mentions how he was raised by wolves, as well as weasels, beavers, and a platypus.
  • A Wild Rapper Appears!: At some point in the revival series, Colin and Ryan got the idea to pick two different music acts if it was Wayne and the third-seater doing the singing, and half the time Wayne is the rapper. Like this.
  • Wire Dilemma:
    • In a playing of "Party Quirks", Colin played a bomb disposal officer who suspected bombs of being in people's pants. At one point, he said, "Red buttock, blue buttock, red buttock, blue buttock..."
    • Ryan also did a straighter example in "Weird Newscasters" when he's strapped to a bomb that will go off ten seconds after he moves. When he accidentally sets it off, he tries to disarm it while muttering "red wire, green wire, red wire, green wire..."
    • Ryan is fond of doing one of these during any "Mission Improbable" regardless of context.
      Ryan: Which button do I use to disarm the car alarm? Red button, green button...!
  • Witch with a Capital "B": In a game of "Change Letter", the cast isn't allowed to say B, they have to use the letter W. This leads to Greg calling Colin's female character a witch.
  • Wolf Man: One "Scenes From a Hat" suggestion was "Things that can spoil a date". What followed was Wayne howling and transforming into a wolfman.
  • Word Salad Lyrics: If you write out the lyrics to a typical playing of "Three-Headed Broadway Star", they don't make much sense. This is no surprise, as the song is made up one word at a time and thus can go in odd directions very quickly.
  • The Worf Effect: In the 2013 revival, Kyle Richards from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stunned everyone by pulling off a perfect split, which Wayne couldn't. Wayne got showed up by a reality show person. It's happened a few other times though, intentional or not.
  • World of Ham: Arguably so, as all of the cast members have been known to ham it up at some point.
  • World of Snark: Just look at how many of the performers have Deadpan Snarker put in their character sheets. Even the nicer performers won't hold back if they've been insulted by another for a gag.
  • World's Shortest Book:
    • One gag that works better in the US version than the UK version
      Drew: The shortest book ever written.
      Chip: British Dentistry.
    • Ryan Stiles in a "Scenes From a Hat":
      Ryan: "Drew Carey's Acting Tips."
      Drew: [sarcastically] "Drew Carey's Acting Tips"
      Ryan: See?
  • Worst. Whatever. Ever!:
    • The whole point of "World's Worst".
    • After a playing of "Multiple Personalities", Drew told Colin and Ryan that they had the worst Beavis and Butt-Head impersonations he had ever heard.
  • Worth Living For: A trait assigned by Drew once.
    Drew: Welcome back to Whose Line is it Anyway?, the show that gives Colin Mochrie a reason to live.
  • Worthy Opponent: Special guest Sid Caesar took Drew to school in "Foreign Film Dub" when it came to faking another language; eventually, Drew awarded Sid the winner of the game, both out of respect and because he admitted he couldn't keep up with Sid.
  • Writers Suck:
    • In a playing of Party Quirks, Colin's quirk was that he was a dinosaur setting traps for the guests of Jurassic Park.
      Greg: You, the one who's a dinosaur spreading rumors!
      Drew: That's better than the one we have.
    • Ryan was pretty bitter about how hard the "Party Quirks" was when he had to play a spider trapped in a slippery bathtub. After that, the writers toned down the difficulty of the suggestions somewhat.
    • A game of "Weird Newscasters" had Ryan pretend to be Doc Brown in "Back To The Future" trying to power his Delorean.
      Drew: Ryan, the writers had a funny suggestion, but I told them to go with that one instead.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy:
    • A lot of the "Film Dubbing" clips start out innocently enough, leading to the guys being hit by the weirdness unawares.
    • Michael Weatherley was in "Helping Hands", and apparently expected Colin to randomly shove that disturbingly large sausage in his direction, due to the Covered in Gunge gimmick, and waited expectantly with mouth wide open. Clearly nobody told him that it's usually Ryan.
  • Wrong Name Outburst:
    • One "Irish Drinking Song" subject was "yelled out the wrong name in bed".
    • In a related vein, "Scenes from a Hat" does "strange things to yell out during sex":
      Wayne: DREW- Whuh?!

    X & Y 
  • X Called; They Want Their Y Back:
    • Drew, to Ryan after a game where he insulted Drew:
      Drew: That was Ringling Bros.; they want their shoes back.
    • After a particularly raunchy playing of Scenes From a Hat:
      Drew: By the way PBS called; they want their tote bags back.
    • A rather laborious one from Colin in a recent "Hollywood Director":
      Colin: Crap's agent called, he wants to represent you all.
  • Yank the Dog's Chain:
    • Before a playing of "Superheroes", Drew calls Colin one of his favorite guys in the whole world, which also gets audience applause. Then Drew takes suggestions from the audience on what superhero Colin should be. Two women shout "Stinky Man!", which Drew accepts.
      Ryan: I love that: "Couldn't meet a nicer man in the world"- "STINKY MAN!!!""
    • After a commercial break:
      Drew: Welcome back to Whose Line is it Anyway, where you can win a million dollars!... if your name is Drew Carey.
      • Similarly, once Drew opened the show by saying that all the contestants will be getting new cars. Then he re-reads the card and says it's just him that's getting one.
    • In one "Sound Effects", Colin played Samson from the Bible, and was happy to actually be playing a man in a scene for once. But be became less enthused when Drew read the scene: "Samson is angry at Delilah for cutting off his hair."
  • Yawn and Reach: In the "Let's Make a Date" where Ryan played Colin's highly competitive uglier brother, both Colin and Ryan performed this move on the "dates" they picked from the audience.
  • Yes-Man: Often seen in "Hollywood Director", usually by Ryan or Wayne, trying to suck up to Colin the director.
  • You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me!: Drew's initial reaction to the censors giving Cosby and Hitler a thumbs down.
  • You Need a Breath Mint: One "Scenes From a Hat" suggestion was: If morning news hosts acted like regular people did in the morning. A half-asleep Greg said something and Wayne replied, "Hooo, damn." while waving his hand in front of his face.
  • Your Brain Won't Be Much of a Meal: In the 2016 version of "Greatest Hits of Horror", one song is named "We Need Brains". Wayne, as Bob Dylan, and Jonathan, as The Swedish Chef, sing like as if they're zombies, and Jon goes over to Colin and Ryan. He pretends to open both Ryan and Colin's heads, only to say "Nope, nope, nope!" for both of them.
  • Your Mom: If Wayne gets in a shot at Drew during US Hoedowns, expect Drew to insult his mom during his portion.
    My first directing job, it was really great!
    Fans lined up to see it, they couldn't really wait!
    Uh, it was really... [beat] ...da bomb.
    It was a porno movie starring Wayne's mom!
    • Even better:
      Well, people always ask me,
      "Hey, Drew, did you lose weight?"
      And I tell 'em, "Thanks, I feel great!"
      I find a diet plan that is like no other!
      I burn all my calories banging Wayne's mother!
    • After "Whose Line":
      Drew: 1,000 points to Ryan, because I've always wanted to tell him... [pulls out a pre-written line] Your mom is the best stripper in Vegas.
      Ryan: Bought her a house.
    • In the "Hollywood Director" parodying The Hunchback of Notre Dame, the style switched to "insult comics":
      Ryan: Here's a pole for you to slide down. You and your mama.
  • Your Television Hates You:
    • During "World's Worst" infomercials:
      Wayne: Is your penis too small? (points and laughs)
    • And in the revival series as well:
      [Lines you wouldn't hear in a weight loss commercial]
      Heather: There's no hope for you.
      Colin: Ooh, thar she blows!